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What started as a crude, swear-happy alternative to traditional animated television shows has since become one of the leading platforms for popular culture critiques. South Park, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, debuted on Comedy Central in to fairly poor ratings, but the show picked up steam in subsequent seasons and is now widely regarded as one of the best animated series of all-time.

In fact, it's hard to believe, but Parker and Stone have now produced 20 seasons and are contracted to produce new episodes through , meaning the show will trail only The Simpsons as the longest-running sitcom in American television history. The show prominently features four foul-mouthed fourth graders - Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, and Eric Cartman - but it's the secondary characters which provide most of the humor.

From Stan's dad to the teachers, counselors, and students at South Park Elementary to the political and law enforcement figures, there's no shortage of laughs in the imagined Colorado town. Like The Simpsons, it has done a masterful job of bringing the town which its main characters reside in to life through continued secondary character development.

Because of that, if you're a true South Park fan, you should have no trouble identifying these characters. This fourth grader is the only black child in South Park and is often hanging out with Craig and Clyde, though he has often been included in main story arcs alongside Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman. He's in the pilot episode of the series as a background character, while his first major role comes in the "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime " episode, in which Cartman is charged with a hate crime and sentenced to juvenile prison for throwing a rock at him.

A loving but stern suburban mother, this character is the receptionist at Tom's Rhinoplasty and has backed various movements in South Park such as the ban of Chinpokomon dolls. She is also often caught up in many of the fads that come to South Park, including holistic medicine and atheism, both of which are featured in the "Cherokee Hair Tampons" and the "Red Hot Catholic Love" episodes. Her first name is the same name as Trey Parker's mother, so if you by some chance happen to know her name, you'll have no trouble with this one. This fourth grader is best known as being the first girl in South Park Elementary to develop breasts.

In the "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society" episode, she essentially entrances the entire male population of the school with her chest, which leads her to become the most popular girl in Grade 4. She is good friends with Wendy Testaburger, but, in one episode, attempted to kill her with a handgun; instead, she misfired and hit Kenny. She is voiced by the show's supervising producer, Jennifer Howell. Prominently featured in early episodes, this soft-speaking character has a propensity for badness, or at least did in her past. She was revealed as a hermaphrodite in an early episode and was said to have had sexual relations with practically the entire town of South Park, including the Denver Broncos.

She's named after an ex-fiance of Trey Parker and her promiscuous nature isn't an accident; Parker called off the engagement after he discovered she had cheated on him multiple times. If you're unable to correctly answer this one, then perhaps this quiz isn't for you. One of the four main characters on the show, this is the one who, in early seasons, died in every single episode only to re-appear in the proceeding episodes with no explanation.

He was seemingly killed off for good in the fifth season, but returned a year later and has since only died sporadically; in the last couple seasons, he hasn't died once. He also has a lengthy rap sheet, having been arrested multiple times throughout the series. Another one of the four main fourth graders in the show, this character is best known for his religion and his adopted Canadian brother.

He's often displayed as being defensive about his religion - in part due to Eric Cartman's constant pestering and harassment - but it's clear he has mixed feelings on religion as a whole. Along with Stan Marsh, he's the voice of reason among the fourth graders and is one of the more level-headed students.

He's a talented basketball player and, in one particular episode, had surgery to become tall and black so he could make the all-star team. The mother of one of the fourth grade students, this character often expresses shock and outrage with the above quote and leads the charge against all things offensive and dangerous. The third of the four main characters in the show, this one is known for being the most crude, not just in his words, but his attitude toward people of different race, religion, and sexual orientation.

He's a whiny, needy, ignorant kid who, for the most part, is reluctantly accepted as a friend by Stan, Kyle, and Kenny. Unlike those three characters, however, he's mostly referred to as his last name. More than any other father in South Park, this one finds himself at the center of outlandish ventures. Despite being portrayed as a gullible, absent-minded simpleton, he's actually a geologist with a doctorate degree and, in recent seasons, has been revealed to have a side job as popular recording artist Lorde - yes, with the help of autotune and some lazy singing, he's the voice behind the worldwide recording artist.

He's also known to have an unhealthy addiction to masturbation, alcohol, and other vices. In one episode, he sought to intentionally give himself cancer so he could receive medicinal marijuana. This character is a jaded and uninterested fourth grade teacher at South Park Elementary who has been fired multiple times.

In early seasons, he's depicted as a homosexual who is angered by the fact his own father wouldn't molest him as a child. He later gets a sex change operation in season nine and becomes known as Janet, but eventually reverses the surgery and becomes a man again. Despite his sexuality, he has no problems making fun of gay people; in fact, his hatred of political correctness earned him the Republication nomination for president in season He was reluctantly elected president of the United States the following season, despite doing everything in his power to lose. This fourth grade character is first introduced in season two and is depicted as a frequent drinker of coffee and conspiracy theory pusher.

