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I never went to a school dance or prom even though my parents were not happy about it. I think that I have three problems:. Internet dating has not gone very well for me. I am not shy in normal social situations, but just going up to a woman and talking to her is not a skill of mine. If I do, I act like a dork. I am too nice, and not aggressive in making things happen. I am not the type to sweep a woman off her feet. I have never kissed a woman, or really put myself in a situation where I could kiss someone. I am much more comfortable not expressing intimacy to anyone. Lately I have become depressed about all of this.

If I go out with someone my own age, I am going to be light-years behind in experience. Dating someone 18 and inexperienced like me is also quickly becoming, if not already, not possible. No point in living anymore. She does not represent herself to be a psychologist, therapist, counselor or professional helper of any sort. Her responses are offered from the perspective of a friend or mentor only.

Anne intends her responses to provide general information to the readership of this website; answers should not be understood to be specific advice intended for any particular individual s.

26 Year Old Virgin

He obviously gave you some wise words. Yes, it may have been a wonderful experience for you, but I don't think you have felt any sensation of LOVE that was real from the lady. There are those of us who are married and no longer have sex for one reason or another. That is tough as well. It must be tough seeing your friends with their girlfriends. Do you find it hard to chat with these women as well? Maybe you could try and have conversations with them and see how you go.

It might help to build up your confidence. I am a similar aged female, with some sexual experiance, but I wouldn't consider a guys sexual experiences before dating them. I think for most girls interested in long term relationships at our age I have never asked about someone's experiance before dating them, or even going further, it would only come up as part of a safe sex talk or conversation about ex's.

I would suggest that it is hard for lots of people to find partners, especially shift workers and people who don't like to drink to socialise. Keep looking, female friends can help build confidence and introduce you to more woman as well, and taking it slow is great too! Hi I have had the same experiences at you did and it really is a place that you don't want to be. If you have a job where you can talk to girls that helps. If you don't not to worry having a girl as a friend is a great way to hook up because they might help you with it, it's as if she was like your best mate and he helps you out.

Think positive and say to yourself it doesn't matter if this girl doesn't like you I'll try the next girl, thinking of asking multiple women too is a good idea also. Sex is not the most important thing in the world if she is experienced at sex she will look after you so finding woman with experience is great also. I fully relate to what your going through, t I understand that your feeling highly upset and tormented about your situation, depressed and broken- its a horrible reality for you to live with. In my opinion being super nice and being mr nice to women does not tend to spark romantic interest.

The one tip I have heard consistently from guys I know that have had a fair bit of success with women is: Of course you may say that's impossible because of your life experience, you have to sort of talk yourself up a bit in your mind, and hide any massive insecurities that you may have: You can fall into the trap of caring TOO MUCH about every women you meet thinks about you, worrying too much about if you embarrass yourself or make a mistake, you need to think, "I am a good guy, if any given woman doesn't like me , not my problem".

Also as people have mentioned, it is important that you present yourself the best you can, and are clean, well groomed etc. Preferably your house or where you live should be be clean and well presented as well. Research more on this, step out of your comfort zone, makes changes, move to another area, whatever it takes. This is obviously important to you, so I hope you can get up and take action, don't let another 5 years slip you bye! Let me ask you a question If you wanted to be a dentist, what would you do?

If you wanted to have the self confidence to go out there and meet someone special, have a lovely evening, maybe get romantic? It's a no-brainer, isn't it? You would open up Mr Google and find out how and where to go to learn how to do it, right? There are people out there who can teach you and me to do anything!

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Ladies, would you date a 25 year old male virgin?

To fly a helicopter or to attract the attention of the fairer sex. Type in something like "How to become a chick magnet" or "How to be smooth and be swamped by young women". You'll find a lot of ridiculous sites and advice. Ignore the silliest ones, but follow your gut and try some of the better sounding ideas. Learn how to be the person you want to be.

It will take some determination and a lot of hard work, but you can do it if you really want to. Just don't give up. You deserve to be happy, fulfilled, deeply involved in life and loved by a special person. Please give it a go, and keep us informed how you go. When I was 18 my Psychologist told me that you attract who you think you deserve, I didn't like him saying that.

When I read our description of yourself, there were many things that are deserving, would be a good read on a dating thing, I think being just you and confident that others will find all the good bits would make you just what some girl is looking for. For me it has taken practice, being confident and not being embarrassed about my oddities.

