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  1. 5 questions to ask yourself before hooking up with your neighbor tonight
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  3. I Dated My Next Door Neighbor And Here’s What I Learned

There could be a reason your place was available for such a steal.

5 questions to ask yourself before hooking up with your neighbor tonight

Think about all the bad breakups and the woman that went absolutely bonkers by sending hate e-mails, egging your car, showing up at your office, and making your life an Oxygen-channel feature movie. Now imagine if that woman lived right next door. She can watch you all the time. She knows when you come and go.

About the Author

Otherwise, one of you is likely to get hurt. I also think you may be overthinking the neighbor thing. In this day and age, neighbors aren't such a big deal. If I don't get along with mine, odds are I'll hardly see them. Heck, most people don't even know their neighbors. You are not living together - if you're on good terms, you have easy access, and if things go south, it's really not so hard to avoid one another. Worst you'll have to deal with is a few minutes here or there. It could be uncomfortable if you don't make your thoughts clear ahead of time, but even then it's unlikely to really be that complicated.

I think they may have given a relationship between them a shot briefly, but it didn't last, and the casual "plan B" type of affair was more fitting for them, so they had to keep one another abreast of their respective personal lives so that they knew when the other was available or would no longer be, ie, when one of them had a date, when there was a second date, when it looked like it could be going somewhere, etc. End it now, be honest and tell her your apprehensions and that you value her more as a friend then as a warm body phrase it better then that.

Don't shit where you eat. I don't think this is the same poster , BobbyDigital. But to belabor the point, if you or your neighbor are of the maturity level where the expression "Don't shit where you eat" fills you with philosophical insight, it might be good advice.

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I think you have to treat this as any other relationship where the potential for blowback is very high because you will potentially be seeing a lot of each other post-breakup. This is how I met my wife. We were living in the same apartment building when we met. We started dating and soon traded in our studio apts for a single one bedroom. We've been married 13 years. If you are OK with seeing her exclusively it can work. If you want to date her and others, it will probably be a hassle. Also, if you date her exclusively, it will get like living together rather quickly.

I Dated My Next Door Neighbor And Here’s What I Learned

It worked for me and Mrs. Lots and lots of communication. That's the only way this will work out without a big shitfest at the end. I would sit down and talk with her about her expectations because like ThePinkSuperhero said, you have no idea what her expectations are unless they've been voiced. You're just assuming that she's on the same page as you. You're both going to have to put some jealousy issues away and be mature about it if you both decide to see other people as well. Whether you work on a 'code' or just walk into the building with another girl on your arm, the two of you 'will' know when some other person is there.

It's silly to think you can just ignore that part and pretend the two of you aren't seeing other people.


But you can be mature about it and not throw it in each other's face exactly what went on that night. I'm currently "seeing" someone in a physical sense who is also seeing someone else who isn't quite his girlfriend but it's pretty close. I had to spend a night with the two of them together and attempt to diffuse awkwardness all evening. You can contact me HERE. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. I want to share an email that I received this week: Take everything very, very slowly. Move about 3 times slower than you would in a standard dating situation.

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Plan dates away from your homes. Have him Set some ground rules. It will be quite difficult to maintain the autonomy you would usually have in a dating situation that is just beginning.