A junior dating a senior

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  4. Is it okay for a senior girl to like a junior boy?

Though you can't help who you are attracted to, so I would say go for it and see what happens! Well, he's kinda dorky but in a cute way.

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He's very nice, patient, and polite. And yeah, stuff like that: Hmm that does not make sense, do you mean he his down to earth and does not seem interested in you, which attracted you to him.. I actually had a crush on a junior when I was a senior, and my parents are five years apart with my mum being the older of the two. You're both close enough in age that you should have plenty in common and everything's legal, so I don't see a problem with it at all.

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I know a couple who are ten years apart LOL it's OK because they're older adults so you should go for it. He's only a year younger! And I do understand how you feel because it does seem a bit odd It's not like you're 20 and he's That would be a problem.

You guys are close in age, go for it! Is it okay for a senior girl to like a junior boy?

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So, I really like this guy, but he's 15 and I'm 17 He's turning 16 this month. I know some people say it's not wierd, but I kinda feel like it is. I feel like our relationship is, well was, somehow different I know what all of you are saying don't date but this stupid thing call it a heart thinks that somehow my case is different then all of you It's like I want to date her for the next 6 months because I might as well enjoy the next 6 months with her and just feel the heartbreak then instead of feeling it now Dating at any point in your life is pointless if you pick the wrong girl.

A wrong girl being described as any of the following: You know what I'm talking about. With that said, hell yeah, you can date as a senior in HS, and it might produce a long lasting relationship throughout college.


Junior dating freshman | British Archive of Country Music

I met my girlfriend Junior year in HS, and we'll be graduating from our respective colleges in another semester. For me, it was def worth it.

The Chronicles of Gibblets http: Cutting Phase http: Last edited by bearfan; at Yeah I hear ya. I'm a firm believer in relationships and being honest and true to the other person. It's all this wild and crazy partying crap that gets people in trouble. I just cannot respect a girl who is into that scene.

Is it okay for a senior girl to like a junior boy?

From what I've observed, ALL of them are insecure, superficial whores. However, doing to a club with your girlfriend is a different story. That's a great way to set up for nice long night of pure lovin' Last edited by Gibblets; at Get Rich Or Die Trying. Depends on who your dating.