When Kenny appeared to be dead for good in season six, he was brought in as the eventual replacement for Stan, Kyle, and Cartman. However, when Kenny returned, he was pushed to background roles, although he still appears sporadically. He's incredibly prone to panic and is easily excitable, which often makes him a pawn in Cartman's plots. Voiced by Trey Parker, this fourth grader was first introduced in season four.

Kyle Steals Cartman's Girlfriend - South Park

He's confined to a wheelchair and the only word he can say is his first name, which he pronounces in a variation of ways depending on the situation. He once served as the front man of a successful band originally titled The Lords of The Underworld and has a super hero alter ego titled Iron Maiden. His parents, Richard and Helen, are revealed in the "T. I" episode to have the same physical disability as he does as well as the ability to only say their own names.

Originally a background character with no speaking lines, this character was prominently featured in the "Elementary School Musical" episode, when he replaces Stan as the fourth friend of the main group after Stan takes an interest in musicals to maintain his relationship with Wendy Testaburger. He has a lisp and is often criticized by the students at South Park Elementary - primarily Eric Cartman - for having diabetes one of his aliases is even Captain Diabetes.

He was once beat up by Butters Stotch, but the students appear to be close friends. Finally, the fourth of the main cast of friends in the show, this character might just be the most level-headed of them all he frequently sums up the lessons learned in the episode , although he often finds himself at the center of some controversies. He has been arrested for illegally downloading music and has committed mischief such as filing a false police report stating that his parents abused him and attempted to murder Eric Cartman.

He's in love with Wendy Testaburger and his super hero alter ego is the incredibly-lame Toolshed. This seventh grade character is depicted as an ill-tempered girl who, particularly in earlier seasons, beat up her younger brother. She is rarely seen with any friends her own age and, in one episode, is shown to have a year-old boyfriend. She has no self confidence due to the headgear she is forced to wear, which is the apparent reason why she continually takes out her anger on her younger brother.

Which character is this?

One of the several mentally-challenged students at South Park Elementary, this character debuted in the "Up the Down Steroid" episode in season eight in which he sold illegal steroids to Jimmy Valmer, who was participating in the Special Persons Olympics. He's not quite a regular character, but has appeared in additional episodes such as "Crippled Summer" and "Handicar," often accompanied by his much larger, but less diabolic lackey.

In season 19, he was made editor of the Super School Newspaper. The current principal of South Park Elementary, this character was introduced in the season 19 premiere as a boisterous, loud authority figure who ironically uses violence as a means to enact his politically-correct agenda.

What Would The Southpark Characters Think Of You

His appearance in the show was originally only planned for one episode, but Trey Parker and Matt Stone liked the character so much they decided to keep him. A guidance counselor at South Park Elementary and head of public health for South Park, this character is best known for his way of speaking, which often involves him saying "m'kay" at the end of sentences.

In fact, in South Park: Choksondik, but was eventually replaced by Mr. In one particular episode, it was revealed he had a hoarding disorder, though this was later cured by dream therapy. Their brand of humor is as crude as that of the boys in the show and, as suggested by the film title, their main source of humor is farting. The comedy duo is essentially Canadian royalty in the show and have even won a Nobel Peace Prize. One of them is even referenced as having dated Celine Dion in the past. The father of one of the students at South Park Elementary, this character is regarded as the poorest man in South Park and, as such, is a heavy alcoholic who is drunk most of the time.

He and his wife are often shown either verbally or physically abusing each other, though, when he is sober, they're very caring and loving toward each other. He used to work in a pizza factory as a teenager, but he currently has no job, aside from apparently running a meth lab with his wife, which would explain how he gets money to support his alcoholism.

This character wasn't originally part of the show when it debuted in , but he has since become one of the major characters in the series, thanks to his increased role in season six following the death of Kenny. He is the innocent and gullible friend of the boys, who is often exploited by Cartman in villainous plots which typically result in him being grounded by his parents. As innocent as he is, he launches his own evil plots through his super-villain alias of Professor Chaos, many of which had already been done on The Simpsons.

Like several of the characters on the show, this one was created as a one-time character but stuck around due to his popularity among fans and the show's creators. He debuted as a rival to Timmy Burch in the "Cripple Fight" episode, but the two have since become best friends. Despite his handicap, he's an eternally-optimistic, smart, and relatively popular student at South Park Elementary.

