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You guys have a seven year age gap wich is not a lot but right now it is. It much different than you being 21 and him being As mature as you are for your age, your still a teen and he is a young man.

  • 23 year old guy dating a 16 year old girl a problem? | Yahoo Answers;
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I also feel like his age might be a bit intimidating for you and that might cause a problem later on. And if your relationship doesnt work out, you will be quite devestated and he will get over it pretty quick. Think before you jump. And have been will they go out chuck E cheese's. Sorry to be so advise yet i've got been there and no solid can from this. Im a mom now and that i could never enable my women date a guy of that age. I even have 2 14 year previous women.

Please purely be there for her no remember the out come. If an adult is dating a child, then he has a fetish for dating children. He's using you and probably just likes you because you're young. Because the younger you are the more naive you are. And older men know it. That's why they have more interest in you. He just wants you because your womanly parts are tighter than most women in their twenties. I won't judge you, but he could end up in prison, because that's illegal.

There should be a clear age of consent, whereby one can choose their own sexual partners.

I dated an older guy when I was only 16 - STORYTIME

Then, even if she were years-old, it's their business. It's not clear in the U. In many states, it's 16 or It's also not clear in most countries,, where it's less than BTW, in my state, it's 16, provided the partner is within three years of the younger person. So, again, it's not clear and leads to all kinds of false statutory rape concerns.

I'm a year-old woman and wouldn't date a year-old under any circumstances. That's illegal in a lot of states and genuinely disturbing besides. I imagine anyone who isn't a male friend will see it as weird. I doubt the rest of the family is too thrilled. I think she's cruising for a statutory rape charge. And if she's asking you to join them? There is obviously something wrong with her. Between the ages of 16 and 23, I grew up a lot. Even at 24, talking to a girl at 18, we were just so far apart mentally. But I'd really wonder what sort of girl who'd be into that sort of thing. I mean that in the most literal way.

The chances that a college graduate would have enough in common with a highschool student to be romantically interested in them are pretty damned slim. I'd have to assume that the girl has something wrong with her, emotionally, and is some sort of "crazy. For me age is a heuristic for maturity.

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Your brother's relationship makes me think that he's either very mature for his age, she's very immature for her age or both. They're on two completely different paths in life. He's probably in high school right now while she's finishing college. Experience-wise, they're worlds apart. And thats not even considering the legal aspects.

If I were the 16 year old dude I'd probably be stoked. From an outside perspective it seems predatory and unhealthy. As a 22 year old woman I'd find the idea of dating a teenage boy disgusting. Like no grown woman in her right mind would do that. Surprisingly many people don't know what the term 'rape' and 'predator' mean. What would you call it, assuming the kid is under the age of consent as he would be in some jurisdictions? Maybe "theft of services" like they used to say on FARK? There's a difference between legal consent and actual consent, and even though "rape" does have a legal definition, we shouldn't throw around legal definitions as accusations that we know will have harsh social repercussions.

Even if OP's brother lived in a state where a twenty-something woman having sex with a sixteen-year-old boy was liable for statutory, she wouldn't be treated anywhere nearly as harshly as a twenty-something man with a sixteen-year-old girl.


16 year old dating a 23 year old? | Yahoo Answers

And the people who think that way are sad, sad people who need to learn to detach themselves from old school gender roles. Rather than trying to treat women just as bad as we treat men, we should be looking to treat men better than they're currently treated. It doesn't serve any purpose, aside from your own misguided sense of justice, to try to create "equality" by treating everybody like shit.

While I agree that this isn't legally rape, I think someone much older sleeping with a sixteen year old is sketchy as fuck. There are ethical and moral issues beyond legality. They are still together and bloody happy. Being able to consent is not as black and white as the laws make it to be. That it's odd, but ultimately not my place to make her decisions. I sure as hell wouldn't be running around accusing innocent parties of committing felonies because I'm uncomfortable. It's not that I'm uncomfortable.

It's that I legitimately do not believe that a sixteen year old has the ability to consent to a relationship with a twenty three year old. When you were sixteen, how equipped were you to make decisions about your health and well being that could affect you for the rest of your life? If you believe you were perfectly capable of making major life decisions at sixteen, how old are you now?

Absolutely, I'm 26 now. Yes I think 16 year old me was absolutely capable of consenting to a relationship with a 23 year old. But I was less informed, less capable of forethought at 17, 18, 21, 23, and 25 than I am now. So when is it ok for me to start making decisions for my own body, 26? I was given my drivers license at 16, tell me that isn't something that can have a lifelong impact in my health.

