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You ever wondered why football players may date or even marry really hot girls but the relationships never last. The reason being is they are drawn to them with looks, but once they get over it and there is not much substance to their character. I met so many girls that feel like the guy should initiate everything, engage and carry the conversation. Make suggestions on things to do or be spontaneous. There was a girl that was trying to date me because she found me attractive, every time we met.

I quickly got bored of basically telling her stories all day and she got confused why i wasn't interested. You went on a few dates with one guy, you've made no reference to being in a committed relationship with the one guy, and some how that turns into all good looking guys will cheat on you. That's probably why he decided to date other girls Sorry this happened to you, it must be an awful feeling: There's hot guys out there that are truly amazing.

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If it's too good to be true, it maybe is, but just because it looks that way, don't walk away until there's a reason to walk away, cause you may be walking away from something that is too good The last girl I was talking to for 1 month and almost got together did something pretty bad, and then when telling me why she did it, she said "you're to good to be true".

I never gave her a reason to doubt me, but she still thought it wasn't true, so now she fucked up and will miss out. Just because it looks too good to be true, doesn't mean it's not gonna be true. I fully agree with you. It is easier for a hot guy to be a player, which does make it more likely that a hot guy would do something like this; but it's not because they are hot.

Some men have a 'player'-mentality and a subsection of them actually manages to become one. Those are the ones to look out for. As you said, too good to be true doesn't always ring true. I agree with you. It is the kind of person the guy is, not what he looks like. I wouldn't avoid all hot guys because one happened to be a player. Oh wait no you don't, you girls will just try to find Prince Charming again and the cycle will repeat.

I was gonna exclaim "yes!! It will be the typical song and dance, where she gets ran through by the whole football team, and then she wonders why none of them all calling them except for late night drunken booty calls. Then ugly mofos like yourself get the luxury of listening to them cry on your shoulders and complain that "all guys are assholes.

The Pros of Dating a Hot Guy

FullOfMyself Who said I was ugly? Also why are you so bitter dude, ugly guy steal your girl or something? My fault, when you're were saying "what a time to be alive," I thought you were reveling in the fact that you're ugly. It's just fun being crass. FullOfMyself No I was indeed being sarcastic.

This isn't a universal rule, but something to keep in mind. As you are well aware, attractive guys have options. Many have no interest in commitment, especially around college age. No girl is going to change what we are. Doesn't mean he shouldn't have been honest, but it is something girls should remember. And the ultimate reason you should never date a hot guy. A guy who attracts a lot of female attention is far more likely to lie and cheat. Naturally, consistent affirmations of his sex appeal will set his confidence to maximum and he will believe he won't ever have to struggle to find a mate.

The real culprit, however, is dopamine, a neurotransmitter which, among other things, stimulates the brain to emote a sense of satisfaction, a reward for perpetuating your life and the survival of your species. Your brain gets a shot of dopamine for eating when you're hungry, or having sex when you're aroused, almost anything you do that promotes the continued existence of you and your kind. Since the "hot guy" has an overabundance of women at his disposal, he puts little to no effort into getting whatever woman he wants, and so effortlessly indulges the primal urge to procreate and then rewarded with the feel-good sensation we get from dopamine.

He's been getting his "reward" often enough that his brain has become dependent on his own neurotransmitter to keep up his mood, and like any addict, he'll resort to almost anything to get his fix; in this case, he will suspend his empathy and move on to the next prospect as soon as his current "drug" of choice starts to lose its potency. In a sense, one could argue that such a guy is a victim of his own physiology under a social circumstance.

People generally don't think of this behavior as a chemical dependency disorder, more like a case of "douche-baggery". But still, drug addicts can choose to fight their addiction, often they need a moment of clarity, to see the damage they're causing, before they make that choice. I had a friend in college who was average looking at best and he cheated on his girlfriend pretty much once a week with a different girl each week. I think the moral of this story should really be that when you're in any circumstance college, being "hot" where the availability of sex is high the likelihood of monogamy is low.

So, while I'm attractive, I'm not "the hot guy" I know as many unattractive "players" as I do attractive. This might as well say "Why to not date guys" for all the sweeping generalizations here. There is a difference between the very hot and the very attractive guys same principle for very sexy and very attractive girls. Once you figured that difference you know who to be interested in - since the very hot guys or very sexy girls are usually the ones who are good at playing the field.

I have an idea. Let's blame an entire group of people for the actions of a few. That'll really make things better. Well, he probably has tons of girls throwing themselves at him.. YOLO why would he stick to just one, when he can have whatever he wants? Ha, outside of the fact that I'm very married, I'm perfect dating material, as I am completely not hot ;-. There's a big problem here.

The perfect person perfect for us that is That's how god punishes women when they reject good caring loyal nice guys for tall jacked douchbags and pretty boy players. Spelling95 Look at all those down votes lol women absolutley hate the truth. Does the asker sound like she was rejecting nice guys that weren't studs for a douchebag? She had no clue he was a douchebag, and left him alone as soon as she had an inkling.

Take a gander at the subreddit niceguys, they are not so nice. I don't think him being hot is the issue, I have a friend who is considered hot and he treats girls with respect. This was either written by a dude with a girl account or by a girl who would rather spend her life with a vibrator only. So that's why girls aren't stepping over themselves to get with me.