He is, however, extremely competitive, having once taken steroids to excel at the Special Persons Olympics. He's also a stand-up comedian who follows up his jokes with the phrase, "Wow, what a great audience. He's considered one of the least intelligent fourth graders at South Park Elementary, but has at one time dated Bebe Stevens, one of the more popular fourth graders in the school. He's one of the few students in the grade who seem to have a conscience, as evidenced by his unwillingness to participate in various plots.

In the "Mysterion Rises" episode, it was revealed that his superhero alter ego is Mosquito, a character easily defeated by Cartman. Arguably the most popular fourth grade girl, this character is the reason for Stan's frequent vomiting in earlier seasons as he is often nervous around her. She's one of the few characters at the school who seem to be able to stand up to Eric Cartman and, in one particular episode, severely beat him up, although this isn't much of an accomplishment as Cartman isn't regarded as physically strong. Like Stan, she is often a voice of reason in the show and appears very intelligent and aware of the problems in the world.

Though this character is married and has a son, he is shown as bi-curious in an early episode of the show. His homosexual activities almost lead to the destruction of his marriage, but he ultimately suppresses his urges and commits to his wife and family. Garrison, he appears homophobic at different instances throughout the show; he once sent his son to a Christian gay-to-straight conversion camp where they could "pray the gay away.

For the first six seasons of the show, this character was the only police officer in South Park and is primarily known for his ineptitude, though he does have his moments, primarily in the "Chickenlover" episode, when chaos overtook the city following his retirement. In a recent episode, he was fired by the force for shooting an unarmed six-year-old Latino boy, but was temporarily reinstated shortly after, only to be fired again for shooting innocent children pretending to be ninjas. Introduced as a stereotypical sort of mad scientist, this character's specialty is engineering animals with more than one buttocks.

He is responsible for making a four-assed monkey, four-assed mongoose, and four-assed ostrich, as well as a mix of a gorilla and mosquito and a mutant clone of Stan Marsh. The character is a parody of Marlon Brando's Dr. Moreau character in the film The Island of Dr.

In that episode, he comes to South Park Elementary to give a talk to the students, but is immediately laughed at by Cartman, who finds his diminutive stature he suffers from dwarfism hilarious. He eventually feuds with Cartman, who continues to laugh at him throughout the episode, until the two fight. Despite apparently owning a black belt in karate, he is beaten up by Cartman, but later catches him off guard with a kick to the groin. Before PC Principal was brought in as the new principal of South Park Elementary, it was this character who ran the chaotic school. Compared to the generally insane and reactionary townspeople of South Park, local cafeteria worker Chef actually has a solid head on his shoulders most of the time.

Not only does he impart good advice to the kids, but this Chef also lives up to his name as an incredible cook, preparing much better food than one would expect from a guy in an elementary school kitchen. What are they called? Never ones to shy away from controversy, Trey Parker and Matt Stone would rather dive headfirst into the subject. The first thing anyone needs to know about this brilliantly industrious miniature men is that phase three of their master plan is profit.

Because they recently started hanging out with the over caffeinated Tweek, the boys stay up late enough one night to catch these little criminals in the act, soon learning their master plan. What are they collecting?

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Theoretically speaking, the idea of happening upon a thought to be nonexistent species is an extremely exciting venture. That was initially the case when Cartman stumbled upon these weird duck-like creatures while camping with his friends. Who lives in the east near the willow tree? Despite how silly this person happens to be, his influence is nonetheless widespread, as literally everyone in South Park ends up suing literally everyone else after hearing his message about differentiating good touches from bad touches. Unfortunately, the poor mascot suffers in the end, as people can no longer afford to hire him after all the lawsuits.

What type of animal does he think he is? Far more than just a simple cafeteria cook, the boys in South Park eventually learn their buddy Chef is something of an international music sensation. Played by legendary soul singer Isaac Hayes, Chef was always prone to breaking into song when the mood struck, but little did the boys know, he was actually a close friend of singers like Ozzy Osbourne, Meat Loaf, and Elton John. To get around this, Trey Parker and Matt Stone created their own fictional versions of the world famous Pocket Monsters for their characters to obsess over the way the real world was doing with their Pokedexes.

Sure, the only reason they gave to an African charity was to receive the free watch promised in an ad. However, once a weird snafu involving Sally Struthers caused an Ethiopian child to show up instead, the boys took him in as a friend. On top of that, a gigantic war between man and turkeys happened to be underway, and they even let the poor kid take the bodies of the fallen soldiers home when it was over.

What does Cartman name him before that happens? This would be noble if not for the fact disabilities are almost always part of the joke in his appearances, with Cartman outright calling the poor kid names on a regular basis. Then again, young Timmy is also extremely successful despite his setbacks, able to operate a relatively normal life without speech and from his wheelchair.

