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Love is in the air at Lisdoonvarna

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Brawl stars bad matchmaking - Video chat % Free

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Matchmaking stars

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How the smallest difference in endless first thing we are in my clients. Y seguir haciendolo por sacar algo de Clash Royale. How new are you to your current redstar levels? Or have y'all been upgrading ships?

Bio- and circular economy matchmaking event – From Waste to Valuables

Our clan tries to keep similar ship levels and not upgrade the most recently unlocked modules until our lower level clanmates catch up. From what we can tell is levels of modules don't effect matchmaking at least at our lower level we have batt with bs2 or 3 and beyond autopilot we don't have modules beyond what is unlocked with rs4 we have several members in rs5 and 6.

We have only done 3 ws so far but have had consistanly higher tech levels not by a huge margin than our opponents. I say try to ask then to hold off on the higher level modules and focus on battery and shields.


Each ws is a learning experience, even with lesser tech outwitting your opponents is possible. You learn more from a fight lost than a fight won. We've been on the other side. Would love to face you guys. Would be super cool if you could officially challenge another team.

Comment from UTC text is partly luckbased as you earn double Jessies etc.

The Hades discord has a chat for arranging WS searches. Still no guarantee but having similar tech, same size and searching at the same time would give you a reasonable chance. We are constantly matched against higher classed players. Id say 1 out of 4 we get someone equal or a little less. We are always the underdog.