Dating my university tutor

Harvard officially bans sex between undergraduate students and teachers

  1. I [f23] am crushing hard on my tutor [m22?]. How do I start anything with him? : AskMen
  2. Dear Coleen: My affair with my university tutor is about to be exposed

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  • Dating my university tutor!
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I was a tutor at my university and they took the tutor-student relationship pretty seriously, since a lot of students won't listen unless they feel like you have some sort of authority over them. I like my best friend but she has a boyfriend page 1 of 1: The community of university lecturers is not that large and his reputation as a pillow-tutor will follow him however, if he discloses the relationship and suitable alternative arrangements are made for your tutorials and lectures, then he should be safe.

I [f23] am crushing hard on my tutor [m22?]. How do I start anything with him? : AskMen

Breaking new ground for women at the tshwane university of technology, prof bongazana dondolo 47 just became the first south african born, black female academic to be inaugurated as a full professor at tut. Toggle navigation Sign In Register.

Dating my university tutor Most likely, if you get into a relationship with your tutor or lecturer, it will implode at some point, and you'll have to endure the awkwardness and pain of forced contact with an ex who still. I'm looking for Man.

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He also let me hand in my next assignment a day late during his office hours and when he looked at my essay and realized the formatting was wrong, he told me I could edit it and hand it in the next day it was already a day late. Also, he knew my name by the second class and it didn't seem like he addressed anyone else in the class by theirs. There are people in my course that he's tutoring so I am surprised that he remembered. I have never ever ever ever asked a guy out, let alone a guy that I'm not even sure is interested in me.

Dear Coleen: My affair with my university tutor is about to be exposed

Should I wait until the last week of semester then ask him to a coffee? Am I completely reading too much into him being friendly, making lots of eye contact, and being thoughtful? Share Share this post on Digg Del. Last edited by janinenm; 12th September at 6: Forgot to mention - I am not just attracted to him because he is physically attractive. At first when I met him I thought he was kind of scruffy looking and not to my usual taste in men albeit overall still good looking.

But as I got to know him, he's very witty and extremely intelligent and passionate, and that's how I'm at this hopeless stage where I can barely concentrate in classes with him. If you do and they say yes it could harm their career. Perhaps not officially but there are allot of unoffical ways to ruin a academic career.


When they love you, they think you are more exciting than you really are! I understand the risk of it affecting his reputation at the university. However, there's nothing against postgraduate and undergraduate students dating - if I waited until he was no longer my course adviser once I finish this paper in four weeks, is it more acceptable to ask him out then?

The thing is I'm not even certain that he's actually single: S I haven't asked because I think it'd appear really forward of me.

Finding Out Your Daughter Is Dating Her Uni Tutor! - Hang Ups

I don't have a chance to speak to him alone unless it's his office hours. I do have his email address but emailing to ask someone out seems kinda lame. He's making your schooling easier, why screw it up! If he's doing this, he's probably done it before so don't be quite so naive All times are GMT The time now is 6: