Dating in the royal navy

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  1. Dating a guy in the Royal Navy - What to expect. BEST ANSWER TOP POINTS!?
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  3. A few Questions about the life in the Royal Navy | Navy Net - Royal Navy Community
  4. A few Questions about the life in the Royal Navy

Then when our child turned one, he took the plunge. We went through all his training when I was at home with the baby. He was at home just once a month for a year and a half. W hen we had our second daughter, she was 10 weeks old when he went to America for a training exercise. Footballers WAGS are completely different to us.

It can all be hard but you do get used to it though.

Dating a guy in the Royal Navy - What to expect. BEST ANSWER TOP POINTS!?

If anything our relationship is stronger now. You get the chance to miss them and appreciate the little things they do. The few days leading up to his leaving are horrific though. Greg and I will get really emotional and grumpy. On the whole the resilience of military kids is immense. I used to be a service manager in gym and health clubs. But I left my job, my family and friends and followed Greg.

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I have got the countryside, my husband and my children. I hate missing people and I hate worrying about people.

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I'm sorry we can't marry. Report 10 years ago 4. Report 10 years ago 5. Original post by Thud My god a soldier would turn me on. Report 10 years ago 6.

A few Questions about the life in the Royal Navy | Navy Net - Royal Navy Community

Report 10 years ago 7. Report 10 years ago 8. Perhaps its just my experience but ive met a couple of ex-marines in the past and they were very arrogant not very nice people. I dont know whether thats because thats just the kind of people they always were or due to their experiences, training or things they had done and seen, but based on that no I wouldnt. Like I said thats a generaliseation based on 2 people though and of course it depends on the individual.

Ultimatly however the likelyhood is that id not be comfortable or happy dating someone with that mentality or the ability to get into the frame of mind as to where they could kill someone for their job. Id also not be happy knowing they were going off into a warzone, I couldnt build a life with someone- kids for example knowing they were putting themselves into that situation. Report 10 years ago 9. Original post by Shout Box What you date someone whos trained to kill? Report 10 years ago I couldn't on the principle of consistency, and that only.

I have a lot of respect for them anywayy, and that is very important to me. The fact they're trained to kill wouldn't bother me. Like Louise said above though, I think some can be a bit cocky a couple of lads I went to school with are in the marines now but that it down to the person, I severely doubt all marines are like that. The short answer being no it wouldn't bother me. Bavarian Motor Works Badges: PMSL at this thread.

A few Questions about the life in the Royal Navy

Well, as a member of the Air Training Corps Air cadets - and quite high up for that matter. I know a fair amount about the military an the risks involved, I can say confidently, that the risks he will die are so, so slim. If he were in the Infantry however, I couldn't say the same. You can expect he WILL be gone for long periods of time, I know some servicemen are gone from home from about 4 months, to 9, to even a year. Being in the forces is a great honour and you should be proud, I hope I can serve the United Kingdom when I am old enough - and do it proudly in the Parachute Regiment.

Dating in the Navy

HELP top answer 10 points? Answer Questions Is it strange to no longer have desire to date or be with someone after 37 years old. I'm pregnant and dating someone who's not my baby's father. He has gotten bitter.