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TED Talk #1: “The Secret to Desire in a Long-Term Relationship” by Esther Perel

  1. The Top 10 TED Talks to Enhance Your Dating Life
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And for the benefit of her fellow lady geeks, she turned her story into a written memoir… Read more here. Amy was interviewed by Debbie Millman for the wildly popular Design Matters show. The conversation went well beyond data and dating… The entire epsiode is now available for streaming and download. Click here to listen.

The Top 10 TED Talks to Enhance Your Dating Life

Some of us begin to think that we have infinite opportunities and become lured by the prospect of bigger, better deals. Read the full story at Time. DATA is now being translated into three languages!

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Coming soon to Taiwan, Korea and Brazil! Ever heard of the saying: Tim Ferriss is the author of the Four Hour Workweek and many other great books.

John Hodgman

In this TED Talk, Tim tells stories about how to smash fear, which is basically the biggest hurdle to accomplishing anything in life. For instance, the fear of rejection keeps so many men single and lonely… while the fear of failure keeps so many men from becoming effective husbands, fathers, and leaders.

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  • Amy Webb’s TED talk.
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  • And the same question applies to the girls you meet and date. Do THEY know why they do what they do, and want what they want?

    • TED Talk #2: “Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid” by Guy Winch!
    • The Top 10 TED Talks to Enhance Your Dating Life.
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    • Tony explains the difference between 1 doing something because you need to, and 2 doing it because you WANT to… and goes deep into the biggest, most powerful motivations driving the happiest, most successful people on earth. Her laugh-out-loud TED Talk, about reverse engineering her online dating profile and, essentially, data-ing her way into her perfect relationship has gotten a lot of attention, including on The Frisky and Pop Sugar.

      Last night in the TED office, we held a salon all about spring cleaning — for your life.

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