At one point, he even becomes the front man for a band. Whether they would admit it or not, the boys of South Park are a creative bunch, always looking to express themselves artistically whenever the opportunity arises. Well, that and the fact they have to make a better show than those the kindergarteners.

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While this is initially fun for the remaining children, chaos soon ensues. Okay, so everybody watching South Park knew that Eric Cartman was a sadistic freak and an outright bully pretty much from day one. Naturally, this made the kid so popular, with audiences around the world laughing hysterically at his most offensive antics. Not one to disappointment, Cartman bolted past this point when he made a kid eat his own parents as revenge for selling him shaved pubic hair.

Living in Colorado, it was inevitable the boys of South Park would eventually go on a ski trip. Before long, Stan was pizzaing and French frying his way down a mountain to win the love of a girl he never met and save her favorite rec center. Where did the adventure take place? Fed up with the invasiveness of airport security after September 11th, he ever creative Mr.

Garrison knew there had to be a better way. Staring at a gyroscope while watching sexual music videos, inspiration struck, and soon the simple third grade teacher. In no time flat, he had finished his creation, which could safely and easily travel over miles per hour while getting miles to the gallon. There was only one catch in that the invention was ridiculously constructed, hard to control, and a little bit painful to use. What did he call his invention?

Bullied, picked on, and living a nightmare of a sham life with his insane parents, Butters is one of the saddest characters in all of South Park. Amazingly, though, Butters is able to put up with the abuse for a shockingly long time, so long as he gets to brush it all off in the end and eat at his favorite restaurant. Having snapped, Butters immediately descends into an evil alternate personality.

What does he call it? Turns out old Nessie is a master of disguise, able to hide her appearance in all sorts of shaggy dog stories that ultimately all end the same way: What could the Monster use? Included amongst the films they borrowed was one incredibly popular adventure film for the kids and another decidedly more adult piece of entertainment meant solely for Randy and Sharon to see.

Unfortunately, some snafu lead to the kids getting hold of the adult tape and unknowingly going on an epic journey to destroy its evil power. What film did they think it was, and thus were parodying? Things quickly spiraled from there, with this puppet gradually engaging in a wildly successful singing career and dating Ben Affleck until Cartman eventually killed her off. What did he name her? Regardless, what did Cartman call his band?

Despite their young age, the South Park boys eventually do become old enough to have girlfriends. In fact, Stan was in love with Wendy Testaburger, even though trying to talk to her made him throw up. Sadly, their love was not meant to be, their storied relationship ending in season seven. To help their friend get over the loss, the boys bring Stan to an establishment where girls wearing inappropriately tight dote on the costumers. As a side effect, Butters falls in love with one of the waitresses, not realizing she just wanted his money. What was the restaurant called?

The first problem made by the South Park boys parents in signing them up for baseball was thinking the kids had any interest in sports. After being forced to play, the South Park Cows tried intentionally losing their games, only to learn literally every other little league baseball team in town was doing the same thing.

Until, that is, he encountered an even bigger, drunker jerk who briefly scared him away. No matter how crazy the adventures of Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman get, being cartoons means they never actually have to grow up. Unfortunately, some jerk in their game world is going around killing all other players before they can do anything, forcing them to spend weeks grinding levels and growing obese just so their characters can stand a chance at survival.

With which game do they become obsessed? All of the boys in South Park have various issues in life that made them who they were, and none seem worse of than Eric Cartman. Even the painfully poor Kenny has two loving parents, while Cartman only has one overbearing mother who raises him to be as lazy and worthless as possible.

Eventually, the desire grows so strong Cartman hires someone in town to help answer his mystery. What does he call this strange monster? Still, the extents of their carelessness towards the hereafter were seriously pushed to the limits during the first Halloween episode, when almost everyone in town turned into a zombie. It all began when Kenny died yet again, and the embalming fluid at his morgue mixed with Worcestershire sauce. Lacking a competent doctor, though, his zombie status was diagnosed as something else. Before there was South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone learned their first lessons about story writing with two shorts called Jesus vs.

Frosty and Jesus vs. Before long, the Dark One challenges the Holy One to a boxing match, and the fate of South Park seems to be in the balance. Always ready to tribute their influences, South Park once dedicated an entire episode to how The Simpsons had already beaten them to a bunch of brilliant jokes and ideas.

Well before that, they also gave a nod to Scooby-Doo and his Mystery Machine in one of their most memorable Halloween stories. Never underestimate just how stupid the people of South Park can be.

Only Someone Worse Than Cartman Would Fail This South Park Quiz

Take for example the time Cartman put a few cardboard boxes over his head and started pretending he was a robot named A. Obviously, Butters fell for it, but the dozens of Hollywood executives who also bought he was an actual machine were even dumber. What nation is their enemy? We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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