They read this Take and aren't dating the hot guy. Must be too attractive for them then. For some weird reason I attract a lot of women's attention. I get a lot of girls looking at me and getting all shy and nervous as well as a lot of genuine smiles and blushing. I'm not physically attractive and I try to come across as neutral. I just hope there might some decent "Hot" guys out there. I kinda ignored this vapid generalization and simply applied femalea to this topic as well.

You know, because this make zero sense when applied only to the male gender. Any guy can do this, although I guess it's easier for more attractive guys, it doesn't make all attractive guys behave like this. But hey, if you want to date not super hot guys, more power to you. Your mytake title is poor because: Although the likelihood of it's relevance is slightly higher.

It's good, that you got out when you realized, that he was a "player". But do not brand an entire group of attractive men as bad just because you've had bad experience with 1 of them. Anyway, sorry for your losses. It's good, that you kept your guard up when you could and picked on the suspicions.

Lolololololol you got played media. I'm very sorry this happened to you.

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Hot as Hell Guy!

However, I think the overall concept of this myTake is a bit misguided. Just because someone is attractive doesn't automatically mean they are a player who will cheat on you. Not dating someone you are attracted to because you're afraid of being cheated on says more about you than it does about them. Being insecure can end up costing you a potentially great relationship. Cheating in general has very little to do with looks which is why even conventionally "hot" people can be cheated on by their partner.

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Anyone, regardless of how attractive they are, can be a cheater. So instead of seeing a hot guy and assuming he is a 'player,' taking a closer look at his personality, values, and attitude can be much more helpful in spotting a potential cheater. Writing off most men because of one bad experience is irrational. Again, I'm sorry for what you experienced but not everyone cheats. There are plenty of good guys out there. Hopefully you'll be able to move on and find someone much better in the future.

This story had nothing to do with a guy being hot. What I mostly took from this take, is that a you don't assert yourself AT ALL, and b you're pretty much willing to let guys walk all over you Were you even in a committed relationship with this guy? People fuck around a lot. Do you WANT to be that kind of girl? You don't need to be a total drama queen, but Learn to be a bitch, at the right time in the right place.

If you can't be a bitch -- when necessary -- then you're always going to be someone else's bitch.

Why You Should Never Date the Hot Guy

Just be a bitch and somehow that makes everything better. Save your breath dumbass! Personally, I never get into a pointless argument with people who betray my trust. That's exactly what the OP did. She did the right thing. Although you do live up to yr username, at least. My username is very tongue in cheek.

Your original comment wasn't very classy either. Better to just walk away from an immoral person. You'll never guilt shame a narcissistic scumbag, so why waste your time? It had nothing to do with him bwing hot, apart from having a lot of options but it had everything to do with not being honest and saying he's dating others, although you should have assumed that. I'll stick to guys I find attractive and then figure out if they are assholes later. I'm in a long term relationship with the 'hot guy', if he didn't treat you right that's unfortunate.

But don't presume the way you were treated will be the same for everyone else. What you were dating was a player who also happened to be hot. Average guys play around with average women, ugly guys play around with ugly women. My mom always told me to never date a good looking guy, because he's considered a stranger.

He belongs to every girl, every girl wants him and he knows it. Go for the ones that are below average or average you're sure to be happier with them. Thats typical for a good looking college guy. Not all good looking guys aspire to be players though. And I can attest to that because I have known a few. I kind of agree with redeyemindtricks in that you shouldn't have kept quiet. When you saw him in the car with that girl, that was your chance to call his bluff and completely humiliate him.

Ruining his date in the process. Can't say he wouldn't have deserved it. I thought this was going to be a he was just acting nice to me but turned out to be gay in the end story. Oh well, just because this happened to you with one hot guy it doesn't mean that all hot guys are like that. I tried dating the super hot guy but he turned out to be a joke.

Now I have to wonderful boyfriend who in my mind is the hottest guy ever. And my neighbor who's 16 is attractive yes but a complete jerk. Why are so many hot guys like that? I get it now. Sorry about your experience but there's plenty of hot guys that are genuinely sweet. I used to think like you because a lot of hot guys are supremely arrogant.

Anyways try hot Catholic guys. But hey, i'm a good looking girl too so the intimidation won't be one sided at all ;. I think it's unfair to say all attractive guys are like that, but it seems there are a lot of guys like that and I'm sorry that happened to you, it's good you found out sooner rather than later though.

Well they aren't worth your time, hot or not, they shouldn't treat you like that. The truth is that some guys are great to look at, but not always that great to date.

The Cons of Dating a Hot Guy

But even if you two are perfectly suited to each other, his stunning good looks may still cause problems…. Some men spend just as much time in the bathroom and in front of the mirror getting ready to go out as us girls, so you could well have a fight on your hands. Joking aside, though, there are potentially bigger psychological problems that can come with a relationship like this. Looking is one thing, but will you be able to deal with women shamelessly approaching him in public? While you may not have had any body hangups before, you may start to find yourself questioning your own body shape and if you should be kicking it up a notch in the gym.