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This was a spiritual and moral mistake on my part as I began to depend on alcohol for my refuge instead of Jesus and others. I have no excuse — this was wrong, sinful and I am truly sorry. Recommended Mike Pence rallies pro-lifers at March for Life: Christians cannot remain silent in 'evil' world that 'devalues' children Pence defends wife amid media attack on her teaching at Christian school 'Will Roe go?

Stewardship and living beneath your means. Worst 50 places for Christians ranked in World Watch List: India in top 10 for first time. How should Christians respond to child drag queens and sexualizing kids? Christians cannot remain silent in 'evil' world that 'devalues' children. Carl Lentz shares how he responded when 9-y-o son didn't feel like going to church.

Being in love with the "idea of getting married more than you love Jesus" will set a believer up for disappointment, the pastor said. And if the person that you are wanting to pursue, or is pursuing you, is right beside you in that run, then they're probably the one. Bitterness against one's mother, father or ex-spouse can have a profoundly negative effect, warns Noble.

That's why you've got to deal with it. You've got to ask God for brokenness rather than bitterness, so the bitterness in your life can be healed. If you're bitter one of the worst things would be to get married.

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We're supposed to be better together, not bitter together. Noble says that marriage will not resolve men and women's issues with porn. I'm broken because of it. I want to get this out of my life,' because if you don't, you're setting your future marriage up for failure. The pastor strongly recommends that those struggling with impurity find a friend or pastor to confess to and ask for help.

While Noble believes that when dating men should pursue women, he is careful to remind men that there's a big difference between pursuing and stalking women.

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Acting in weird and aggressive ways with women leaves a negative impression upon them. This type of guy becomes known among the women as "the guy that asks all the girls out," says the pastor. Along the same lines, Noble reminds women that they need not throw themselves at men. The church does not support adult virginity — they ignore or shame adult celibate singles a few links with examples of that can be found at the end of this post, and all over this blog if you search.

NewSpring gets its Catholic vibe on with its veneration of the saints this Easter. However, that is not the basis for my post about this.

Perry Noble – Christian Pundit

You were aware of all that? Who do you think you are? I am a Republican GOP and a social conservative. Me being right wing and a social conservative does not, however, mean I always agree with how other Republicans or social conservatives handle situations, or with how they feel that U.

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Government, should handle things. Nor do I always agree with their premises or assumptions. Some Republicans — such as ones of the Christian, biblical gender complementarian variety, yes, can be sexist. Some Democrats, atheists, and left wingers can be sexist too, but that would be a topic for another post on another day. Using the authoritarian structure in military as an analogy to gender roles, or a boss to employee analogy, as gender comps are wont to do in these discussions, only further re-enforces and exposes their views as being what they really are: If a woman is qualified to act as a general; if she has the traits, education, and talent to serve as a general — then yes, she should be permitted to act in the role of army general.

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Your gender comps, though, say no, even should that woman have the set of skills needed for that particular role, she should be barred from holding it, based on her gender alone. I, a right winger, have personally encountered rudeness, hatred, and vitriol by conservatives and Republicans on right wing forums, sites, and blogs, on topics pertaining to sex, marriage, divorce, gender roles, and family, with this hatred being based on sexism and very narrow views of what these types of right wingers feel is acceptable lifestyle choices for American women.

Many conservatives tend to assume, knee jerk fashion, that if one disagrees with them on gender roles or marriage, that one must be a feminist who hates marriage or traditional values. They cannot seem to wrap their heads around the idea that a person can be a fellow right winger but one who realizes that women are not limited to only marriage and motherhood, nor should they be. Even though I am usually careful to preface my remarks on right wing sites by reminding readers I am also a social conservative, sympathetic and respectful to a lot of Judeo-Christian beliefs, and that I vote Republican, the other conservatives — males in particular — will keep assuming or trying to paint me as a liberal, atheistic, feminist — or they treat me as such.

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They do this typically in discussions where I agree I support marriage, but I think many times, social conservatives and Christians have idolized marriage and pro-creation, to a point that not even the Bible supports. Many right wingers do not want to acknowledge that the Bible does not esteem traditional marriage and parenthood as much as they ASSUME it does.

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Republicans, Christians, and social conservatives on political sites bristle and act upset when confronted with clear quotes from the New Testament that Paul wrote it is better to stay single than to marry. Some right wing males behave as anything less than full nuclear family worship is tantamount to rejection there-of, or is an acceptance of homosexuality, or they assume I must be a liar who is really a lesbian, Democrat, feminist who hates right wingers, the family, and marriage.

In the process of hurling their many incorrect assumptions at me, and responding to points I never made, they tend to make very rude, sexist comments about all women in general. He was also very condescending to me, though I was polite to him through our exchange.