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She wore a trademark pair of kelly green sling back Amalfi pumps, and a navy blue Christian Dior frame purse. Of course, she wore white Dior kidskin gloves with this. It was a beautiful outfit. This scarf is so pretty! It is the opening picture in this post as well. Below is a close up of the Liberty of London label printed amongst the flowers on the border of one corner. It is positioned to the Right side of the china lady figurine in the full scarf photo above. Today I happened upon the Liberty of London Scarf Tying Tutorial when I visited their store in quest of ways to wear the vintage Liberty of London scarves in my personal collection.

And what a great find! Liberty of London is famous for their printed fabrics and beautiful scarves. Also for their scarf shop in London where you can buy luxurious scarves from them and many other top designers. They now have an in shop scarf stylist extraordinaire, Lauranne Plat, who is French, has an adorable accent, and is fabulously talented at showing how to do all kinds of magical things with scarves in the most charming French manner. They have made a series of videos with Lauranne demonstrating and they are great!

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There are six so far and I hope there will be many more! It is visually excellent as well as you will see when you watch her teaching in action on the video. They are realistic and easy to execute styles. The styles she teaches us to do will work with new and vintage scarves, many sizes, the lovely designer scarves they sell and scarves you may already have in your collection.

You have to Look Carefully in the Field of Flowers to find it! Based on a work at ladyviolette. Aggiornare Theme by GeekDesignGirl. Lady Violette The Romantic Lifestyle. Liberty of London 26" Square Silk Scarf. Burgundy Liberty of London Scarf Border. The colours are still bright, although in muted and delicate colours and the hand rolled hem is still intact. The Liberty name is woven into the silk as is customary in Liberty scarves. A gorgeous large scarf, in a rare colourway, in an iconic design and from a high end collectable brand, what's not to love.

Many of these scarves are 40 or 50 years old and still as stylish and elegant today as they were then and if properly looked after, they should last another 40 years. This would be fabulous against a plain grey dress or cashmere sweater and would add a little pop of colour to a little grey suit for work or meetings. It is 35" x35". This is a gorgeous scarf, it is one of the most iconic and sought after silk scarves from Liberty. It is the Art Nouveau 'Ianthe' design which is still produced by Liberty in an updated form.

It is these vintage scarves in the original design which are the most popular and collectable. This is in pristine condition with absolutely no signs of use, no pulled threads or scuffs and with the silk still crisp with that unmistakeable sheen of quality silk. The luxurious jewel colours are still vibrant. There is no evidence that it has been worn. This is one of the most popular colours, being rich and distinctive with the golds and reds adding warmth to the navy and taupe.

The Liberty name is woven into the silk at the corner of the the scarf with the care label attached. The hems to the scarf are hand rolled with all stitching intact. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find these scarves in such fantastic condition as they tend to be worn rather than kept 'for best'. It would be perfect to wear with a Barbour jacket for country pursuits but also equally at home accessorising a little navy business suit in town. It would also look stunning with a soft cashmere sweater. It is 35" x 35". Vintage 60s Liberty of London 'Laws of the game of cricket' large silk scarf very collectable.

This is an unusual and very rare silk scarf produced in the 60s for Liberty. There is one of these scarves in the museum at Lord's cricket ground in London and also one in the museum of the Melbourne Cricket ground in Australia. The scarf depicts the oldest printed image of 'The laws of the Game of Cricket' dating from and also a printed image of the famous Hayman's 'Cricket in Marylebone Fields' in the centre of the scarf. The laws are written in cursive script and the laws of the game as written bear little resemblance we are told! The scarf is in excellent condition, the background is ivory silk with the script and images in pale blues.

A gorgeous scarf, in delicate shades of ivory and blue, which is also from a renowned brand and a very rare and collectable item. It would be a perfect gift for any lover of cricket, whether player or fan, either to frame and hang on a wall or to wear to a match! Vintage Liberty large silk scarf in apple green and denim blue Art Nouveau design. This is a very eye catching scarf in an Art nouveau design in vibrant apple green silk with a faded blue denim colour as a foil to the green. It is the sort of silk which appears to change colour depending on which way it's looked at, quite enchanting.