At 16 I was able to have sex with other people, you're telling me that can't have lifelong impact? At 16 I was legally capable and responsible for handling firearms on my own, that can definitely have lifelong health impacts. Pretend you have the power. You tell me exactly what ages it's ok for people to have sex with each other. Do you believe a 18 year old legitimately can match the life experience and is equipped to date a 30 year old, how about a 40 year old?

Should we bar 18 year olds from dating who they want? That relationship probably isn't perfectly balanced, is that 25 year old capable of making decisions about their health? What exactly is your arbitrary line, because don't mistake it's anything other than arbitrary?

And how did you come to that conclusion? I knew a girl in school who had a relationship with that age gap, just with the genders reversed.

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He had come back from finishing university and he was with someone not even out of secondary school. We all thought he was a creep. This woman should be judged accordingly. Something extremely unhealthy about the girl. Either borderline pedophile, severe self-esteem issues, or completely clueless on social norms. As an outsider, one of my eyebrows is very high.

If I were an insider, I'd be advising to stay my distance, and probably searching for other huge red flags. She's a size-queen and he's packing the right equipment, or C. She's just his fetish which can seem a lot like D. They genuinely just have all of the positive things people want in a relationship and in their attraction to their partners. I've been with my girlfriend for 7 years now. I'm 24 years old, she's I'll leave the math and my opinion to you.

This is completely different from an underage teenager though. Sure, the absolute age difference is comparable, but a 16 year old kid and a 23 year old man are completely different beasts, and it is ridiculous to act otherwise. The age of consent in a lot of places is 16, so in my eyes is not that different at all to , especially since there is the exact same amount of years between them. It seems like most 16 year olds are probably mature enough to at least understand the general consequences of their actions, but on the other hand they're at a point where they can probably be coerced into it easily.

What would you think about the same situation reversed in gender? It's anywhere from dumb to crazy and all kinds of creepy in between.

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  • 23 year old guy dating a 16 year old girl a problem?.

Either she ain't right in the head or else he has the smoothest game ever. Teammate of mine in high school was dating a 23 year old stripper when he was That being said, it's only a problem in general if it's a problem to him. Keep an ear to the ground and make sure to check on his well-being periodically.

16 year old dating a 23 year old?

As a 19 year old guy that dated a 27 year old girl, it's fine really. If anything, be happy for your brother because the sex is most likely going to be pretty great. I dated a 19 year old when I was 26 I'm a woman but only because I thought and was told he was Even though he was legal, it was just And felt very, very, very wrong. I can imagine the age disparity would have been different if I was 37 and him But still, different places in life.

Morality around age differences in relationships is complicated because men and women are different in ways that cannot and should not be expressed in legal terminology. For a guy to start his sexual career with a more mature woman who can show him the ropes is a pretty lucky break. There are some cult communes that would actually facilitate stuff like that back during the 's religious revival. The age of consent is 16 but I doubt that was made for creeps who wait until the second teens become "legal" to jump on them and take advantage of them.

I don't understand the second part of your comment, a lot of stuff was done back in past centuries that we don't do anymore, that doesn't really give any credence to the argument. Well, then it follows there's a lot of stuff we do now that people won't do in the future, doesn't it? You cannot fall into the trap of thinking that there is a linear progress to human culture. During the enlightenment, many Greek philosophical principles were reclaimed and it was thought of as a reclaiming of progress. The USA was founded on these principles but by this point, many people in this country either take them for granted or find them to be antiquated and invalid because they were written by slave owners which is another thing people would not find to be immoral if not for relatively recent historical actions by English political groups.

Human sexuality was not written by philosophers and lawmakers to have simple right and wrong. It's natural and it's different for anybody. This is the presentist part of your thinking. If age of consent didn't exist as a concept, would everyone become pedophiles?

People would date who they liked when they were ready. It's the way we're wired. I don't think the homosexuality that exists in todays world can be compared to how it worked in the time Greeks and Romans but anyway that's beside the point. All I mean is, is that the guys who wait for girls to turn 16 so they can fuck them probably also would fuck 14 and 15 year old girls.

Girls start to look like women at puberty but they are still children. Those men are attracted to the way they look though not their maturity. They are almost always too young to be having sex which makes those relationships harmful. Oftentimes consent laws only apply to partners within 5 years of the minor's age. I don't know if your jurisdiction has this requirement but if so, she falls outside this and could stumble into some legal trouble. Sounds like she's a pedophile.

If 16 is below the age of consent for your area, then this is statutory rape. If not, it's still creepy. Convey that concern to him, make sure he knows there's a good chance he's being taken for a ride. Otherwise, let him bask in the glory. Jailbait jokes aside, there's got to be something wrong with her in order to even consider it. I was 17, my "gf" was It was great the few months that it lasted, till she dumped me; and then I was devastated and heartbroken for a few years.

