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  1. 13 Random And Hilarious Text Message Conversations
  2. How to Text Guys Like a Pro
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  4. 13 Random And Hilarious Text Message Conversations

Here are some tips you should follow to hold your own on your phone! Whoever said never text a guy first was so wrong.

Being bold can be really attractive to guys, and it sets you apart by making you memorable. You are awesome, and you have no reason to be nervous about texting a guy. This means within a few minutes to one hour.

13 Random And Hilarious Text Message Conversations

A study from online dating sites ChristianMingle. An occasional smiley face is one thing, but making a picture story out of emojis is just a little bit excessive. Just keep it casual and use emoticons sparingly.


You can always feel out his texting style and go off of that. But at least for starting things off, hold off on the dancing girl and hair-flip emojis every other text. Just try to avoid emoticon overdose. The best way to keep a conversation going is by actually having things to talk about. Ask him simple questions that will make him want to talk.

How to Text Guys Like a Pro

Texting is a back-and-forth form of communication. If you sent the last text, wait until he responds before sending another. Guys like the chase, so sit back, relax and make him text you. I doubt you would stand there and laugh out loud without saying something.

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Show him you are actually interested in what he has to say by replying with a sentence. If you can type characters on Twitter, you can do it in a text message too. Do you want to have drinks with him? Guys are simple creatures, especially when it comes to texting.

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This is a terrible form of the double text and a pet peeve to guys. Imagine if you got a text with multiple question marks. How would you respond? He was probably having tea with his grandmother, pumping iron at the gym, or singing in the church choir.

13 Random And Hilarious Text Message Conversations

Click below to download the free Date-Talk Cheat Pack that includes some amazing openers for you to use: Click to Download Now. I call it the common strategy. The suggestion for the date should flow smoothly from conversation, with an air of acceptance that the first date is a given between the two of you and incorporating a hint of humor.