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They will say almost anything to get you to sign up with them but the reality is you are unlikely to meet the right person. Because they have a take any one on board mantra and they rely on volume. Essentially, they will get you to go on as many dates as you can very quickly so you resign up with them again and pay more money. The executive or professional dating agency: The advantage of using an elite dating or matchmaking service like this is that most people here are in a certain economic bracket and therefore the pair ups are more likely to work.

After all if you are matching apples with apples the outcome is more likely to succeed. You will find that most of the men and women in this category are either professional or successful business owners who have recently become single and are now looking at meeting someone in the hope of finding a partner. Another advantage of paying a bit more is that your matchmaker is going to put more time and effort into finding you a partner as opposed to those cheaper agencies that will not put the energy into finding you a partner because they simply are not being paid enough.

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Most Popular Police allege airline cabin crew smuggled drugs into Australia for years Australia has a porn problem — and we appear powerless to stop it Body of missing German tourist found in NT after police access phone data Australia to see world's worst house price fall Heatwave expected to peak over the coming days This is what the artist sketched, but here's what was erected 'He is not a paedophile': Qld's worst sex offender released into the community photos 'Among the most ridiculous proposals I have heard': Could Trump nominate Ivanka for the World Bank?

Shock jail term for woman who kept baby meerkat, after man who stole it handed a fine Woman found dead near Melbourne shopping centre may have been assaulted after tram ride photos. It's no surprise Theresa May was beaten on Brexit — it was the size of the defeat that shocked What's next for the Socceroos in the Asian Cup?

Japanese councils try their hand at match-making, as marriage numbers rapidly decline

Independents won't matter as much as you think next election Get ready to say goodbye to the Big Four era in tennis How — and when — will the US Government shutdown end? Media Video Audio Photos. Connect Upload Contact Us. Change to mobile view. It's this perspective that drives her to create authentically shared dates between compatible people, with the ultimate goal of paving long-term relationships along the way.

Constance aims to eliminate the guesswork out of the dating scene.

Dating agency Jobs in All Australia

So take a deep breath. She's ready to make your dating life easier! Sash Bischoff firmly believes that relationships are the best and most important part of life. A Princeton alumna with an industrious spirit, she's analytical and yet a true romantic at heart. As a theater director working on and off Broadway, Sash is an expert at understanding people and what makes them tick. She's honest, trustworthy, and compassionate, getting to the heart of what you want. There's little she loves more than relaxing over a cup of coffee or glass of wine, getting to know how you think and feel Sash can't wait to help you on your journey to finding the most important relationship of all.

Tess Richie is your agent in the search for love. With a BFA in drama from NYU and a decade's experience in client-facing roles, Tess is quick to delve into your character and hone in on your needs. While closing deals in the housing market as a real estate agent, she has a reputation for producing results quickly and effectively. Tess thrives under pressure with a smile on her face, building strong bonds with her clients and meeting expectations consistently.

The key to her success: An old-soul romantic, she's eager to broker your love connection and unlock the door to your heart! Stephanie Rieux is a wise soul with the intuition to connect with all sorts of personalities.

Become a Matchmaker | JJunction

She brings to her matchmaking a well-rounded background in teaching, sales, and events. An excellent communicator, Stephanie cares deeply for your needs and takes actionable measures to see results. She aspires to understand diversity in each unique personality and is dedicated to learning what desire means to you.

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Stephanie can't wait to plan memorable first dates and add more fun to your dating life! Lacey Bauer found her Prince Charming through a Tawkify matchmaker, and now she wants to do the same for you! After many first-hand experiences, she knows that dating can be just as much wondrous as torturous, and yet, it is all worth it in the end when you meet a great match. Lacey's degrees in psychology and chemistry form a balanced combination that produces sane — yet simmering — connections.