I practiced it in the supermarket, in the car, at work, everywhere really. Then one day I met someone at the supermarket at lunchtime, we were both reaching for the last tub of Lemon Yoghurt, I suggested sharing, and we did, we talked over lunch and that was all it took. One thing I have noticed is that no-one has cared that I am awkward or inexperienced, if they like me they enjoy it regardless. I have worked in aged care, let me say, it is never too late. Start with friendship and see what happens next.

How Our Helpline Works

Im about the same age and I am in the same situation. I have never had a girlfriend,kissed a girl or had any sort of experience with a girl. At first I thought it didn't bother me at all but in the last couple of years its began to bother me deeply. It doesn't help when a lot of the people you know are in fairly committed relationships and you're still single and it sure does make me feel inadequate compared to others. Dear Semiconductor, I would like to question some of what you said. Apologies if some of this is hard-hitting or offensive. I have an argumentative style.

I mean well for you. This probably flies in the face of of science, statistics, etc but I question the idea that any human being is "fixed" in any way, e. Maybe you haven't found the right set of friends and associates yet, who would bring our your sociable side. Why is it so important for you to be with someone? How do you know that being with someone would make you feel better? And that something completely outside that category wouldn't? How do you know the right kind of situation and person wouldn't make you re-consider?

Advice For The 25 Year Old Virgin

And that a one-night stand might turn into a relationship? That hookups might not be cheap, but valuable learning experiences, which add to your future relationships? Female colleagues or acquaintances? The women in your life who aren't ever going to be your girlfriend? Have you scientifically studied "most girls"? You're in a small mining town where you feel isolated from people. How do you know that, given a different situation, with a group or even just one friend who loves you, and you feel comfortable with, you wouldn't have an easy and fun time partying it up?

I achieved incredible things during the something years that I was a virgin. I look back and feel completely proud of myself, and wouldn't change a single thing, including the virginity. I hope you will feel that way, someday. I may elaborate further on my experiences in a future reply. It's not easy for everyone. What comes naturally to some must be learned by others.

Being in a mining town, I know you have very limited opportunities to meet someone. What you can do is personal development.

The Virginity Paradox - Paging Dr. NerdLove

There are a number of sites that help build confidence, one in particular, is the MenProvement Podcast. It aims to help men be the best they can be in all aspects of life dating, financial, grooming, diet, exercise etc. One podcast presented the dating issue in another way, having fun. That is the aim. When you are full of confidence, zest for life, fun you have plenty to share and that is infectious partners pick up on this and want to spend time with somone that is having so much fun.

It takes time, but personal development is a journey and hopefully leads to an enjoyable destination. Good luck on your journey. You will make some woman very happy one day. I watched a dating show once and the 'coach' advised the 'student' to go to bars to pull chicks. I got so angry I am very passionate sometimes please know that your innocence and purity is a gift that you could even give to your wife she would love it! I have girl friends like the guys mentioned here that get around and that is fine if that is what you want. In the meantime be patient. All the different animals and landscapes.

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I'm not saying that they are all fake as some people will vouch for them. I hope that other people will join the conversation. Hold on to your morals and your self respect, also tot he respect of others. I'm hoping that one day you will meet a lady who will love all of your amazing qualities. You sound like a great guy! I hope you get back to us and let us know how you are getting on. Cheers for now from Mrs. Hi SC, I'm so sorry I seem to have been unaware you had made a reply! So what if some girls judge you negatively for being a virgin? Just move on to the next! And my goodness, killing yourself because you're a virgin?

Ladies, would you date a 25 year old male virgin? - GirlsAskGuys

Dude, there are far worse things in life, and even THEY don't justify taking one's own life! Ladies, would you date a 25 year old male virgin? I'm 25 and a virgin.

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I've never had a girlfriend, kissed a girl or been on a date. I pretty much have little to no experience when it comes to romance or intimacy. I'm quite shy I must admit, it can take me a bit of time to feel really comfortable with people. I was wondering how many of you ladies would date a guy like me? What would you think if you'd meet a guy my age and discovered that he is still a virgin? How would you react? How do you manage money in a relationship?

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  • Is it weird, that I prioritize money more than women? What are reasons men abuse women and why do women avoid contact with the outside world while in an abusive relationship? What Girls Said Lol I have a hunch I already found my guy but ya never know They lack social skills and know nothing about the female anatomy. Yes Would it be a deal breaker? No, but you could try a female 25 year old virgin. It'd be a turn-on. Don't worry about it at all! I don't care if he's a virgin.