It's in perfect condition with no issues at all. It has a hand rolled hem and still retains the Liberty care label and the made in Italy label. It has the Liberty name woven into the silk in the corner of the scarf as is customary with Liberty scarves. A gorgeous scarf, which oozes quality and is from a renowned brand Liberty. It is different and eye catching and would make a perfect gift. Fabulous vintage large Liberty silk scarf in iconic 'Hera' design in rich browns and taupe commemorating th anniversary of Liberty.

It's Liberty at a glance What can we say, a flagship, sought after gorgeous iconic scarf from top brand Liberty and in excellent condition, a real collectors scarf. Vintage small Liberty of London silk scarf in iconic 'Hera' design. This is a super little scarf in Liberty's most iconic and sought after design. It is in very good to excellent condition, the silk is still crisp and the colours still vibrant. There are no pulled threads just a few small scuffs here and there when held up to the light.

There are no marks or stains. The edges, as with many of the small Liberty scarves, are machine edged. The border is red with the the peacock feather design in gold and turquoise blue. The Liberty name is woven into the corner of the scarf. A gorgeous little silk scarf in vibrant colours which is Liberty at a glance. It's the perfect size for knotting at the neck of a sweater or shift dress and perfect for adding a splash of colour to a Winter outfit. One of the most sought after Liberty designs. It is 23" x 23". This is a gorgeous and very covetable and collectable varuna wool wrap designed by the Collier Campbell sisters back in the early eighties for Liberty.

For those unfamiliar with varuna wool it is a closely woven wool which is a very warm yet very lightweight fabric which doesn't crease easily so perfect for travelling or evenings out where a small packable extra layer is called for. This fabric is in one of the iconic intricate designs created by Collier Campbell which are very sought after today. It is in pristine condition, looks quite unused with none of the moth holes which are very often found in these varuna wool shawls.

The background of the shawl is black with rich colours of green, rust and caramel. The edges are self fringed.

Posts Tagged ‘Liberty of London Scarves’

This is a fabulous wrap, in pristine condition from renowned designers Collier Campbell and from top end store Liberty. It is in very wearable colours and a very useful addition to the wardrobe. Vintage Queen Elizabeth II commemorative coronation scarf in blue crepe. This is a super scarf in excellent condition with good graphics and in quite a rare colour blue.

It was made to commemorate the coronation of our Queen and has probably been stored in a drawer ever since. The colours of the viscose crepe scarf are still vibrant there is minimal evidence of ageing and no evidence of wear, so a good example for this type of scarf. Perfect for re enactments events, Goodwood Revival, Twinwood or simply to wear to Proms concerts and royal celebrations. Becoming increasingly hard to find in excellent condition A great condition, collectable scarf which is also eminently wearable and a piece of our history. Liberty of London silk scarf in updated 'Hera' design in vibrant pinks and orange.

This is not vintage, it's an example of the updated version of the classic 'Hera' peacock design which is one of the most iconic images of Liberty. This one is unused and in pristine condition and we have listed it because we love the vibrant colours of shocking pink and orange which are quite stunning. It is a medium sized scarf with crisp glossy silk and a hand rolled hem.

The best silk scarves to give your outfit just enough of a flourish

A similar version in this size is still on sale in Liberty but not in these stunning colours. A fabulous scarf, of exceptional quality in luscious colours and from a high end brand what's not to love It is 23" x 23" Sorry this is now sold. Vintage unused silk scarf in shocking pink and orange checkerboard design by Echo. A fabulous bright silk scarf of excellent quality and large enough to be worn as a headscarf, around the neck, or just knotted around a handbag to add a splash of colour to an outfit. The scarf is unused with the silk still crisp and glossy but it does have the odd tiny scuff or snag from storage over the years which is not obvious except on lose inspection.

The scarf has hand rolled edges, adding a touch of class to the scarf and it retains it's label sewn into the hem. The Echo name is woven into the silk to one corner. A gorgeous little scarf, of lovely quality and in excellent condition, which will add a splash of colour to a black or navy suit or shift dress, or worn at the neck of a pale cashmere sweater to give an instant lift. It's a distinctive and cheerful scarf which could be worn across the seasons. This is a rare and unusual silk scarf which has line drawings of jockeys in silks in their owners colours, with the owners names written in script underneath.

