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They have beautiful, healthy bodies, they are active and smart and wealthy and kind and worldly. I'm really questioning this guy's priorities. Not to say younger women don't have any of these things.

You’re Such a Liar!

But what they don't have is commonality with Mr. I have interviewed dozens of men over 40 who want to date women their own age for reasons that include:. I find that so many men these days care less about a number and more about wisdom, life experience and common interests. I also have to say, people who lie about their age in online dating aren't very smart. Don't they realize that almost all outcomes will be bad? The person they lied to could see them in person for the first time and know they are lying immediately, and that might be the end right there. Or, let's say the liar and his or her date hit it off and start seeing each other regularly.

The liar is going to have to come clean at some point. When they do, do they think the person they lied to is just going to say, "Oh, that's OK. The red flag will immediately go up, respect will be lost, and the person will wonder what else the oldie isn't telling them. The other downside of lying about your age in online dating is that you are really lying about who you are.

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While we all want to say "age is just a number," and I do believe that how old we are really is a part of who we are. I can say that while in my core I've always been the same person, I am very different at age 51 than I was at 21, 31 or even Although no one likes getting old, aging is a beautiful thing because with every birthday we gain experience and wisdom and empathy. We become better people. We make mistakes and we learn from them. So if you think about it, we just keep getting better and better the older we get.

I do want to say that I know a lot of happy couples with big age differences, including my parents, who are 12 years apart and who have been together for 57 years. But, what sets these couples apart is that their spouse didn't lie about his or her age.

Are You Lying To Women Online?

The person knew the age up front. So, the relationship started out authentically. Online dating has its benefits and it is still the number one way men and women meet, connect and find love. A married person can have a profile status that states he or she is single.

  1. Love Essentially: Why lying about your age in online dating is silly.
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  4. You're Such a Liar! - So, We Met Online.

He told me this because he has a year-old son, and he figured I might be suspicious. He had lied by six years, which is not a small number, presumably to get dates with women in their early 30s, as I was.

Love Essentially: Why lying about your age in online dating is silly - Lake Zurich Courier

People lie for all different reasons: When it comes down to it, the main reason people lie is a lack of confidence. I would have encouraged the groom in the article to write to anyone he wanted, even if her height minimum was taller than his stature, but to be up front about it.

Ask Steve - Why do guys lie on their online dating profiles?

People prefer to cite a one-off story like the one of this couple and use it as a precedent to condone lying—and do it themselves—rather than the hundreds of stories like mine where the lie, or lies, far outweigh the desire to see the person behind the lies. Second, if everyone went around robbing banks, does that give you the go-ahead to rob a bank, too? In the end, though, lying, especially about something that will become apparent the minute someone meets you, generally only bites you in the behind.

While you and your date may get along, you got the date under false pretenses, and he or she may be wondering what else you lied about.