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My daughter is 4 and hasn't seen her donor since she was a baby. He has also shacked up with a homely chick who knows he treats his child like this yet still sticks around. Apr 29, 8. Some men can be such manipulative bastards. He'll get what's coming to him. Apr 29, 9.

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Were you dating my ex-husband? He had children before we were married and what attracted me to him was his story about being estranged from his children that he loved so dearly because of bitter mothers and their actions at times made it believable but after we divorced he abandoned our children and married a woman with two that he takes care of??? You can misjudge folks initially but their patterns will eventually reveal themselves Good Luck To You!!! Apr 29, Nope and will never date one. May 2, Yall stories are scary as hell. These kneegrows out here are so pitiful and disgusting.

May 7, For some reason, deadbeat fathers always seem to get the good woman. When I know a man has kids, I always ask questions. If I never hear of him going visit his kids or them being over I ask y. If there isn't a real excuse there aren't many then I don't deal with him.

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If a woman is always in the streets, away from her kids, or don't take care of them, then I cant deal with her. I don't want to be in a relationship or friends with a person who cant take care of their responsibilities. Stay away from dead beats. If you get caught up with one you may end up being his next victim. I hate when chicks get with a guy and think he will be any better to you than he was to his last girl. I have a friend who had kids by a guy that was a dead beat to his other kids Then when he pulled the same stunt with her kids she was shocked.

When someone shows you who they are believe them.

Dating Deadbeat dads

May 8, I think it's borderline pathological to make a child and not care about them. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Even if he has a huge commitment the next day, he doesn't care. He'd rather have fun in the moment and then do his best to avoid the consequences the next day. He drinks too much, he smokes too much, and he always makes terrible decisions while under the influence. He's unable to enjoy a single glass of wine. Instead, he has to have a six pack of bud light.

He thinks of himself as rebellious and free-spirited but you see it as cliche, unattractive and played out. He's still living the same way he lived when he was in college even though he graduated maybe years ago. So, you accidentally bought his little game and didn't realize how much of a deadbeat he truly was until after you fell in love with him.

Dating a Deadbeat Dad

And, now that you're in a serious relationship with him, you're starting to understand just how twisted his thought process can be at times. For example, you've been going above and beyond at work. You really want a raise and you see an opportunity to get one. To impress your bosses, you start staying at work later, going in earlier, and even finishing work at home in your own time.

15 Signs You're Dating A Deadbeat | TheTalko

What does he do? Because he's so unhappy with where he is in his life, he can't handle other people getting ahead, especially not those closest to him. Your friends are working, successful individuals with goals, motivation, and hope for the future. His friends, however, are exactly like him. His best friends still live in their parent's basements, they work low paying jobs with zero prospect, and drink their nights away.

Like him, his friends have a negative outlook on the world and do not understand that in order to get ahead, you have to put the work in. Whenever you hang out with him and his friends, you always feel terrible afterward because all they do is complain, talk about depressing things and bring each other down. For one reason or another, you do not trust his friends and would never hang out with them if it wasn't for your boyfriend's sake.

If you bring your friends around his friends, it seems as if they make an excuse to leave at the first chance they get.

Denise Garcia Says Lonzo Ball Is A Deadbeat Dad To Their Daughter Zoey Ball On Instagram Live

You have been with him since you were college and now, you are in your mid-twenties. Whether he went to school with you or not, you got along really well when you were in college as you were both trying to figure yourselves out. Now, though, it seems as if you have figured out a lot more about yourself than he has. But you notice he hasn't really made an effort to figure himself out.

While you have been growing and evolving as a person, he has been staying exactly the same. He still works the same dead end job, hangs out at the same dingy bars, and struggles with the same issues he always had. For example, if he hates his boss, he is hated his boss for years and has done nothing about it. He listens to the same music, watches the same television shows, and tells the same stories about his childhood that you have heard a million times. One of the main things you want out of your relationship is someone who is there for you, who supports you, and makes you feel good.

When you go to work, you feel productive and accomplished because your colleagues are supportive and motivated.

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When you hang out with your friends, you always leave in a better mood than when you arrived as your friends are uplifting and happy individuals. Whenever you are around him, though, it seems as though you always feel terrible about yourself. Because he is always in a bad mood and makes you think that it is your fault. If you are ever feeling scared or anxious about the future, he does not make you feel better, he just adds to your fear.

He does not push you to be the best version of yourself, he prevents you from becoming that person by projecting his insecurities and weaknesses onto you. If you ask him to do something, like change a light bulb or put away the clean dishes, you know it won't get done unless you do it yourself. If he's unemployed and you suggest he starts applying to jobs, he says, "I'll do it tomorrow," but you know he won't. Instead, he'll spend hours playing video games or go out with his friends.

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If you want to have a serious discussion and start talking to him, he says things like, "can we talk about this later? He's never the first person to take initiative for any aspect of his life. In fact, he's the last. It seems as though it takes him ten times longer to accomplish simple tasks than anyone you've ever met. He puts off doctors appointments, paying his bills, or taking care of his car. He even has a hard time returning important phone calls. You have been with him for a long time. So long that you are at the point where you are thinking, "I am either going to marry this person or get out now before it is too late.

If you say, "are we ever going to get married? You can never get a straight response out of him. He is completely noncommittal. Because he cannot even plan a day in advance let alone years. And, he is like this with everyone and everything. The thought of being tied to something for an extended period of time completely freaks him out. He would never sign a contract or make a long term commitment to something.

In fact, he can't even commit to attending a weekend BBQ three days in advance. If he has a car, he doesn't take care of it. He doesn't believe that cars need regular check-ups and waits until his car is broken down to take it to the shop. Or, he might just ditch his car and leave it on the side of the road for someone else to take care of.

If he rents an apartment, it is always a complete and utter disaster. If he gets a fancy watch as a present, he loses it within a week. If he borrows something from a friend, he returns it in worse condition than when he borrowed it. If he had a child with another woman before you met him, he is hardly in the child's life and doesn't pay child support. He doesn't understand that his actions have consequences or the idea that he has to take care of things that belong to him. If you ask him what he would like to do with his life, he wouldn't be able to give you a straight answer. Sure, he may have an idea of what he'd like to do but he's already convinced himself that it's not possible so he doesn't bother talking about it.

In fact, he spends hours trying not to think about it. If you ask him whether he'd like to settle down someday or have a family, he says that he's not sure. Instead of taking control of his future, he lets his future take control of him. He's one of those people that simply allows life to happen to him, even if it's not what he wants. He's in a constant state of fear because he thinks so lowly of himself. Therefore, he truly believes he's undeserving of his deepest wants and needs so he doesn't even acknowledge them.

Like you, your friends and family members know you deserve better than him. However, at first, they tried their best to be supportive and accept him for who he is. After a while, though, they sort of gave up as they could not understand what you saw in him and did not like seeing you so unhappy. Can you really blame them? Time and time again, they hinted you should leave him and suggested he might not be the right person for you. Of course, it made you angry probably because you knew they were right and did not want to admit it yourself , so you simply stopped telling them things about him and your relationship with him.

As much as you tried to convince yourself they thought poorly of him because they did not "understand" him, you know that it is because you are embarrassed by certain aspects of your relationship.

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