The racehorse owners depicted were wealthy and glamorous individuals who were leading figures in the racing world during the 50s s and it is interesting to look up the names and read some of the history of these people and the gilded lives they led in that era. Names on the scarf include Guy de Rothschild, Prince Aly Khan and Madame L Volterra a glamorous former dancer at the Paris opera who married the owner of the Folies Bergere and Casino de Paris and inherited his string of racehorses on his death in She died in at the age of Back to the scarf, it is a good quality, large silk scarf, with hand rolled hems but no brand name or label.

The main colour is an airforce or denim blue, not quite as dark as royal blue, with the panels of of drawings in ivory.

It is not new, it has been used, there are a few marks to the silk, possibly watermarks and a few small brown spots of 'foxing' to one of the 'panels' but nothing too noticeable when the scarf is worn. It is lovely quality and large enough to be worn as a headscarf or knotted around the neck. So if you are off to the races This is a vintage 70s large silk scarf, unused and in pristine condition. It is in the highly collectable "Hera' design in a very wearable rich colour combination of wine, green and gold. It has hand rolled hems and the Liberty care label still sewn into the hem.

The Liberty name is woven into the corner.


A fabulous scarf, Liberty at a glance and very rare to find in this condition. The 'Hera' design was created in by Arthur Silver and is the design perhaps most associated with Liberty, the design with a modern twist is still used by Liberty but it is these originals which are the most sought after. It is in excellent condition but not pristine, with the odd mark from age or use but the silk is still crisp with a glossy sheen and the design is lovely.

The design is a popular one sold by Liberty during this era and appeared in a number of different colourways. It has hand rolled hems and the Liberty name woven into the silk. A beautiful and delicate scarf, perfect for Spring and Summer, it is of excellent quality, from a high end brand and versatile, it is large enough to be worn as a headscarf, worn around the shoulders or knotted at the neck. We think it would look great worn as a headscarf with massive sunglasses and an open top sports car Vintage 80s silk crepe scarf by Jaeger with Collier Campbell 'Tapestry Rose' design in burgundy, cream green and blue made in Italy.

Perfect for gift It is 25" x 26". Vintage 80s double strand creamy champagne faux pearls signed by Monet the costume jewellery company, not the artist. This is a very elegant double strand faux pearl necklace in excellent condition from one of the premier costume jewellery brands of the 70s and 80s remember the big, big bright costume jewellery Monet. They are a good quality set of pearls in a good weight. The pearls can be worn with the clasp at the front to add a different look to an outfit, perfect for evening. They are glossy and would look superb against bare skin but also against silk or cashmere.

Pearls are currently enjoying a renaissance in popularity and it's a little know fact that one of the most iconic pearl necklace wearers of the 60s and 70s, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis who was famed for her triple strand pearls , actually wore glass pearls. Who knew, so If they're good enough for her A good quality set of pearls which is perfect for day or evening wear and will add a touch of class to any outfit, day or evening, smart or casual. This is a superb example of these very sought after varuna wool wraps.

This is in probably the most sought after of all designs, the peacock feather design called 'Hera' which was created by Arthur Silver for Liberty in and is still used in a modified form on many liberty items today. This design along with the 'Ianthe' design are those most associated with the Liberty brand. Varuna wool shawls are no longer sold by liberty so these are very popular and sought after, being wool they are also rare to find with no moth holes. This one has no moth holes it is in superb condition looks unused.

It is in the large size with a fringed edging and the Liberty label sewn onto the back. It is in a slightly lighter red the the ones we normally have which tend to be more maroon in colour. The beauty of these wraps is that they are very lightweight soft wool which is also very warm yet which fold easily, without creasing, for travelling or on a day or night out when a little warmth may be needed.

A superb wrap, in pristine condition in a large size from a high end brand and in very wearable colours, what's not to love. This is Liberty at a glance. Could be worn as a huge scarf or as a shoulder wrap and would add a splash of colour and opulence to a little black suit or coat but would also accessorise red or camel. A classic which will last for years. Vintage fine silk scarf in a scarlet navy and gold heraldic design.

