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Since the success of the first book, there have been several spin-offs, adaptations, and parodies of The Rules, written by other authors, but none have garnered the attention of the original. Get our latest book recommendations, author news, and competitions right to your inbox.

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Join our mailing list! Price may vary by retailer. Pocket Books July Length: How to Meet Men. The Rules for Online Dating eBook Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! You join the site to date , so go do it. And go for it. Simple, powerful and true. I read a book kind of like this one around the time I started shopping for love on Match. Although, I did put my own spin on things. Then I found Chuck, and all was right with the dating world.

Congrats on finding Spencer! I read the books and the articles and I pore over my profile and have people read it. I send winks and short messages and answer random questions… just no interest at all. I paid for a month membership at a different site and I am giving it a go. I used to send long emails to guys I liked. I loved reading this post. And I love that you threw caution in to the wind and broke the rules.

Whimsy online and I wrote first. My brother and his wife met online, though! I was searching for blogs about online dating… and voila! Magic of google yours appears!

Im so glad your experience is turning out…. I am having a sort of horrifying online dating adventure.

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I am quite a bit older than you kids here, and therefore, my dating pool is, evidently, extremely limited. The men my age want women younger and can get them… Sort of depressing.


The Rules for Online Dating

I dont have a lot of height hangups, but come on! And does everyone lie? Maybe i should consider lying about my age … hmmmm. But its just so not me to do that!

I earned everyone of those 49 years and i am claiming them! I have written first and they have never written back, or if they did they said no thanks. So…that is a definite no or mrs whimsy says go for it! The thing to remember is what i learned in sophomore class in sociology: Who ever has the least interest has the power…. I just wish i was faking the least interest, instead of really having the least interest lol, as in NO interest.

‘The Rules For Online Dating’: Feel the fear and go for it | write meg!

This was a fascinating post! I have friends who have been too intimated to try online dating for whatever reason and I think that it would be so worth it and I think this information would be so helpful for them! Thanks so much for posting this! I never tried the online dating experience I met S.

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  • ‘The Rules For Online Dating’: Feel the fear and go for it.

This might be why most of my friends in Italy will never consider finding a date on-line while most of my friends in Dublin do it all the time. As you know, my sister just joined so I hope it works out for her too. Thanks for making it seem less terrifying. Book blogger, journalist, cupcake queen and now online dating guru.

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Oh Meg, you never cease to amaze me. Interestingly your timing was excellent on posting this blog for her and your experience and advice will be very helpful. So happy you found such a great guy Meg. You treat my friend right Spencer, or a horde of book bloggers will find you and pelt you with copies of pink covered books. I also just read a book review coming this week where the author advises women to never ever ever under any circumstance call first. None of that was working for me. One thing that simultaneously eased and added to that stress? The little book above. And then I waited.