Her years of neuroscience research has prepped her well: She's ready to listen to your needs, learn your priorities, and delve deep to get to what truly matters. When not studying the compounds of X and Y chromosomes, Lacey enjoys walking her poodle mix, improving her golf game, and watching a high-scoring hockey match with her honey.

Breonna Williams knows that finding your fitting companion takes dedication to the process of dating. It can mean coming out of your comfort zone, trying new things, and considering people you may not have initially thought would "fit the bill. Breonna uses her experience as an executive assistant to be a personal dating assistant — problem-solving, communicating effectively, and handling matters promptly.

She approaches matchmaking as a friend and can't wait to find your next match! Melissa Roy sees life as one big adventure and tries to squeeze every last drop out of it. Bitten by the travel bug at an early age, she hit her goal of visiting countries and 7 continents by the age of Now a global citizen of the world, she has no plans to stop until she's seen them all.

Her ability to relate and connect with people from all walks of life makes her the perfect wing-woman to help you score a date. Armed with a degree in psychology from Pepperdine University, along with a commercial acting career under her belt, she is ready to do some deep soul analysis to make your inner self shine.

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Her childlike wonder and curiosity for love and human behavior makes her a lifelong seeker of truth, yearning to understand the human condition, to learn what really makes people tick. A recent transplant to the Big Apple from the City of Angels, Melissa wants to help busy hopeless romantics navigate the treacherous waters of dating in the city. Brigitte Weil knows the recipe for sweet success.

This former New York Times-acclaimed pastry chef turned sought-after food and weight loss coach has been writing and coaching about creating the lives we deeply crave for decades. Brigitte believes you can have it all, and she will inspire you to use the assets you already possess to let your beautiful self shine. Like any recipe, dating is perfected by trial and error; you must be open to new flavors and adventure, and sometimes take a chance. Brigitte's secret sauce is her tireless commitment to becoming an expert on you, along with her extensive coaching experience in turning dreams into reality.

Brigitte is ready to whip up some fabulous experiences and create a delicious journey of your best beginnings and happiest endings. Paula Bukowinski is your love advocate. With the heart of a Latina, she has mastered the language of love: She's fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. She is a passionate communicator with a true knack for connecting people from different walks of life — nothing is lost in translation. Her vast experience in TV production, event planning, PR, and publicity has primed her with the networks and resourcefulness to guide you through this process.

Paula will enchant you with her energy and make you feel at ease with the whole matchmaking process. She keeps it fresh and fun while successfully guiding you in accomplishing your dating goals. Paula's motto in life is "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end. Natalia Murtaugh wants you to show your peacock feathers to the world. Her curiosity about people's thoughts and behaviors feed her energetic passion as a love strategist: Think of this multicultural gal as having an analytical, yet bubbly personality. With a background in psychology and research, she's a trained psychotherapist and relationship coach.

Behind the scenes, she will cheerfully want to share amazing cooking recipes with you. Follow Natalia's guidance, and you'll feel supported to spread your wings Carey Gaynes sang love songs at over weddings in her 25 years as a professional singer. But she realizes love isn't all flowers and fondant. She is a realist with a sentimental twist and believes that being your best self brings out the best in others, and draws in the love we all seek. Her sense of humor and outgoing personality have a way of putting people at ease. In her spare time, she likes to run, fuss over cute dogs, play piano and bake pies.

Stalk her at www. Brooks Brower will meet you where you are and take you to where you hope to be! Utilizing 15 years of higher education administration and event planning experience, Brooks brings an intuitive spirit, creative voice, assertive confidence, and passion to each interaction. A life-long learner, daughter, and friend, she challenges you to live without expectations and be content in the surprise of each beautiful day. Humbled by the power of love and motivated by the pursuit of bliss, Brooks has you covered in her daily grace! Polina Rozenberg is an expert concierge with two decades' worth of great experiences under her belt.

