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  1. You're Loving Big Girls All Wrong
  2. 9 dating tips for plus-size women that make size irrelevant | Revelist
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  4. Remember What Attracted You

There is nothing sexier then a man or woman that knows their value, is confident in themselves and shares their beautiful spirit with the world. There is so much more to you then your weight and let the singles out there know that in a positive, humble, alluring kind of way. Self-esteem and confidence are two great influences on your dating life.

Singles at any size struggle with confidence and low self-esteem but overweight daters can find themselves really struggling with these two. Learn how to develop and maintain your confidence and self-esteem. Do mental, emotional and physical exercises every day that will keep you healthy, full of confidence and build your self-esteem. Whether you are a size 2 or 22 or 32 or 58 if you do not truly love yourself and are at peace with who you are, then it is going to be incredibly challenging to find love and happiness.

You need to love yourself first, be confidence in who you are and have a good amount of self-esteem to find meaningful love and happiness.

When you shine for the world it notices and you attract many great things into your life. Two of those amazing things are love and happiness. Know that you not only deserve both but you are also worthy of them. Keep posting such kind of information on your site. I will certainly digg it and for my part recommend to my friends. It can be hard sometimes to keep up with article writing but I do get inspired when readers post a comment and share that they find my posts helpful.

It truly inspires me to write more.

You're Loving Big Girls All Wrong

Email will not be published required. Dating Tips for Overweight Singles Attraction can be a tricky thing and I am not going to pretend that when men and women are dating, or in general for that matter, that they 7 Dating tips for overweight singles. The following two tabs change content below. As a renowned coach and professional speaker I bring you practical and applicable strategies and solutions to the most common dating and relationship struggles. Date smarter, have stronger relationship and join me as we navigate the dating and relationship maze. I look forward to you coming back often and sharing in the conversations.

9 dating tips for plus-size women that make size irrelevant | Revelist

Cheers, — K Reply. In fact, many big women are very beautiful. Skinny white girls are not ideal of all men. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Thank you for adding to the conversation. I love plus size women. Thank you for your appreciation. Read These Latest Articles! Conversely, it's a mistake to believe that weight doesn't play a factor. How two people handle conflict is largely based on their personal experiences before and during the current relationship.

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The golden rule really is a 'one size fits all' when it comes to a relationship. Treat your partner how you would like to be treated:. When conflicts come up, focus on the problem and keeping dialogue open. Solutions to common relationship problems are a good place to start. No matter what you say to your partner, the reality is you are struggling to overcome societal conditioning on her perception of self.

There are healthy and unhealthy ways of addressing difficult discussion topics-including size. She wants to know if she looks good to you.

Remember What Attracted You

Tell her what you like or what you don't. Avoid the 'more of you to love' response. It doesn't always ring true with a woman, and it can sound condescending. Even if her weight isn't important to you, respect that it may be important to her. Be honest, you like her for her and what's important to her is what is important to you.


That doesn't mean fix it, it means telling her straight up that you want her for her. Your friends may not be the most sensitive when it comes to your choice of dates, ignore them. Don't let them bad mouth your date or you. While people can be cruel, letting them make fun of your date by calling her names or offering nasty comments should never be acceptable.

Remember, your friends do not have a say in your love life. While you may not want to issue an ultimatum, you may have to stay away from particularly cruel friends if you want your relationship with your plus-sized girl to work. This is a land mine-laced question, and no woman wants to hear about the woman before her no matter how much she asks. What she is looking for is validation of why you're with her.

Tell her you aren't comparing her to any woman before.


Ask if you can do something differently so she gets the validation she needs. Nothing is sexier than a guy who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to show the world how he feels. Hold her hand, look into her eyes, and make her feel like she's a million bucks. You can, and should, only focus on the woman you're with. Treat her like she's your number one.