Tree of Life 90 x 90 Silk Scarf | Scarf Love❤️ | Pinterest | Silk scarves, Silk and Liberty scarf

This is a very striking scarf in very soft silk and in vibrant colours of scarlet, navy and gold in a traditional heraldic design. It is in pristine condition in a light fine silk, not a heavy twill and has no evidence of use nor snags or pulled threads. It is a large size scarf with hand rolled hems. There is no brand name to the scarf and no care label remains. A very striking scarf in eminently wearable colours and in pristine condition. Because of it's large size it could be worn as a headscarf, around the shoulders or knotted at the neck.

It is a real statement scarf which we think will make a bold statement against a black or navy outfit adding a pop of much needed colour in the bleak midwinter. It would make a lovely gift.

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  7. It is 29" x 30". This is a superb example of these ever popular varuna wool shawls which are no longer made for, or on sale in Liberty. As a result vintage ones, even with a few moth holes, are highly sought after. This is in pristine condition save for one small nick to the fringing on one edge which has to be searched for. There are no moth holes or snagged threads or other evidence of age or wear.

    The colours are vibrant the nearest colours are the photo to the left and the first two below yet in muted shades. The design we think is from the 80s, possibly Collier Campbell and it is rare. The design includes stylised flowers with a border of hearts. The Liberty name is woven into the fabric as well as appearing on the attached tag confirming that it is all wool and made in England. In the same vein this would look awesome over a tan leather sofa, as even a modern sofa would be given an eclectic or bohemian style with this draped over the back.

    Or it could just be worn as a wrap The colours mean it is very versatile and could be worn with black or browns and camel as well as teals and blues. This is a beautiful scarf, in pristine condition and looks unused. The silk is still crisp with a glossy sheen and no pulled threads, scuffs or other marks we can see. The scarf is in the very sought after and collectable 'Hera' pattern created in for Liberty by designer Arthur Silver.

    This particular one is in a dark blue and red colourway, deeper than the photos show below but not a bright as the photo to the left, with the feather design accentuated with dark gold red and black. It is a very luxurious looking scarf in very rich deep colours. The Liberty name is printed into the corner of the scarf as is usual. The hems are hand rolled and all intact.

    The photos do not do the scarf justice so they will be replaced as soon as possible. A fabulous scarf, one of the most, if not the most, collectable vintage scarf designs from Liberty. Increasingly hard to find in this condition and in the larger size. A version of the 'Hera' scarf is still available at Liberty but is not as popular or collectable as these older versions.

    This is in an eminently wearable colourway and can be worn casually or dressed up for smart or formal wear, whatever the occasion it is Liberty at a glance. This would make a fabulous gift. Vintage 50s large silk scarf in vibrant green by Esprit. Large and unusual quintessentially 50s scarf by Esprit in excellent condition. The scarf is in a soft green silk which is in excellent condition, no pulled threads or snags and still in vibrant colours. The only minor issue is a stitch missing to the hand rolled hem.

    The design of the scarf is stylised leaves, flowers and organic shapes, it looks very much of it's time, very stylish and quite different from something one would currently see in the shops. The name of the brand is woven into the fabric to the corner of the scarf. The hems are hand rolled and there is an attractive border to the edges as seen in the third photo below.

    A large scarf in excellent condition, an unusual and distinctive design in vibrant eye catching colours with a hand rolled hem. Nice quality from a known brand and not something available on the high street, so something a bit individual and different, it complements our vintage 50s Kelly bags very nicely so release your inner Stepford wife if you dare and snap it up and possibly a matching handbag?

    It is 32" x 33". Vintage 50s mid tan crocodile skin stiletto heeled court shoes with dainty bows made in Italy by Reginetta. This is a pair of very elegant and dainty crocodile skin shoes which date back to the 50s. They are in excellent condition. The colour is rich and unfaded and the skins are still glossy with no cracks or splits. The shoes were made in Parabiagio, Italy and the brand is Reginetta. The shoes have leather soles but they have been resoled with new heel tips and soles and not worn since, so ready to go.

