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On the other hand I now no longer see any reason what so ever to bother with the mid tier Chinese medium tanks: Both of these nation, one can see beforehand that adjustments are needed before going forward to release content which further unbalances a lingering problem. Which needs more time and effort to adjust later on when more and more new content gets added.

Better do it right from the start than to backtrack 2 years later, that saves money on development.

T8 Matchmaking is Broken in World of Tanks

Fr4nt1s3k, on 30 March - You should always choose your targets so that you can pen them, not to challenge heavys frontally with SCOUT! Derp gun is what makes it unique.

T2 Light Tank

You gave the derp back to T49 and autoloader to Bulldog, give the derp back to VK. Let us choose if we want to keep accumulated XP on the tier, or move it with the vehicle. XP to unlock tier Even the people that unchecked accelerated crew XP haven't accumulated K, so you will still get your money for converted free XP. You do realise the ELC is a regular tier 5, the tank was too good with tier 6 MM so it had to be nerfed a lot for tier 5.

T2 Light - Why does it get tier 4 Matchmaking?

This tank will see tier 3s, it can one shot them and potentially one shot many tier 4 TDs as well, without the need of dodgy HE pen mechanics the derp guns have. This one seems to be the weakest, with big nerfs and weird buffs to allmost all of the tanks. Many of the tanks have been nerfed too much, Ru has been balanced correctly, with nerfs that it needed and with buffs to justify its place in tier 9.

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T37 has been nerfed a bit too much, T71 is a beast in tier 7, walker bulldog is a great tank, rest of the line seems fine. That's an issue for a lot guns on the whole Chinese line.

Wot t2 light matchmaking / Dating a peace corps volunteer

Making that better on only the light line would create an unbalance vs the other lines. Only fix is to address the Chinese tech tree as a whole and get it up to par to other similar nations with similar guns. Please give the VK T49 has it's derp back, M41 Bulldog it's auto loader. This matchmaking change for LTs is long overdue. Full points for this change.

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Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Kandly 1 Posted 26 March - Quintentje 2 Posted 30 March - Hey i have a question. If I already have M Walker Bulldog, and i really like it. Will i get it at tier 8 cuz of the new light tank branching? Or will i get the T instead since that's the new tier 7 light tank? Keep in mind i avoided T because frankly i do no like it.

So i have to grind with that to get the M i all ready love? Seems a bit harsh if that's the case. Search Advanced Search section: Please log in to reply. I'm curious about something Have they altered the matchmaking of this light tank in any way? Not that it bothers me that much, but it'd be nice to know if this is gonna happen more often than not when I run this tank now.

Maredevil 2 Posted 29 September - I have no problems with tier 4 matches but I never seem to get into them anymore.

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I just need to know, so I can set up the tank accordingly. Not gonna be able to penetrate them, but I can at least see them coming. Maybe it's just me having a few days of bad luck, then. I've been having the same issue with my T2. Sometimes I do OK others get waxed.