Dedicated to helping people and creating happiness, she lives a full concierge lifestyle, exploring and learning about what makes NYC amazing. By practicing warm and enthusiastic hospitality, she strives to surpass expectations by inventing memorable experiences — always with a hint of the Polina touch. On your journey to love, she is your friend, motivational coach, and unconditional supporter.

Get ready because real love is on the way, by way of Polina. Remy Robert believes that everyone has a story; her job is to help you write the "happily ever after. You'll often find her in the kitchen, where she ghostwrites and tests recipes for famous chefs. That's where she honed the blend of creative and analytical thinking that she brings to matchmaking.

As your collaborator and co-conspirator, she'll push you to take risks and to find the fun in everything, so when you're in the next chapter of your own story, you'll be able to look at your new bae and truly say, "Oh, we met through a friend!

Refine by location

Melissa Rogers may never sugarcoat anything, but she's as sweet as candy. This laughter-loving fitness instructor knows how to put in the work to get great results. Through meticulous attention to detail, conversational prowess, and a knack for bringing out the best in others, she revels in interpersonal relationships. With networks that span the United States, she's a "girl about town" wherever she goes: Minneapolis, Manhattan, Savannah, El Paso, you name it!

Melissa is ready to motivate and do all the fancy footwork to bring romance back into your life. Remy Boyd has one goal: With an extensive knowledge of how behavior plays a part in relationships and a penchant for understanding people, she's here to share the advice you need to succeed in the dating world. Remy specializes in identifying barriers that may lead to unsuccessful dates and coaches her clients with strategies to improve dating skills from a warm, direct, and down-to-earth perspective.

Her ability to relate to diverse types of people is evident in her career prior to matchmaking, with work in industries such as marketing, media relations, and staffing. Remy will work with you to develop clarity on what exactly you are looking for in a partner. You will learn more about who you are, your real "type," and strategies on how to make a true love connection. Nada Rifai is a dating coach and matchmaker with over ten years of experience.

A social creature with a knack for seeing beauty in all things around her, Nada is fascinated by all aspects of the human experience. Her ability to be constantly amazed and inspired is nothing short of contagious. Nada's matchmaking approach is part dreamer and part pragmatist; she will help you keep your head in the clouds but your feet on the ground. You are a star, and Nada is going to remind you how bright you shine. Nada works relentlessly to help you master the art of communication, date with confidence, and get into and keep the relationship of your dreams.

Jenny Joan Hart believes in a thing called love. Jenny now writes about travel, specializing in couple travel what she calls "wanderlove" , destination weddings, and honeymoons. She met the love of her life after interviewing him for a dating column, and she makes it her mission to use her listening, investigation, and reporting skills to help others find their perfect match.

Behind every great love story is a rough draft in need of editing, and Jenny wants nothing more than to help you create and live out the masterpiece you're destined for. Caitlin D'aprano is step-by-step in her matchmaking. As a serial entrepreneur, she always starts by building a solid foundation. Caitlin knows it's up to you to succeed, and through her ventures, she has empowered people at various stages in their lives to create healthy and loving relationships, to have aspirations for the future, and to live with confidence.

A go-getter herself, Caitlin practices what she preaches: Marilyn Bibby believes life about is the choices we make, with love being the choice to grow or remain. While born and raised in New York City, she now works in higher education in admissions and recruitment in Atlanta, GA. She operates by the process of elimination through screening in on the small details with the drive to deliver quality. She enjoys being around people who are not afraid to be their authentic selves and thinks it's the only way to live, love, and be happy! Inayah Vanessa has literally seen it all in terms of relationship dynamics and human behavior.

Having personally and professionally experienced a vast range of circumstances, she has lived on three continents, is multilingual, a business owner, and a writer. Her philosophy on love: Inayah believes matters of the heart go right, wrong, and just plain go nowhere. She will apply her expertise in helping you to navigate the needlessly complicated world of dating, fraught with human contrived rules and barriers. It's her basic goal to introduce you to quality matches and have all hearts go right!