    We now come to the size. They are marked as a size 5 but as vintage sizes tend to be smaller than modern sizes we think they will comfortably fit a The length of the insole measured from the toe tip to the heel is 10", they are also quite narrow because of the pointed toe and measured underneath at the widest part of the sole it is just under 3" wide A fabulous pair of vintage shoes which are of excellent quality and in excellent condition. They are extremely wearable and with a toning crocodile handbag they would be perfect to wear for vintage themed, or modern smart events and you can be sure that no one else will be wearing the same!

    Or, if you choose not to wear them, they would make a great vintage feature on display! They are a small vintage size 5 perhaps Vibrant and striking silk scarf, of excellent quality, made by Sevini. The care label is still attached which confirms it is silk and made in W Germany. It is in pristine condition with no signs of age or use and with no fading of the bright colours. The colours are as in the latter photos below, for some reason some of the photos make the scarf look as thought the border is navy, it is not it is black. It is in a large size with a hand rolled hem.

    It is a good quality soft silk and looks it, with a delicate sheen to the fabric. This is an excellent quality scarf in pristine condition in vibrant and striking colours. It would look stunning worn with a black dress or suit and as a large scarf is very versatile for wearing as a headscarf, knotted at the neck or worn around the shoulders.

    It is 34" x 34". This is a gorgeous 50s scarf, of excellent quality design and fabric, with a striking graphic design and silk which is still retaining it's soft, satin like sheen. As well as being of excellent quality it is also in excellent condition, any age marks have to be really searched for but there are absolutely no obvious ones, no pulled threads, marks or stains. It is quite lovely. The drawing is quite eye catching, easy to see the graphics of the horse from a distance but when worn draped around the neck or shoulders the design merges into a riot of abstract rich colours of rust, green, cream, bronze and gold with a little black, mulberry and salmon pink thrown in for good measure.

    Outside of the central colourful design is a cream border with a narrow swirly chin like border in bronze and gold and outside of this the scarf has a hand rolled hem edged in bronze. There is no name that we can see nor any brand or care label but we suspect it may be Italian. A gorgeous scarf, very eye catching from the point of view of colour and design but also from the point of view of the fabric which is a very soft silk which drapes beautifully and has that unmistakeable soft sheen that comes with delicate vintage silk.

    It would look great draped against a soft cashmere sweater in cream or rust or even sage green. It could also be worn as a headscarf with a Barbour jacket, perfect for the point to point on a blustery day. It would make a lovely vintage gift especially with a rust coloured handbag. Vintage unused lion skin key wallet lined in leather. It is in excellent condition but a bit dusty from storage. The outside is lion skin and the inside is black leather. It is secured with a popper. The key clips are in silver metal, a little dull from age but not tarnished. We have a very limited number of these in exotic skins, including zebra and antelope, so do ask in case you want something different but it is not listed.

    This would make a super little gift. Vintage unused crocodile skin and leather key wallets in brown or black. We have a very limited number of these key wallets which are very vintage but unused. They are items of deadstock from a store which recently closed after many decades and generations in business. They are in new condition with no damage, despite having been in storage, they are just a little dull but will be polished up before posting.

    They are all in similar condition and the same size. We think they would make an excellent gift. The outside is crocodile with the inside being lined in leather in the same colour as the crocodile on the outside. There is no brand name but they are quite solidly made with good crocodile skin. A super gift, vintage but new, of good quality and in crocodile skin which in the modern day tends to be a rare and expensive material for handbags and accessories.

    So make it snappy before they all go Please state which colour you would like, black or brown. Vintage Liberty of London large silk scarf in red, yellow and blue paisley with a navy border. This is a large paisley scarf from Liberty, dating from the early 90s we believe, which is in excellent condition displaying little evidence of wear. It came with a number of other Liberty scarves from a lady downsizing her collection.

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    From the large number in her collection it is unsurprising that most of them were hardly worn. This is in a classic paisley design, in much darker colours than is usually found in Liberty scarves. As stated it is in excellent condition, the odd small stress mark to the border on very close inspection but the silk is still crisp with the care label attached.

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