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Better accuracy of the aspect inflict more closely relations and more intensive energy cooperation between partners. Aspects of the and 90 — give some tensions eg between Gemini and Sagittarius , between Libra and Cancer — 90 , contradictions may arise between the partners. Close connection, when distance is near 0 degrees, — not bad, just little bit one-sided.

But in the case of stressfull aspects, a bounding between partners occures anyway, and anyway it create possibility to interact deeply. So, even in this case one can assume a good basis for comatibility, but in special way.

There is possible the important case — connection between the Sun and the Moon of partners. If a such connection exist it significantly increases the stability of the relationship and the possibility of marriage. Or it can means good business relations between two persons. All these data can be obtained by calculation of the planet position in horoscopes of both partners, using the date of birth.

Find out your compatibility

This script do horoscope of compatibility online, free of charge, automatically and anonymously. Our servers placed in the heart of Siberia, where the aura is clean from any pertubations and our computers deal with you case in quet, deep thinking mode even if the script code is not too complicated. Most oftenly people are interested in horoscope of compatibility to see does the love and passion is possible between them. Aspect - a stream of vibrations, which are exchanged planets, full of cosmic energy. This energy comes from all celestial bodies, mixes and merges in a harmonious aspect or hinders one another in a disharmonious aspect.

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On the aspects, it is possible to accurately determine possible changes and twists in fate. Select the date, time and place birth: Lunar calendar for january The moon and the position of the stars significantly affect the character, life, sometimes determine the fate and push for solutions. Therefore, finding the moon in this or that sign of the zodiac is able both to give good luck and happiness, and bring troubles and bitterness. To protect yourself and loved ones and avoid disagreements at work and in your personal life, watch the stars and control your destiny!

Horoscope of compatibility, calculation of synastry

Phases of the Moon for january The lunar month is 29 or 30 lunar days. During each month, the Moon passes through four phases, first in a new moon, then in the first quarter, the full moon, and in the last quarter. The phase change is connected with the fact that depending on the location of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, the magnitude of the moon's surface illuminated by the Sun changes. Natal birth chart online This is a personal horoscope, which is based on the time and place of birth of a person.