Elaina Giolando has a thirst for adventure. She's spent the past four years traveling the world for work and pleasure, running projects for companies like IBM and Uber and developing public relations campaigns for the presidents of countries across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Striking a balance between free-spirited intuition and level-headed practicality, she utilizes her background in international project management to create dating strategies that are both realistic and fun. As a writer and a coach, Elaina has also spent years helping professionals from all over the world transform their careers and find jobs that reflect their passions — now she'll do the same for your dating life.

Gigi Rodriguez is a "live your life to the fullest" kind of Gal. She inspires people on a day-to-day basis to never settle for anything but greatness and applies this life's motto to her matchmaking! Gigi is a highly motivated individual with an appetite for bringing the best out of people.

She believes that with a little fun and humor, dating can be a captivating experience for all. Gigi will ease you out of your comfort zone and guide you to live life with passion. Davina Sutton is an adventure-seeking, world-traveling storyteller who you may sometimes see on your television from time-to-time. As a broadcast journalist, she is a pro at helping people tell their story to the world. Davina brings this talent to matchmaking: While working hard to connect you with exciting indivuals, she will also encourage you to push the limits of what you think dating is. Davina will add her touch of adventure and create memorable experiences, so you can have your own stories to tell.

Kim DeYoung is just as comfortable in an evening gown as she is in blue jeans and a baseball cap. She'll offer you that same flexibility, creating a comfortable dating environment for you to be your best self. There's inspiration in everyday opportunities, and Kim wants you to seize every date as if it's the door to your future. She believes in the power of love and knows your entire life can change with that first date.

Her approach is grounded in empathic communication: Dating has its ups and downs, so she will be your rock as you navigate the sea of love. Keep calm and be classy. Majet Reyes is ready to collaborate with you on finding love in your life! In matchmaking, her approach is humanistic, person-centered and mindfully-based when. As an optimist, a yoga practitioner and a leader of a community that empowers women, she is motivated to guide others to success and believes that you are the expert of your life. Majet will ask the right questions to help you discover your true authentic self, working together to find meaningful purpose in your love life.

Sarah Carino Koza is ready to give you a straight-forward-no-nonsense path towards the love that you desire and deserve! She finally cracked the code when she met her husband Through building her career as a music educator and classical pianist, Sarah is equal parts motivator, coach, cheerleader, and wise sage. She believes in the power of empowerment; you are the key to unlocking your own love story!

Get ready for a healthy bit of sass, a lesson in spinning a negative into a positive, and countless possibilities. Lauren Finney is ready to edit your options. With nearly 15 years of editorial experience, narrowing down good matches comes as second nature to her. She's decisive without finality, yet empathetic. She believes that relationships make the world go 'round and that matching like-minded people—whether in business, friendship or love—is one of the greatest joys in life. Her goal is to make matches based on common denominators, and, that with her help and a little bit of magic from the universe, she can do it for you efficiently and accurately—all with a bit of fun!

Linda Curtin enjoys learning about people. The search can be daunting, but Linda is ready to help you find a diamond in the rough. As a widow who re-married another gem, she feels life is richer when we love deeply. She sees people as multifaceted and approaches the search with 4 C's: Clarity, Commitment, Communication and Cooperation. She's excited to join you in your journey to find a love that's as precious and unique as you are! Linda won't just scratch the surface, she'll dig deep in order to bring real, quality people to your dating experience.

Camille Leon wants to open up your heart. With a background in psychology and knowledge of ancient yogic and meditative breathing techniques, Camille will teach you all the "oohs" and "ahhs" to get you over those first-date butterflies. Having spent six years living and working with locals in Thailand and India, Camille is ready to help you ground your mind and gently guide you into your most engaged "romance-asana. She's passionate about pushing you towards encounters that will inspire new meaning and growth in your life.