That's extremely strange to me. Either she's got something wrong with her, or he's exceptional somehow. His hormone levels haven't settled yet, he's still learning and adapting and stuff like that. Besides legally, she's in a whole other level maturity-wise than him. That goes double seeing as she just finished college while he's in high school. Legally wise, she's dating and possibly having sex with a minor and has expressed interest in having sex with another you.

That makes her a statutory rapist. Ok, the fact that she wanted your twin brother and you to engage in a threesome is enough of a red flag to know there's something wrong with this girl. Someone who is just openly okay with incest.. Also, if a 23 year old man was dating a 16 year old girl, he would be a sex offender. Try to think about it that way. I know the stigma is that your brother should be considered something special for getting with an older person, but it's bizarre to be in that situation.

I look back on high school photos of girls and wonder how the hell I was ever attracted to that. I don't find children sexually appealing. Your sexuality is meant to mature the way you do as a person with age. As long as both sides are consensual about the relationship and they are happy, then I don't mind.

And hey, about that last sentence maybe she's a bit kinky and likes threeways. She could become a registered sex offender. Good for him, but she's probably not the kind of person your brother should be hanging around. It's an unbalanced relationship with that age difference, and frankly slightly paedophilia-ish.


I say gross and inappropriate. I'm no expert, but usually women are sexual predators for different reasons, which is what this woman is, even if it's legal. There's no reason why it must be Fundamentally Wrong though this may be illegal! Just switch the roles. How would everyone here feel if this story read: The equation for socially acceptab;e age is the older persons age rounded up if odd divided by 2 plus 7. I had a friend who got involved with a mid's woman when he was At 18, he left home and moved in with her.

It lasted a few years, then he left her. It wasn't the end of the world. As a geeky boy who never got the attention of girls, it was his way of getting the sex and affection we all desire. I had no reason to judge him, or her. Since you're gay, you can't necessarily appreciate what your brother is going through. You won't see in her what he sees. Try to judge the situation on an objective basis.

If the woman nice? Does she and your brother spend quality non-sex time together? Does she make your brother happy? Does she fit into the family and social situation? Does your brother feel comfortable in her world? If so, don't worry about it. If not, then you have something to talk about with your brother besides "eeeew! She'll get bored with him eventually. Just be a good bro and help him through his time of turmoil once he reaches it. No "I told you so"s. Nobody wants to hear that. Not in this state, 16 is the age were teenagers are capable to legally consent to sex with adults.

It's a little strange, but legal in many areas and I don't see anything inherently wrong with it. When I was 16, I had a small crush on a woman in her early twenties. And don't come to me with "genders switched", I'd say the same thing. Yes, the older one could be a creep, but doesn't have to be. I was dating a 23 year old when I was In retrospect she was super weird in ways I was too inexperienced to pick up on or dumb enough to think I could fix. Like, severe mental problems weird. I'm 20 years old and I wouldn't even consider dating a 16 year old. I definitely consider it weird that a 23 year old would be dating a 16 year old teenager.

As a society we've agreed upon what is acceptable and what isn't. I don't think it's right to fuck a mentally challenged person regardless of how much older than you they are. I always ask why they aren't with someone their own age? The age difference isn't small especially proportionally but it isn't necessarily significant. I was in highschool, she was in college so it was still a somewhat similar lifestyle, we were both into the same stuff, had a lot of common friends, it worked just like any other relationship, there was no imbalance in "power" and there was mutual respect throughout.

It was honestly a lot more like the relationships i would later have in my twenties than the other relationships i had throughout highschool in terms of drama and "stability". More than a decade later we're still friends, though we don't get in touch that often, and i can definitely say after so much time knowing here she's pretty normal.

It wasn't a fetish for younger guys not that there was any indication of this at the time , she was pretty hot and it's more than fair to say that if she would have wanted to date younger guys she could have, but her following relationships were pretty "typical", a year or two this way or that way in difference. Maybe your brother's girlfriend is also a normal person who likes somebody who happens to be significantly younger, maybe she gets off on the innocence of young boys. My point is that the age difference itself doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Oh, and a sidenote, some people like to "collect" first experiences. This isn't some disturbing kink, i think most guys feel good about themselves when a girls does X for the first time and it's with them, there are women like that too and that might play a significant part of it. Nope nope nope nope nope. Do whatever blows your hair back, but sixteen year-old guys are morons, so any twenty-three year-old woman who dates one must also be a moron.

Which is fine, but in many cases, the guy is a moron simply because he's sixteen, and its a transient symptom of adolescence, like acne. A grown-ass woman who dates him is likely to be a moron by nature.