Dating after addiction recovery

Communication is Key

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8 Tips for Dating Someone in Recovery

Knowing what those practices are and understanding them can make dating a recovering addict a far richer, healthier, and fulfilling experience. Triggers refer to those situations, places, or emotional issues in response to which a recovering person can feel more vulnerable to using substances. It can be times of the year like holidays or particular emotions like grief. This is another area in which communication is key and often something those in recovery are quite good at.

Dating Someone in Addiction Recovery | Ocean Breeze Recovery

Most people who have battled an addiction have become more introspective in the process and are able to more comfortably communicate about their feelings and needs. Learning from past experiences and mistakes can allow a sober individual to be a healthier partner in future relationships. For some, attendance at a support group like Al-Anon can be a helpful way of keeping the focus on themselves and not becoming lost in their partner and the relationship which is a concern in relationships that do not include a recovering partner as well.

Additionally, finding or maintaining personal interests and hobbies as well as remaining connected to friends and family allow for a more balanced life that does not focus completely on the relationship.

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Sharing beloved activities hiking, biking, traveling, movies can be a bonding experience for a couple. If you are considering dating someone then having these interests in common is a positive indicator that you may be compatible. Not all people in recovery are the same. Maybe your friend in recovery can go to a bar and not be tempted, but going to a bar is a trigger for your boyfriend.

How Our Helpline Works

Have honest conversations about what the person in recovery is able to do, and what you are able to give. This is probably not a one-time conversation. This issue will most likely need to be revisited over time, since recovery looks different depending on how long someone has been sober and their confidence in their coping skills. Like every relationship, trust is key.

Take Care of Number One

If anything, when addiction is involved, trust is more vital. This can be hard if you were in a relationship with someone during their lowest points of addiction. If you have seen them at the worst, or have years of experiences where they let you down, it can be difficult to trust them again.

I never followed it. This philosophical idea, however, is just too impractical for many recovering addicts, since love and attraction are not things people can plan for. But while it may not take a year to be able to date again, recovering addicts should be resilient enough to withstand the stress of dating and be sure about what they want in a partner. For that reason, many people in recovery tend to be pickier about who they decide to date, and eliminate the options that might pose a threat to their sobriety. Adriana Kupresak said that when she started dating, if there were any red flags she picked up on during a date, she would write the person off completely.

Many recovering addicts seek someone who has never struggled with a substance abuse problem. This is a consistent belief among all the people I interviewed.

Should You Really Wait A Year To Date After Recovering From An Addiction?

Of course, there are successful relationships that were forged between two recovering addicts. Dating people who have never been in recovery culture comes with its own set of challenges.


Non-addicts can have problems understanding the sometimes overwhelming desire of an addict to use. Perhaps for this reason, Raichbach says that while patience is great, being non-judgmental is even more important.

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