Camille is nurturing, optimistic, and highly perceptive, and she wants you to take actions that resonate on a soul-level Maggie Gori is a global-minded, music-loving and adventure-seeking wellness advocate who believes in making an impact and connecting with people. Working in the nonprofit sector for the past 8 years, Maggie executed programs in order to empower individuals to eat well, feel good, and pursue one's highest quality of life.

Maggie wants the same for her clients at Tawkify—to live one's best life, with their true love by their side! Maggie spends her free time teaching cooking classes, painting, and going on spontaneous travel adventures with loved ones. Lucy Bierer is insatiably curious about people—what motivates them, what makes them tick, and of course, what makes them fall in love. Her empathic roots run deep in her being.

She recalls the moment of discovering her life's purpose at a program called Building Bridges for Peace, where she learned how to bridge misunderstandings between people by actively listening and finding common ground. Lucy has carried that with her through many endeavors, including documentary film-making and most recently international diplomacy.

Her greatest fulfillment has been in cultural immersion, most recently in Medellin, Colombia. Rebecca Soto is a native New Yorker, a traditionally trained studio artist and a strong believer in the power of romance. Rebecca is studying Mental Health Counseling and is influenced by the psychodynamic approach. She is fascinated by the dynamic mystery of the mind and brings that into her matchmaking repertoire. She believes love should always be intuitive, awakening and profoundly inspiring.

You can find her at home watercolor painting, swimming in the ocean, or behind a book. When it comes to life and love, Rebecca believes there are no coincidences. Ngoc Tran spent her formative years behind the bar of her family's French-Vietnamese restaurant in Virginia, where she developed a knack for active listening and putting people at ease.

A lifelong learner, she's an expert at reading between the lines and is excited to help you begin your next romantic journey. Analytical and intuitive, empathic yet tenacious—Ngoc is a pragmatist who will make things happen for your love life. Michelle Lewis is the girl you love to open up to! She's often the go-to girl to friends, family, co-workers random people at the nail salon, grocery store She cherishes moments of joy, lazy days at home with husband and 1 year old son, live music, and some good wine paired perfectly with a cheeseboard.

Dating can be hard work, but with Michelle on your side, this journey will enlighten you to be the dater you always aspired to be. Moni Oyedepo is ready to help you write the first few sentences of your next romantic chapter. A woman of the south living out west, she's got southern charm and sensibilities, but an insatiable hunger for living the most out of life. With a big heart and even bigger ears attuned to listen to your needs, she's excited to get to know you the real you, to find you the best matches possible. A former consultant turned comedian, she'll help you enjoy the sometimes uneasiness that comes with this new chapter through flavorful food, focused conversation and fabulous memories!

Rachel Toth has a passion for life, love and adventure. Brought up in a small town and now an avid traveler, Rachel recognizes that one of the common denominators of great happiness is genuine human connection. Her extensive experience in customer service and marketing gives her an uncanny ability to identify peoples wants and needs She believes that chemistry happens face-to-face, but we do not always open our minds or hearts to be present in those pivotal moments.

Rachel views each experience as an opportunity for growth and encourages you to approach this journey with an open mind. She is dedicated to taking the work out of your search, so you can seize the moments that awaken your soul. Together, it is her goal to find a special connection that plants a fire in your heart. Maxwell Mikelic is on a quest for knowledge about the beginnings and longevity of relationships. As empathetic as he is extroverted, Max is currently pursing a career as a clinical and research psychologist at Columbia University, where he studies how communication can be effective in long-term relationships, and how attraction forms between people of all different backgrounds and identities.

Dating has always been one of his favorite topics of conversation, and, as with friends, he much prefers working with his clients over laughs and beers than in lab coats and holding clipboards. For your success though, Max finds it best to incorporate elements of both! Willow Frederick has a knack for bringing out your most confident, most authentic self, as if you've known her for years.

