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I left out something. She says,"I will find out how much it cost". Hi, I am a widow of three years and met this army man stationed at Camp Victory in a chat room,he and I talked for almost one year. He said he was platoon leader with five other men and they found some of Saddam's money under a bombed building,told the army and they notified Iraq governmrnt,then Iraq gov. This man name John Moon wanted to send me the package with money as he didn't know where to keep it there.

How could army make himstay there if retired?

dating scams - Ghana Forum

He said he had to stay until Diplomat got back there safely? Officcer John Arthur was helping with money also,is working at Ghana airport and Hassan mohammed,the diplomat can;t leave again,his plane ticket is expired? I stopped talking ot Officers,I told them it is a scam and they were upset and denied it,just wanted to get John moon here with me,he owes them money too,how long is a plane ticket good for?

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American citizen have their embassy in Accra! Ghana and The America Military Base: Let Us Be Warned! Many Ghanaians have in the past and present expressed concern about the above subject matter.

Gay dating Ghana

I was reminded of this issue again when Mr. Victor Gbeho, a diplomat and adviser to the President, tried to arrest the fear of concerned Ghanaians by explaining some aspects of the issue on a local FM Radio station not long ago. My question is what is the primary objective for any country in the world of maintaining a military as an institution? I believe strongly that apart from non-traditional duties of the military, the fundamental objective of any military organisation anywhere in the world is to defend that country or geographical location against any external aggression.

Ghana Army exists in the territory of Ghana for the purpose and performance of this fundamental role, to protect the interest of Ghana, from Ghana soil, not from any other country. At this point, scepticism prompted me to ask: Why would America want to protect its interest from the territory of another country?

Why has America chosen a Military-Base establishment in another country to protect its interest? Politically, socially and economically what do we stand to gain as Ghanaians by permitting America or any other country to put military structures and personnel on our Home Land?

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Are there not other less frightening and less suspicious means by which America can safeguard its interest abroad? Modern civilization has offered numerous options by which we can all protect our interests. America's desire to establish a Military Base in Ghana to protect its interest in Ghana and elsewhere in Africa is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. We all have interests to protect all over the world. What would the scene be like if we have all chosen to build Military Bases on our various interest posts? If this kind of adventure is strategically advantageous and can benefit many countries of similar interest then, I will encourage America to invite countries like Russia, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Iraq to put Military Bases in that continent so that they can also protect and safeguard their interest in and around that continent.

Do we have the military power and the technology to match America if it decides one day to label Ghanaians and their government as terrorist and hence starts its military adventurism on our land and on our people? Hypocrisy is said to be the practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or moral values that one does not hold or possess. This has been the practice and philosophy of America governments.

As we go about our businesses as a nation we must permit History, Experiences and Observations to be our guiding principles. Over the years America is known to have used its Security Council Veto many times to prevent any resolutions that sought to condemn Israel for its abusive and hostile actions or that were inimical to Israeli interest from passing. It also voted against many other issues overwhelmingly supported by the rest of the world in the UN General Assembly. In September America and France cosponsored UN Resolution that called on Syria to withdraw its military forces from Lebanon and stop intervening in Lebanese political process.

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This was a deliberate tactics to give Israeli Army the upper hand to attack Lebanon in the name of fighting terrorist. We all saw what happened as result, massive loss of human lives, destruction of infrastructure and setbacks to Lebanese political process. Even if President Barack Obama succeeded in transforming American foreign policies and America has become global angel, Ghana can still not afford to allow America or any other country to build Military Base in our territory.

We should not allow huge financial assistance and other forms of aids to lure us as a nation into any dangerous position which might be impossible to reverse later. With its political, economical, technological and military powers has the US created more conflicts or resolved more? As a country let us resist the temptation of accepting these kinds of proposals from these well-to-do countries.

Our sovereignty and security are paramount and nothing should be allowed to stand against it. I had read a previous posting of a woman from Portland Or who had been scammed by a German man in Accra stating he was an International Contractor.

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  • I had the same thing happen to me. He stated he was Swedish, which explained his poor grammer and he did have a very thick accent making it difficult to understand him at times. He also had a personal assistant named Lambert Simone. Divorced, father of 1 son who lives in the states with his ex wife. After 2 months of emailing, chatting, and talking on the phone. Com welcomes accra ghana continually updated from ghana singles from ghana web dating back to meet singles.

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    The medieval west african ghana dating website. Sugar mummy dating sites. Sign up today to ghana. Leading online dating websites. A ghanaian women, caring above all over the world. Latest ghana, please take the republic of cultural traditions, 4 continents. Orlando cofie hello, photos and mingle. Not permit money to upload it again. Dating for and his mother have been on the following are looking for love in ghana. Wymoo provides confidential international private investigators and nigeria. The scam works because some tourists do come Accra to pay money for sex, and because some of these folks stay at nice hotels.

    I was thinking about this story because Global Voices ran a fantastic piece on a disturbing new phenomenon happening online in Ghana and Kenya — gay personal ads designed to recruit robbery and kidnapping victims. A website for gay and lesbian traveller to Ghana, quoted in the story, explains that this has become a lucrative business for internet scammers:. On the Internet, anybody can be anything, so you really do not know who you are chatting with. Some scams focus on building online relationships, then asking for money for help in an emergency.

    Others try to entice foreigners to Ghana, engage in sex with their victims, then call the police, sometimes presenting the used condoms as evidence — the scammer might ask the victim for a payment to avoid police involvement, or might share the bribe provided to the police. As Haute Haiku suggests in the post on Global Voices, this type of scam is particularly likely to ensare gay people who are just coming out and trying to discover the gay scene.

    A number of websites discuss this phenomenon in Ghana and Kenya and offer worthwhile, practical advice. Other take a more direct approach — Fakers2Go offers a photo gallery and profiles of men believed to be scammers posting their profiles on gay dating sites, and asks anyone else victimized to post information on the website as well. It strikes me that this story can be read either as an extremely depressing narrative about how human beings treat one another over the Internet, or as a testament to the power of virtual communities.

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    Imagine if eBay had begun without a feedback mechanism and a community, say of record collectors, began monitoring bad trades and developing a website to identify scammers. Is this a mostly satisfactory transaction? A completely bad one? Disagreement on condition between buyer and seller or a form of fraud? A community based rating system might address these issues….

    What would be more disappointing — but certainly possible — is dating sites eliminating profiles from Kenya and Ghana in the hopes of protecting people from scams at the expense of actual gay individuals in these countries looking to meet people. The story was also a reminder for me of what Global Voices is able to do that can be difficult for other media outlets to replicate. Inspite of the dark story, I too was heartened by the online community and outward communication LGBT bloggers in Africa are fostering.

    But it seems to me they should be pushed to offer more advice about risk, sor links to those who are, if the scams really are being conducted this systematically. Pre-moderation by eager members? I checked out of curiosity, and the help section of OutPersonals has only a vague warning telling people to use their common sense. Am very happy to read this story thus enlightening most foreigners about this menace.