Do celebrities hook up with fans


  1. Celebrities Who Totally Got Busted Hitting On Their Fans
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  3. Dreams do come true.
  4. Here's What It's Really Like to Be a Fangirl and Hook Up With a Celebrity

Celebrities Who Totally Got Busted Hitting On Their Fans

They went back to his tour bus, where they got fucked up and did they deed. She supposedly hung out with him for a week. And apparently he likes rough anal. In college my friends and I made side money working setup for conventions.

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This was in Dallas around 04 or 05 and we had finished the day at an anime convention called A-Kon and were relaxing in the hotel bar afterwards and in walks John Mayer, who apparently had a concert nearby the next night. After a few drinks the only female in our crew gets up the nerve to go talk to him. From our perspective they converse and drink for an hour or so and then leave together; we all cheer and go back to our booze.

Less than 30 minutes later she comes back to the table barely able to keep a huge grin off her face. We all slap her on the back and ask what happened. Because if you aren't there are plenty of girls here that will.

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I know a girl who used to hook up with Chad Kroeger from Nickelback all the time. Said he is hung like a horse which kinda pisses me off.

Dreams do come true.

A friend of mine lost her virginity to Slash after a GnR show back in the early 90s. Apparently he was a real gentleman and a good fuck.

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Obligatory "not me," but I have a female friend who met and hooked up with a very well-known baseball player a few years ago. In the morning, he was gone when she woke up, but his assistant or someone gave her this gift bag full of expensive shit like an iPod, designer sunglasses, etc. She said he was a perfect gentleman.

Apparently, from what I've heard, this is a pretty regular thing. All his one-night stands get a goody bag. This person followed up to say " the dude who drilled my friend was not Derek Jeter. My friend's sister blew Pauly Shore on a Greyhound bus. Friend of mine slept with Liam Gallagher from Oasis back in the '90s. I know this because I went home with her roommate who had the following message on her answering machine: It was many years after they'd gotten big.

Did a small time gig and I was in college. I liked their shows, and had a really low cut top. He invited me back into the venue for drinks. I was invited to the bus but declined, thinking it would be a good thing to instead slip him my number. I'm sure he went on to the next drunk college girl, which is fine.

Here's What It's Really Like to Be a Fangirl and Hook Up With a Celebrity

I like to tell people his lips tasted like a Grammy. I don't know 2hat one tastes like, but I'd like to think he kissed his Grammy with those lips.

Closest I've been to a Grammy. Hard to figure out who're the bigger creeps: Jul 11, 4: And after reading these stories, you might not want to: While on vacation in Brazil in , Justin Bieber made the unfortunate choice to fall asleep in front of a groupie. That didn't stop them from heading to the hotel, or Duarte from deciding that she should take some post-coital pics and send them to her friends via WhatsApp.


The photos immediately went viral, and while Bolt refused to acknowledge the incident, he did fly home a day early. The young woman in the photo, Saralyn, snapped the pic shortly after Wayne passed out. Shortly afterwards she took a selfie with the sleeping Elliot and posted it to Snapchat. In a now-deleted tweet, Elliot's girlfriend, Tiffany Thompson, wrote, " Y'all don't gotta worry about me I'm just fine sitting here with you guys laughing.