An old soul and empathetic extrovert, Willow wants to get to know you just as much as you want to get to know your match. As part of the NYC dating scene for five years, she knows how overwhelming the pool can be, and how technology has changed some of the endless nuances of relationships. Building off of her bachelor's in psychology, Willow has been a teacher, counselor, researcher, world traveler and writer on all things sex and dating.

She'll work with you to get the most out of each date, even if it's not "the one. Anika Rashaun Walker always had a knack for reading people. Over the years, her unique and authentic skill has made her the "go-to" person for advice. Passionate about mentoring on relationships, love, and self improvement, Anika began matchmaking to help her viewers with dating and all the planning that comes with. She's a strong believer that there is someone out there for everyone.

Known for being "the best gift giver and party planner," Anika will work hard to plan your creative, unique, unforgettable experiences through Tawkify. Anika has an unconditional empathy for clients and will work very hard to put you on a track to success. Anika is your love positivity cheerleader, here to advise you, be there for you and address your concerns Ashley Brinkman 's intuitive instincts are figuring out the who, what, when, where and why; that's the reason she was drawn to matchmaking. She has always had the drive to dive deep with people and help them figure out their needs, whether in life or relationships.

She is curious about people, which has led her down the path of TV hosting and interviewing. With the skills accumulated while hosting in Los Angeles, she is dedicated to using those skills to help others find friendship, romance, and - of course - amazing dates! Her passion hinges on understanding people and contributing to their happiness.

She believes there is someone out there for everyone and that that person will only enhance your already amazing life. Liz Lynch is the ultimate, objective wing-woman here to help navigate the otherwise overwhelming and impersonal landscape of modern dating — with you and for you. She believes that if you can identify where it is you want to go with love, that the journey can be an enjoyable, direct flight — no unnecessary connections, no exhausting delays. Culling from her vast professional experience in finance, sales and communications, she has a knack for attentiveness, efficiency and carving natural paths between what one has to offer and what one desires.

A native New Yorker and current world traveler, she has a roaring talent for effortlessly bringing together collective minds, manifesting positive and genuine happiness. Briana Basler was on her way to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor when she decided to trade her stethoscope in and switched gears. Enter the world of subconscious based psychology. Following her intuition as an empath, she is a passionate student of the heart and soul and flourishes by helping people to uncover their truest selves.

By using multiple tools to help uncover who you are and what you really want, she will go to great lengths to ensure you have a fulfilling dating experience. Be prepared to get real, raw, and down to the bare bones of YOU. Lauren Daddis loves love and hopes she can help you do the same! With a background in entertainment publicity, Lauren has a knack for creating and maintaining client relations and reputations.

She sees the shine in those she meets and works from a place of compassion. When she left the entertainment industry to raise a family, she became a yoga teacher and now matchmaker. Lauren takes great pride in providing a healing, loving environment for her students. She takes a supportive, strategic and forward-thinking approach to guide you on your dating journey. If you're feeling challenged by your love life, let Lauren help you fall in love with love again!

Michelle Hennessey doesn't want you to Netflix and chill anymore—she wants to help you find Amazon Prime and commitment. Though she is formally trained as a therapist, Michelle's background extends beyond active listening skills, motivational interviewing and empathy. Michelle is extremely extroverted, a devoted foodie and a natural leader who values harmony and stability. Her intrinsic drive is motivated by making others laugh, planning fun-filled activities and listening to others with sensitivity and warmth.

Michelle aims at finding authentic and quality matches that inspire you to be the best version of yourself, while creating opportunities for long-lasting and satisfying relationships. Eric Antos is a firm believer in seeing every opportunity as a blank canvas on which to dream and to expand your horizons. As a person of many hats, Eric has immersed himself in illustration, business development and luxury retail with a strong purpose of crafting personalized experiences.

