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What is tickrate?

  1. Understanding the Main difference between ESEA, FACEIT and CEVO
  2. tick Matchmaking Research
  3. Cs go matchmaking server 128 tick
  4. What is ESEA?

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What is required to get tick Valve matchmaking servers? Does Valve just need to fix some simple configs?

Understanding the Main difference between ESEA, FACEIT and CEVO

Or do they need to replace all servers with new ones? Whyyyyyyyyyy does this get asked every hour Valve has said they won't do tick due to MOST peoples pc performance and network connection won't be able handle tick properly giving someone a much higher advantage just for having a better rig. Anyone who says it's because of valve restrictions is talking out of their ass.

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Thanks, probably wouldn't have been able to find this again. It should go in the side bar to stop some of this nonsense. For real, this question comes up a million times and every time someone says it won't happen, everyone down votes them lol. So what will that cause, if 1 person in the match isn't up to par then the sever reloads them to a 64tick? That just doesn't make sense, it's easier to just put the tickrate in the middle ground.

People act like tick will turn them into gods and fix all the problems in CSGO when it's just not true.

tick Matchmaking Research

Play tick on ESEA or face it, you will still get burned on shots that should hit every now and then because of not so great hit boxes and RNG. Well you clearly know more about this then me lol, but correct me if I'm wrong, wouldn't the servers and the 64 ones be separate machines? Now, 16 milliseconds is a very small time period.

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  • Argument 2) 128 tick provides better hit registration.;
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  • What is Tickrate, and is it Really That Important? ยป Fynestuff.

Reducing this amount to 8 milliseconds per update would just be a waste of resources at this point and a fairly large waste, since it requires twice as much. There's not very many strong arguments as to why people demand tick, but here's a few common ones that come to mind note that none of these arguments have ever been backed up by any reasonable evidence other than "they can feel it":. This is an argument forged by people getting killed and then blaming that their bullets missed because they are used to "tick spray patterns".

The truth is that the spray patterns are the same. While this will always be technically true, nobody pays attention to just how much performance gain there is.

Cs go matchmaking server 128 tick

Source servers keep a small buffer of "where people were" for a default of 1 second behind the actual time. When "bullet" packets reach the server, the server examines the time that the packet was sent, applies the current latency of the client that it came from, and then looks in it's player buffer to see if the bullet actually hit anything.

For example, say the server receives a bullet that it determined should have hit milliseconds ago. On 64tick it would take ticks 9 and 10, and then interpolate around 9 milliseconds between them to determine the exact location of the player. With this system, tick will have little to no gain over 64 tick performance, while still requiring double the amount of resources. This may be cause anywhere between the client and the server with the packets sent or received being delayed by an unpredictable amount of time. This of course throws off how the server predicts when the shot happened.

B Poor server bandwidth. If packets are dropped, they will not reach the server and the server will not process certain events that the client is performing.

What is ESEA?

If a client had a constant stable latency, the server isn't choking, and no packets are dropped, hits would never fail to register. The client sees exactly what the server sees, but it is delayed by latency and distorted by packet loss. I will tell you for a fact that if the user input was limited to 32tick intervals, nobody would even be able to notice.