Why do black athletes dating white

Nashville Woman Reveals She Started Dating Her 58-Year-Old Boyfriend When She Was Just 17 Years Old

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May the Lord continue to bless you and your family! Trip, thank you so much for this. My wife had completely different upbringing. She moved to the Nati to be close to me. She moved there thinking she would not have to put up with, hear, or experience the things she went through growing up. Wow, were we both shocked! The things people would say to us in the mall, at the park, or just out to eat. We now have been married for 11 years have 4 beautiful children to show for it. We also now live in that same small rural town where she grew up.

The hate is less, but the looks are still there. Love, we just need to show everyone love. No matter the race or background of a person, God loves them, and we are to be like Christ, so we too should love them. Wonderful article Trip lee. Trip, you have a beautiful family, and I thank you for sharing your heart. Although my husband and I are both white, we grew up very differently.

He is a true country boy and self-proclaimed redneck. I have always felt more comfortable around black people, even as a small child. I was never opposed to marrying a white man, but my preferences were definitely geared toward men in the hip-hop culture. People often ask us how we ended up together, and most people are shocked to find out my husband is white. The List Relationship Resource Kit. I am Native American who grew up on a reservation and my husband is Mexican. We both grew up in different states yet we believed in the same Sovereign God who willed where he wanted us to serve HIM and made provision for us to meet.

We now live near the reservation in my home state. To come along side my husband as his helper to share the gospel to my own people. This was a great encouragement to me. Continue to do His work! Thank you for the songs and the truths you incorporate. Our family enjoys your music. Especially my teenage sons. I know 3 languages and learning a few more.

My best friend is black and her husband is arabian. It is amazing to see a mixture of races at churches and even in groups. At three months pregnant, God sent me a friend — a brown Indian man. We were both just starting our medical school careers. What I was about to do was crazy enough. When he told his parents about me they threatened to withdraw all support, his brothers refused to speak to me. After a year and a half we got married we are still in school, raising our son and still have people confused.

Heres to a real man. Heres to a very loving and gracious Father. I used to work in a hotel alongside Black men and while guests treated me with respect and believed I could do my job with excellence, they flipped the switch with my Black co-workers right in front of me. Can you handle this? Even though I do I will most likely marry outside my race simply because of my LOVE of adventure so like I said in the beginning, this point is just straight hypocritical.

At least you married yours for the right reasons.

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Thanks for the article! As a single black woman who loves God and seeks to live my life in a way that pleases him and reflects his love to others, I have prayed hard about this topic.

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The single men in the churches I have attended have mostly been non-black men. At times I feel like I am at the bottom of the totem pole, competing against the white, Asian and Hispanic women with long, flowing hair and features that I will never have. Even in looking through some of the Christian dating sites, I have noticed that a large percentage of the men with solid profiles indicate they are interested in pretty much all ethnicities except African-American.

Your article was encouraging to me and spot on. I will trust God to provide in all areas of my life, including my relationships. Many, many years ago when my oldest son was about 2, we were driving through a black section of town and he commented that all the people were black and asked why was everyone black.

I tried to explain that a long time ago people thought it was better if all the white people lived in one area and all the black people lived in one area. I love that you were so open and honest with this post. I feel like the act of interracial marriage and dating is a topic people need be more open to discuss because in every generation I feel as though people have an issue with it. I never had a preference on what race I dated. But, when my family found out I had a boyfriend and he was black, they were surprised. They were surprised because my immediate family has been living in a predominately white area for the past 10 years and they thought that would sway my relationships.

This was a very encouraging post. As an odd interracial couple we have faced much adversity, but the only thing that mattered was Christ and our bond in Christ through friendship to courtship and now in our marriage. I never really post on things like this but this post did speak to me and confirm my resolve in how I council others who are in pursuit of finding a spouse in their ethnicity.

I think this is an amazing story. I love how transparent you are because a lot of us try to hide things like wanting preferences, but i love how you said we have to submit them. I pray that God continues to show me things like this because I truly believe that it will help me to keep my heart and eyes on God and His Word and not just the appearance of the women around me. Than you for sharing your love story. Will definitely be sharing with them at https: We are still in our first year, but no regrets!

