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Here are some tips to dating in Belgium.


Belgian dating has shifted to the digital world like elsewhere, as online dating in Belgium and dating apps have increasingly become popular. However, meeting someone at a bar or through a friend is still a common way to meet Belgian women and Belgian men, especially in smaller Belgian cities.

Dating someone from any foreign country can be complex. Different cultures around the world place different appreciation on what qualities make someone desirable. What might be considered romantic, polite or respectful back home, might not be well received when dating in Belgium. But there are some general tips about dating a Belgian man or dating Belgian women that can help you avoid making a Belgian dating blunder.

Belgians are known for being reserved and conservative, which can at first make them appear distant, unemotional or, sometimes mistakenly, disinterested. However, once all the aspects of your potential partnership or even friendship have been considered and approved, Belgians who enter a relationship are serious and thereafter comfortable with opening up.

Dating in Belgium

In this way, Belgians can be incredibly romantic. Yet Belgians are not renown for being overly passionate or touchy-feely, although they make up for it by generally being hard-working and solid in nature.

Belgium vs Netherlands (stereotypes)

Their dependability and calm nature can make them great partners in times of crisis. Good manners and presentation are also key when looking to impress someone, especially when dining. With access to an array of top Belgian foods and gourmet restaurants, an inner foodie hides in every Belgian; cooking skills, appreciation of fine food and proper table manners are great starting points to impress your date.

Silvy De Bie is a Belgian singer often found on lists of the most beautiful Belgian women. Belgians are also particular about their surroundings, and take pride in clean and well-maintained homes, as well as organisation in their social lives and careers. Thus appearing careless or irresponsible in your habits or manners are not generally attractive traits to Belgian men or women. Punctuality is also a prided trait, and turning up late is a sign of disrepect.

Likewise, your Belgian date is less likely to be available for last-minute plans or impromptu dates. Introductions with strangers tend to be a handshake and formal language, while acquaintances will go for cheek kisses.

Language, Culture, Customs and Business Etiquette

By no means give chrysanthemums, as they symbolise death. Belgian women know good food and how to enjoy a meal, yet will never forget to maintain their poise or table manners, which are also vital to reciprocate if you want to impress a Belgian woman. Belgian women are typically independent, with Belgium boasting good wage equality and employment conditions.

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Belgian culture is typically modest, and Belgian women do not expect lavish gifts on a first date — add the Belgian trait of being thrifty, and it may even be seen as poor taste. Belgian women tend to marry early and in some homes traditional gender roles play out. With the emphasis placed on manners in Belgian culture, behaviour is important to Belgian women.

Your feet should never be put on chairs or tables. Your hands should also stay on the table during the whole meal, and never in your lap. If your manners are below par, you can expect to get judging looks from your date. In fact, being courteous to everyone and waiting your turn in all interactions of social life is the premise that holds together Belgian culture.

In this respect, losing your temper with Belgian women or raising your voice can be the quickest path to a break-up. Flowers should be given in an odd number, but not Liquor or wine should only be given to close friends.

Belgian manners and etiquette

Gifts are opened when received. Dining Etiquette Belgians socialize in their homes and restaurants, although the home is reserved for family or close friends. If you receive a written invitation, the response must be written as well. Wait for your host or hostess to introduce you to the other guests. Belgians take pride in their appearance and expect you to do the same.

Wait for your host to tell you where to sit. Women take their seats before men. Table manners are Continental -- the fork is held in the left hand and the knife in the right while eating. Keep your wrists above the table when eating. Wait to see if your host offers a toast before sipping your drink.

The guest of honour may also give a toast. Women may offer a toast. It is polite to stand for a toast. The Flemish raise their glasses twice during a toast. The glass is initially raised during the toast and then at the completion of the toast.

Belgium - Language, Culture, Customs and Business Etiquette

Never leave food on your plate. It is seen as both rude and wasteful. Indicate you have finished eating by laying your knife and fork parallel on your plate, tines facing upwards, with the handles facing to the right. Belgians take pride in their cuisine, so praising a meal is a sincere compliment. Regardless of how you are introduced, you must always be polite and well mannered.

Belgians are careful and prudent so take time before they trust others, be they individuals or representatives of companies. Business dealings tend to be bureaucratic. There are many procedures and a great deal of paperwork. Belgians are excellent linguists and many are sufficiently fluent to conduct meetings in English. Belgians prefer subtlety to directness, believing that subtlety is a reflection of intelligence.

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  • Although they are more direct in their communication than many cultures, if a response is too direct it may be seen as simplistic. They prefer communication to be logical and based on reason Belgians often engage in long, critical discussions before reaching a decision so that they can be certain that they have considered all the alternatives.

    Meeting Belgian women and men

    They believe it is rude to be confrontational. Business Meeting Etiquette Appointments are necessary The person you are meeting will generally set the time for the meeting, usually mid morning or mid afternoon. Avoid scheduling meetings during July and August, which are prime vacation times; the week before Easter; and the week between Christmas and New Year.

    Everyone is expected to arrive on time Arriving late may brand you as unreliable. Meetings are formal First appointments are more socially than business oriented, as Belgians prefer to do business with those they know. Do not remove your jacket during a meeting. Dress Etiquette Men should wear dark coloured, conservative business suits with white shirts and silk ties. Women should wear business suits or conservative dresses. Men should only wear laced shoes, never loafers or other slip-ons, as they are too casual. Polished shoes are an integral part of a professional image.