Having lived in both Paris and Barcelona and explored the world, he believes love has no borders: Eric will accompany you in exploring different destinations and new people on your journey together. He is eager to help you to find pride in your authentic self as he illustrates an experience showcasing the many colors of you. Jami Haugen wants to inspire you to open yourself up to the beautiful and unknown. She is a gypsy soul with a heart of gold. Her quest for love and connection, coupled with her high emotional intelligence, led her to the study of acting and philosophy, where she delved deeper into her already acute understanding of the human spirit.

Her extensive role in customer service has expanded her sphere of interpersonal relations, this is where she truly learned the art of networking and communication. Jami wants to know what makes you tick, grab a hold of it and help propel you into the exciting world of dating. She wants your love life to expand your world and she is the rock that will be with you every step of the way.

Simone Grossman is a theatre maker in New York City that utilizes her background in the performing arts to empathize and connect with you on your journey to love. Constantly inspired and fascinated by the human condition, Simone is an eternal optimist with a side of hopeless romantic. Eager to find the Romeo to your Juliet or the Beatrice to your Benedic, Simone takes an actors approach to her matchmaking style—the belief that listening is key!

Her favorite things include dim sum, masterpiece theatre and the new Cardi B album. Kirsten is a holistic life coach with an advanced certificate in transformative coaching. Her love of people and deep interest in the human psyche - as well as her own relationship journey - has informed her study of what makes relationships work over time.

Having spoken with hundreds of Tawkify clients about their dating lives, Kirsten brings a uniquely informed perspective to the matchmaking journey. She is a natural networker and connector who brings more than 30 years of broad experience to her client work in the areas of personal and professional development in health and wellness, relationships, parenting, spirituality, energy and body work; sacred awakenings and transformational coaching. Lexi Hart believes self-love, positive thinking and confidence are three keys to finding love. With a Masters in Mass Communication and a past as a journalist, it's been her job to get to know strangers on a deeper level in a matter of minutes.

Hart has a natural ability to empathize with others while simultaneously remaining open and honest about your needs and what has to happen in order for you to find love. She believes everyone has a match, we just have to find them. Her goal is to make introductions that compliment personalities, stimulate minds and open hearts. One thing is for sure: Mia McKinney is a strategist who thrives in the journey.

In her career as a marketing consultant, she learned that making the right connections and cultivating relationships will ultimately lead to great outcomes. Mia's roadmap to where she is today exemplifies the beauty in the scenic route: Mia knows that everyone has a rich backstory too, and she's excited to learn and share in yours.

She's committed to introduce you to people, for you to build connections and develop relationships Julia Riffle curates positive experiences and methodizes success for all of her clients. With experience as a an educator abroad and Silicon Valley startup success manager, she has dedicated herself to helping others realize their own potential.

An avid traveller, Julia has seen the power of love across continents and wants everyone to experience the beauty of human connection! Isabella Beham is a straight-shooting optimist who is here to bring fun and authenticity to your dating life. Isabella has impacted an audience on a global scale through her relationship writing and molding her psychological expertise into actionable dating guidance.

Having completed her MA while traveling the world, she is a natural researcher, risk taker and problem solver. She combines these skills with her creativity and intuition to help clients find genuine people they can be themselves around. Isabella doesn't just want to help you fall in love, she also wants you to fall in love with yourself. She can't wait to guide you along this adventure! Marlyn Velez is excited to get to know you.

She operates with great enthusiasm and optimism, in order to navigate you through this sea of fish. She brings over a decade of experience in education and recruitment with a Masters degree in Organizational Development and Leadership. As someone who successfully navigated online dating to find her match, she is eager to get you to love the process of dating. What are you waiting for? Mischa Skolnik was born to be a matchmaker, collecting friends and connecting people from a very young age.

She has experience as a community builder, event planner, private chef and ceremonial leader. She is committed to personal growth, health and happiness—and sees dating as a tremendous opportunity for learning the beauty and magic of life. Her commitment to authenticity, truth, love and creativity comes through her compassionate care of clients and seeing each dating experience as significant on one's personal journey toward love.