We have our fist child on the way and we love our little family. Like Trip Lee, I pictured myself marrying a woman of my own race I think its just natural. Thats the only race that I look at!! I remember when you and Jessica first started dating! This was a great blog and I think it may be freeing for many people as they choose to look at the heart of the person rather than the outer. My parents have issues with the fact that I find myself interested in guys of a different race.

Even though I have not always been interested in the most godly guys, there has been times when I was interested in a quite godly man, but because he was not white my parents completely dismissed and forbade any sort of relationship with them. I am definitely sharing this with them, hopefully this will open their eyes. Brother, words like interracial relationship should be taken out of our vocabs. There is only one human race.

Never saw it that way. They love to be closed in. We walk and talk and process things at different paces, and our families are really different, but we love each other, and God brought us together. Culturally, though, it takes adjusting for both of us. That, along with being equally yoked to serve the Lord, is what marriage is all about!

Glad you spoke up! Love you my brother. That is the most beautiful story………especially your wife…you guys are blessed. First and foremost, your music is beautiful and awe inspiring. I love the message you preach in each and every single song. Continue the wonderful talent God has given you! Interracial relationships and marriages are absolutely gorgeous. I am Caucasian, but have been attracted to African American men my whole life.

My family is very, very, very accepting of this. However, I pray that God sends me the right one, who has gentlemen and godlike qualities.

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I yearn for a man who says they love Christ more than they love me, respectful, and sweet. This has opened my eyes though to be open to all races instead of just black. God Bless both you and Jessica! This was a great article… i really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your stories and being so transparent.

The Lord is using you in so many wonderful ways! Wow, this article is awesome! Trip, you are a really good writer as well. I felt like I was reading a romance novel or something while reading your post. My girl friend and I are praying and waiting on the Lord for the next step. This post is kind of random, never really thought about it heck, I never even knew this page existed until today. The crazy thing is he actually does Christian rap—???? Anyway, continue to Love your wife like Christ Loves the Church…. Usually I do not read article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to take a look at and do so!

Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, very nice post. Same reason i married a white girl. Thank you for sharing. God bless you and your family brother. Praise The Lord, foreal tho. A Married Man HeadLine. Hey Trip, thanks for the excellent and thoughtful response to a difficult question. She was available and I was available and we saw the world in the same ways. I only dated and had married a black women who I married more for obligation child and cultural expectation than mutual interest.

Since I had no relationship with God aside from occasional church visits I believe I was ill prepared for marriage. While our skin color was the same we had very different values and after we separated and divorced God came into my broken heart to heal me. Our children and our church ministry will reflect the love of God for people from every walk of life.

Hey Trip, thanks for the excellent and thoughtful response to a difficult topic. In the past I had dated and married a black women out of obligation child and cultural expectation family than mutual affection. Since I had no relationship with God beyond church attendance, I was ill prepared for marriage. Our children and our church ministry will reflect the love of God for people from every walk of life and our desperate need for his grace.

We will pray for your family and please pray for us too. I hope to one day marry this girl. Is there anything to good read on this issue or any sort of advice? I am a single black woman and a predominately white university and this type of conversation always comes up amongst my circle of black girlfriends. Looks do matter and there are certain social contexts that may be misunderstood if the significant other was raised in a different ethnic culture, but these factors are not dealbreakers.

Your story is such a beautiful love story that I too hope to experience someday. Love is universal and transcends all ethnicities. We as Christians are supposed to love all even with our differences. Sometimes your soul mate, true match, life partner, and best friend is someone who is completely opposite of who you ever imagined yourself being with.


Social media star causing a backlash after blasting black men who only date white women

It makes me smile to hear that embrace how you were drawn to Jessica for the humble, compassionate, and God-fearing woman that she was and still is. Your union is a true testament that your shared faith in God transcends all differences. Hey, I feel you. I have Australian Aboriginal heritage and I always wanted to marry another Koori Aboriginal but because of culture and ancestral religions it made it very hard.

I ended up marrying a Anglo Red head. Blessed to know am not on the wrong track as I get close to the time I will make a choice on life partner! God bless you and your family in Jesus name it does not matter what raise you are it matters on how they treat you and you are the best pastor ever real. And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: According to the Song of Solomon 1: Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: I know who I am.

I would never do it, but it just speeds up the process, so that peace can inherit the Earth instead of what we are enduring now. I wish more people in interracial relationships expressed them9 in this manner versus having to put down other groups of people. In all honesty, the Lord has been working on my heart when it comes this subject.

However, some negative encounters with interracial couples and the current anti-black woman movement left me jaded. What I have to say is very sad.. I m from the eastern part of the world and my I married a white girl. We are getting divorce. My family doesnt wants to meet me and I never get adjusted in her family. She was the perfect women I can ever have, we are divorcing due to interracial issues..

My parents are sick and they want to visit US and they cant live with my wife. I am the head of the household so I have to takecare of my family backhome. That is very powerful, Encouraging and it open our eyes to see beyond our physical eyes because two people God unite them to Fulfil His purpose. I really could care less what ethnicity your wife is, but it is incredible to hear you address this or any issue with such humility and poise.

Thank you for seeking God first. By all accounts are words could be no truer, for a believer or not. To be more specific: I would physically love to be in the company of David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth, and Ben Affleck when single , but I have no desire to marry them; not when my heart desires the beauty, strength, character, and valor of the wonderfully-created black man! Had we remained in a world free from sin, this probably would not be a much concern, but in a world were such a beautifully-made human has been degraded, humiliated, chastised, disrespected, etc…I foresee no need not to complete my journey with him sent by Him.

It is a very great joy and blessing to my life, i and my husband have begin childless for 8years now due to my inability for me to give birth and it has resolves to problems everyday in my home,so i visited a female friend in Florida,and she came up with an idea of adopting a child which i never had in mind,and now i got no choice than to apply for a child and to my surprises everything went easily and today i am happy with the Hansom little boy Wisdom i adopted from the Inter country child adoption center.

This makes me very relief.

Why do black athletes marry white women?

That was a good decision to make. You never know when the right person comes around. No matter what race I will stick to that as an African American. I really appreciate this statement you gave. May God bless you and your family with many many more blessings in your life. Great to all of you who have married children of God. We should marry people who know how to love us and that WILL love us!

So, by choosing the wrong one sometimes, a child of God can be the wrong one for you , you might miss out on blessings that might only be unlocked with the right one. It avoids sin later because you may or may not get lucky, but He knows and your Christian journey is maximized! BMWF marriages in America: And the black man is enemy number 1!

Can you imagine if something happened to your loved one husband or child and wondering whether your family had something to do with it and not being able to prove it? Many of these things can be expected; but also, these couples have to deal with the things that other marriages have to deal with, too! Just ask king Solomon. Christian and satanism illuminati, freemasonry, and their other sects and ties. Be sure that God wants you there before entering, because God may use you to convert the person or someone else in your journey who will listen!

Man, I was soooooo hype! Your music has been so influential in my life. I pray that you continue to fight through your struggles and impact the kingdom! I am happy or you. I only kept my marriage to protect my kids future and God hates divorce. I live in a hell hoping to go to haven. Who are you trying to convince of your choice? If you truly picked your wife, because of GOD this article would not exist. Yes, I am sure there were plenty of Black Godly women that were just as amazing as the woman you chose. Your desire was for your wife.

Just stop trying to justify it, as it is ridiculous and condescending. I AM Guessing only comments that cosign your status get posted, but I will try again. You need to go to God and get in the word. I dont think you know what you are talking about cause you clearly missed the point of this. Im thinking you dont realize the purpose of him doing this is to help and encourage others with the same situation. The way you came off sounds like its of resentment or ignorance or maybe even prejudence itself because you think he trying to throw it in peoples face he is with a white woman and thats not the case.

It sounds like you mad he with a white girl period. I really enjoyed this article. My husband is white and I too grew up imagining myself with a black man. But God created me to be different. Even growing up I was the cool kid on the block, known as one of the fellas. Then in college the fellas title change when they thought I was cute. So I got blessed at I just pray the world can come together and know love has no color.

My Lil brother wife is Asian, married 9 years. My mom calls us her melting pot of love. I am a young black man myself, my wife, who is white, is seven year younger than I. We both love Christ deeply. As we truly believe that through prayers Christ gave us each other. We now are parents of four beautiful children in a blended family. I think the world view of interracial unions have been marred by the tapestry of prejudice, hate, many other wicked and evils things that have plagued the thoughts of mankind since our inception.

My wife and I have experienced this hatred first-hand from both our cultures and even others not our own. He Christ at those very moments hits us with Galatians 2: Does it make it easier to hear that? Not at all, they only reveal more questions like: How do I protect them from the hatred they see? When the bible says we are the light of the world, we truly are! And some may not comprehend that, but then you find the few who say to themselves: What you two have I want that! Your journey has just begun my brother and sister. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.

He will guide you so long as you never stop running to Him. There will be many obstacles I know for certain you probably have already experienced them living in the South.

But you are an example of the true beauty of our God, and Lord Jesus Christ. Bro, I so appreciate and respect you on this post. And truly it is about Kingdom purpose over preference. May our God continue to bless you, your wife and family! My brother in Christ. I am so blessed by this article. I am encouraged by your stance in your marriage but also your ministering truth. I do not feel that this article was needed. I have never seen a group of people feeling the need to justify the desire to marry white as I have seen in black people more specifically black men. I noticed that black people who date and marry non white groups do not justify why they married that non white person.

If they do, it is not to the degree that black people who married white. You just wanted to marry white and trying to bring God into that as a means to not seem like every this was so God ordained when this behavior predates slavery. If you want to date white okay but to write an article means there is something not settling in your spirit.

I agree with you, Trip Lee. I have come to know that the whole person is comprised of spirit, soul, and body. So we are spirit beings, with souls, and we live in a body. A man is a spirit-being. He has a soul emotions and thoughts and he lives in a physical body. That white or black skin that most people are always quick to identify is just a house where we live.

Mine is black, perhaps yours is black. God is creative, he knew that this earth was his canvas, and he could never paint it all white, or all black. The beauty of art is in the blend of colors, not just one. A cake contains a good amount of several ingredients including eggs, salt, sugar, etc. When they are blended together and baked, we get good cake out of that. Love that you wrote about this! Any ideas or hints? Below is the manuscript from that message. Watch as he walks through some of the chapters and gives a sneak peak at the content.

His passion for Jesus and this generation comes through loud and clear on every page. You can pre-order the book and find out more at Risebook. The aim at relevance in American culture is common. Expectations To be honest, I always expected to marry a black woman.

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Still a better love story than twilight. Naija parents can be tough on marriage.

Why Don’t Successful Black Men Date Black Women? Race, Stereotypes & America [Original]

But some dont care who u marry. I hear you Trip, good post. I wish I could marry a black woman! Thanks for the post! Really encouraged by your blog, inspired me to start my own! Hello Trip, You make a excellent point! Is there a private way in which we can discuss this issue, like me and u. There is no room in the gospel for racism. Stay Blessed brother and continue to be a blessing to others as well.

You need to come down to perform in London, UK some time!! Thanks for sharing that with your fans and giving encouragement. First time commenter here! Aw, but I wanted to marry you. Good for you anyway. Love the family pics. Thank you for posting this! I enjoy the honesty and transparency. God bless the both of you! Great post One caveat: I am Caucasian, and even I have seen every episode of Martin. Thankfully, God allowed me to grow in maturity before he brought my stunner to me. Thanks for your honesty!

Amen fam, glory to God for diversity grace and peace. Trip, I remember when you and Jessica first started dating! I agree trip lee I think that if you love her dearly and god approves I say why not I think it was Gods plan for you to meet Jessica! Btw I love your music trip lee.

Truth Sincere thanks for speaking up. WashingtonRedskins Lyndon Antonio Trail asked his followers "Why do black athletes marry white women? A post shared by Baller Alert balleralert on Mar 15, at 5: The full response generated a wave of reactions, outing and blasting the cat-fishing Dolphins' impostor for his views, while circling back to Trail for posing the question in the first place. The backlash got so severe that people wanted to know where Trail stood personally on the topic and if he actually agrees with "Maserati Rick.

James Conley III says the employees never apologized after they realized their mistake.