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Riker was biting his lip and putting his hand behind his neck seductively. Ratliff was winking and laughing cutely. Rocky was standing there smiling beautifully. Rydel did her famous bang-twitch and smiled, laughing. Every hand went up and there was continuous "me, me!


Ross walked near the stage, smiling and backed up, putting his hands in his pocket. Riker went to the opposite side of the stage and started going through the crowd with his eyes. Ratliff went to stand by Ross and started pointing out girls and changing his mind repeatedly. Rocky walked over to our side of the stage and started skimming through the crowd.

I smiled a bit when my pocket vibrated I looked at the text and choked back a sob. Um…sorry to bother you but do you mind giving me the movie tickets you'd bought us? My girlfriend is short on money and I need to get her one. I shoved the phone back in my pocket and finally started crying.


QUIZ: Which R5 Guy Should You Date?

I wiped a tear from my eye when the room turned quiet and I felt a beam of light hitting my face. I looked up to see Rocky, Rocky Lynch pointing at me and smiling.

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I blinked…Oh my god. I was pulled up on stage and seated right in front of Ratliff's drums. Ross stood on my left, Riker on my right, and Rocky directly in front of me. I then heard the beginning instrumental of Here Comes Forever. Rocky put his mic on his lips and had his face directly in front of mine. He winked, smiled and then started singing. I'm that Delorean blowing past 88 And where we're going girl, Won't be needing roads cause, Oo oo oo oo This ain't no 50 first dates. Rocky wiped a tear from my face and winked again. I blinked and looked down.

Ross then started singing and tried to make his face go directly in front of mine but Rocky wouldn't move so he just sang by my ear. Riker started humming in my other ear, singing along with Ross and Ratliff. Rocky threw his guitar on his backside and went back to me, his eyes never leaving mine.

He wiped a tear from the corner of my eye and did something so unexpected. He kissed my cheek. I heard the whole crowd go berserk.

Ross looked at Rocky, flabbergasted, and gestured for Riker to move away. He smiled at the other boys and then started singing the rest of the song, Rocky never pulling his gaze from mine. I'm talking bout starting out as friends I'm talking bout real and not pretend I'm talking bout roles of a life time You and I can even write the end.

The crowd started cheering and Rocky laughed and smiled at me. The whole band then went to the front of the stage, Rocky pulling me alongside him and bowed down to the crowd. With that, they went backstage, my hand in Rocky's. I could not believe what was happening. It almost seemed like Rocky was fascinated by me. When I got backstage, the band high-fived each other and gave each other hugs. Rocky even hugged me, and for the longest time. Rydel raised her brows at us and Ross cleared his throat. Rocky then let go of me and smiled shyly at his band mates.

Riker was the first one to point me out to Rocky. I blinked, wiping the dry tears from my cheeks and cleared my throat. I'll just back out there-". I pulled my hand away but Rocky held on tight. You still-"he glanced at my V. It's not fair to the other V. If she wants to stay, she can stay.

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My friend's out there waiting. I turned around when Rocky spun me back around, causing my extra ticket and V. Ratliff leaned to pick it up and whistled at the items in his hand. Aren't you a dedicated R5er?

Who is rocky from r5 dating

Did you accidentally buy extras? I shook my head and sighed. Rocky was the one to ask the next question. Ross frantically looked at his band mates.

Ratliff started making this weird noise in worry. Riker shifted his positioning and copied Ross's actions. Rocky held me close to his chest and caressed my hair. Should I really tell my idols why I was crying? I contemplated that in my head and felt Rocky's warmth on my face. Oh, what the hell? This was already so surreal anyways. I bought him the ticket and pass. There was only a few minutes before the show was supposed to start when I texted him.

He then called to tell me that not only was he not showing up, but he was breaking up with me and that he had been cheating on me. He texted me during the middle of the show to ask for movie tickets I'd bought us so he can use on his new girlfriend. Ross hung his mouth open.

Rydel went over to join my embrace with Rocky. Rocky tightened his grip on me and actually kissed my hair. Did he really just say that? I was sitting on the roof of my house staring at the moon when Rocky climbed up the ladder and sat next to me, kissing me on cheek. I smiled as he pulled me in and let me lean myself on his muscular body.

It was weird, breaking up with a jerk and then suddenly dating Rocky Lynch, a guy I'd never even think would know I exist. He was always with me and he never made me feel like I was less than I really was. I was happy with him and the amazing thing is he was happy with me, too. His family actually liked me as well which made things even better. He was the one that made me feel that I was worthy f being loved and he proved to me that not all guys are jerks. Rocky was the best thing that ever happened to me. I smiled at him and giggled.

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That's all I want you to think about. He leaned in and before I knew it, his lips were tenderly embracing mine. We moved in perfection motion. With his lips still attached to mine, he smiled and said something beautiful: We went back to kissing and then stared at the moon. He held me close and silently began singing Here Come Forever in my ear. How much of Rocky Lynch's work have you seen? Wedding Band Justa Crush. Hurts Good Video short Rocky Lynch. If Video short Rocky Lynch. Dark Side Video short Rocky Lynch.

Video Special Olympics Video short. All Night Video short Rocky Lynch. Smile Video short Rocky Lynch. Loud Video short Rocky Lynch.

Who is Rocky Lynch dating

Dark Side Video short. All Night Video short. Pass Me By Video short. Himself - R5 uncredited. The Time Is Now Video documentary. Himself - R5 credit only. Himself - Guest - R5. Edit Personal Details Alternate Names: Edit Did You Know?