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Vintage Rosary Beads | eBay

None are for sale in the Museum but note link below for people who do. We have tried to under estimate dates if unsure and are open to your comments and additions. A great discovery for us A great history lesson! Chris Laning has done an exceptional job - and obviously loves doing what she is doing! She carefully researches her information and has beautiful images that tease the eye!

The site is a visual treasure and you will learn a great deal by visiting. One many of the early rosaries there were no Paters other than the one at the juncture of the loop where the pendant fell so the Credo Cross was next to the Reliquary cross at the end of the pendant then came the Pater to form the loop.

How to Date an Antique Rosary

The three Ave beads were added later and became a reminder to pray for an increase in Faith, Hope and Charity or Love. But when did all of this come about?

During the 6th session of the Council of Trent, Chapter X On the increase of Justification received it brings to mind. And this increase of justification holy Church begs, when she prays, "Give unto us, O Lord, increase of faith, hope and charity.

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Our Priest, Father Mathew, shared he was taught how to pray the pendant of the rosary after Creed on Crucifix, Pater, then on each Ave, the following prayer instead of all being announced in advance: One day my son found a square metal medallion type piece of Mary and Jesus. He gave it to me as a gift, for he thought that it looked like us.

Curse of the Rosary beads and the vatican great whore of babylon.

I have cherished this piece. As I was looking through your rosary museum, I saw the exact same piece.

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I was just amazed to see that Miniature Icon Antique being a replica of the one my son gave me. These are vintage and have been in my family for years. I think it is sterling.. The rosary is 19" long from the top of the loop to the bottom of the cross, the rosary is unmarked. This is a very large Rosary.

Collecting Antique Rosaries

The pieces range in age and materials and overall in good condition, the four 4 rosaries are complete and usable for prayer. The materials in use for all is: Beautiful Large Rosary with blue glass beads. Large cross, with INRI at the top.

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  6. Marked made in Italy. No other condition issues. IE-Art Deco necklaces were done on cotton string.

    Vintage Rosary Beads

    This clear glass picks up light and colors with the way the beads are cut! The centerpiece is a Blessed Mother Mary and the traditional crucifix at the beginning. We try to describe each piece to the This page was last updated: