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You will arrive at a park like place with 3 Spitters. Don't worry about them, instead drop down into an open manhole and swim up to get to the sewers entrance. Once inside the sewers, drop down into the open panel and swim to the next open one. When you get out, go right down a tunnel.

Continue to follow the path that is illuminated by flares. Eventually you will open a door and have another infectedness moment. Continue on, opening another door and you will find Michael at the end of the hall. Talk to Michael and he will give you the run down on what you are doing. And it involves explosives, so that's always fun. The explosives are located right behind Michael. There are four detonators that you need to pick up. Head through the red door and up a few flights of stairs.

Eventually your way will be blocked off. Go through the open door and go to the elevators. Use the elevator call button and get on. Ride the elevator up to the 5th floor before a zombie drops on top of your elevator, stopping it. Go up through the elevator hatch and continue climbing up until you reach the ninth floor. Once you get here, head through the elevator doors and down the end of the hall. Open the door at the end of the hall and go up through a hole in the ceiling to get to the 10th floor.

Michael will radio you and tell you which apartments to put the explosives in. Head down the hall and go through a few apartments in order to reach a different hallway that has the two apartments that you need to go into and put the explosives on the stove tops for both apartments. Once this is done, Michael will radio and give you the next two apartments you need to plant explosives in. Go back to where you entered the 10th floor at and go into a stairwell. Head up more stairs until you arrive at the 12th floor. Once on this floor, turn left and go a little ways down this hall before you see another hole in the ceiling.

Climb up it to get to the 13th floor, where you need to plant the explosives. Once you plant one of these explosives, go to the other room. If you did not kill a screamer earlier, you will definitely kill one now. Once you plant the explosives, you will move on to hearing Michael get attacked.

4. Story Walkthrough Part 2: Old Town

Leave the apartment that you planted the explosives in. Head to the elevator and slide down the wire to get back to where the elevator is on the 5th floor.

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Go inside the elevator and activate it. It will drop you down to the ground floor. Leave the elevator, and go right. Head down more stairs to arrive at the sewer level. Go down this hall and go left to find Michael's detonator on the ground next to a flare. Drop down into the sewer tunnels and continue following the new trail of flares that Michael left. Keep following this path until you arrive at a large room with a brute in it.

Use your grappling hook to get to the sewer exit point. Public Face updated with "Detonate charges to let the world know there are people in the quarantine". Head through the door to watch a cut scene and see how your explosives turned out pretty cool face At this point you will unlock this. During the cut scene, Jade radios you and says she wants to meet up. This ends the Public Face quest and begins Rendezvous. Go east from where you ended the Public Face quest and arrive at the apartment. Go inside the apartment on the 2nd floor. Open the door to find that Jade has been taken by Rais and is at the museum.

You radio Troy and she directs you to Tariq, the museum's curator. This ends this main quest, and you start the Museum quest. After finding out Jade has been kidnapped, you need to go meet with the museum's curator to find the best way in. Leave the red apartment and head north to the safe house where you got The Bunker side quest. Once you arrive, head inside the apartment.

Talk to Tariq and he will tell you there is an underwater entrance to the museum that you could swim through. Before leaving to go find the secret entrance, talk to Tariq again and he will give you another side quest regarding how the little boy who he is taking care of showed up. This quest is called Chasing Past. We are going to go ahead and continue with The Museum and come back to this once we are done. Once you're done talking to Tariq, begin heading all the way south. Once you arrive at the Emerald Pond, the entrance is on the cliff side and is underwater.

Swim through the passageway, eventually coming up to a door. This is your way into the museum. Head through the red door to make it into another area with more swimming. Head through this swimming section, go into another doorway, go through another swimming section, another doorway, and a final smaller swimming section where you go to the middle and find a tunnel that goes straight up. Climb up this tunnel to make it into a wooden section.

You will now go through a series of long wooden platforming sections. Once you finish these, you will finally be at the entrance to the museum. Kill two of Rais's guards, then head through the gate leading into the museum. At this point, there is a cutscene where Rais surprises you and a bunch of his guards attack you. The first wave is four enemies and the next wave is 4 enemies on the higher level.

Once you kill all of these enemies, climb up to the 2nd floor you can't use your grappling hook right now. Once on this floor, 3 more guards attack you as you make your way down the next hall you have to go down. Go through a closed gate, then drop down into a courtyard below. Go outside where you will be attacked by 3 more enemies. Kill them and you will be able to see 2 more enemies on the second floor of the next building that you need to go into. Kill them as well. Climb up to where those enemies were and kill 3 more guards on this floor.

Head to the opposite side of where you entered and climb up onto one more platform. Make your way across this large hallway. Try to stay off the ground, as the floor is covered with zombies.


Mission 13: Broadcast

Once you make it across, you will be attacked by 2 more guards. There are about zombies on the first floor that you need to kill. Stay up on the second floor and kill them from above. Drop down once it is almost completely clear. Head through the large doors to have another cut scene where you finally meet up with Jade. Head towards the door and try to open it, but its locked.

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You have another cut scene, but your infectedness takes over and you're now left in a dream-like state. Head through the left door into another room. Go through the left door in this room as well. Go through a small hall, open this door, then head to the right door in this room. You're now in a huge, open world that has scenes from the school and the Tower intermixed. Follow Jade through this path. It is quite long, and requires basic parkour skills.

Eventually you will arrive at the transmission tower and have to climb up platforms. Finally, you will go on a zipline that ends at a red door. Open the door and a cutscene happens. The events that take place in this scene are quite awesome, but I am keeping the details as it contains major spoilers. You only have a machete when you're fighting Tahir, so take your time and be sure to dodge his attacks.

Halfway through this fight, you will be attacked by 5 of Rais's guards as well. Take care of them as they can take a large chunk of your health away before you can resume your attack on Tahir. As soon as you defeat Tahir you will pop this. Leave the museum the same way you came in. Troy will radio and tell you that you need to install an amplifier in order to contact the Ministry for help. Kill the two guards by the supply bag. Head through the wooden door that is located next to the supply bag.

CCC: Dying Light Guide/Walkthrough - Story 12 - Broadcast

Once outside, you radio Dr. Camden and tell him that you are going to bring him the samples. Head north back into the Old Town and go to the Clock tower safe house not the Loft, but the other one you unlocked on the east side of town. Once there, talk to Troy and she will tell you how you're going to execute the installation of the amplifier on the radio tower.

This ends The Museum quest and the next main story quest called Broadcast begins. But you know what So just think, as soon as you finish this, you will be DONE with the side quests Once you arrive, enter through the door at the street level. Go up a flight of stairs, then enter the apartment that is on the right and has its door cracked open. Head into the bedroom straight in front of you in order to start listening to the tape. You find out that the two boys were looking for their missing father.

Leave the apartment and head up stairs to the third floor. Once there, you listen to another recording that says one of the boys went to the basement, so now its time to go there. Head down all the stairs until you arrive at the basement level. Open the door to the left and try to open the door with a "1" on it to start another tape. Once that is done, go to the far right room that has a "3" and a bloody handprint and try to open it to find that it is locked. Leave the basement and head all the way back upstairs to the third apartment. It should now be unlocked, so go inside and pick up the keys from the end table to the right of the door.

Go all the way back downstairs and open the locked door Pick up the dog collar to continue. But before this you are attacked. Exit the apartment building and head north to the safe house that you met Tariq in. Once you get back, talk to Tariq and tell him what you found. He gives you the keys to the museum storage that contains weapons, so were going to check it out.

In order to get to the reward, you have to go in the underwater entrance that you came in in The Museum quest. Once you get inside through swimming, open the gate. Open all four of the crates that you have to lockpick. Upon opening the last crate The Whole Story Finish all side quests. Go to the marked point and head down some stairs, open the gate to the left, then head down some stairs.

At the T, turn right then continue down this path until you get to the entrance to the sewers. Continue down the clear one way path until you arrive at a junction. Here is another chance to kill a screamer in case you didn't do it. Look for the locked door that you open by using a wheel. Head down that sewer tunnel. Continue down this small tunnel until you arrive at a bigger room with an open grate.

Drop down and head through this until you arrive at a large room. Kill all the Spitters in here and then grapple up to the ledge that has a blue pipe next to it. Go down this hall, then up several flights of stairs. You will arrive at a floor with about 10 Virals that are unaware of your presence. Sneak up on all of them and eliminate them before they can warn the other Virals. Head through this floor until you get to more stairs to go up. Once you run out of stairs, go through this hall and exit the sewers.

Jump off of this high point onto the trash bags below. You radio Savvy and tell him that you are close to the radio tower and he tells you that you need a key card in order to access the ratio tower, and you have to find it off of the dead body of the last runner who attempted this. Head up to the first storage container and search the first and second floor of it. Make sure to open all the lockers Head across the bridge and into the second area where there is two Demolishers.

Ignore them, as you don't have to go through the effort to try to kill them. Climb into the blue containers through the roof and search these containers lockers. You will finally find the dead runner, with the key card right in front of him. Leave the storage area and continue up the road to get to the power substation.

Go inside the area, and use the key card on the large building on the left side of this area. Once inside, be sure to close the door behind you to prevent any unwanted guests from joining you in this small room. You radio Savvy and tell him you found the station. Leave the substation and head over to the radio tower base. Throw a firecracker, then open the control box to flip it on The cable is going to snap with a rather large explosion, and there will now be a opening in the base of the radio tower. This is where you begin your assent.

To sum it up Once you finally reach the top platform, use the transmitter box to install the amplifier and watch a cut scene where the bombers almost take out the city. You get a call from the GRE asking for you to get Dr. Zere's research so they can cover their tracks. Once the cut scene is over, you will pop this. Use the zip line closest to the waypoint in order to land as close as possible to the tunnel entrance. Your zipline cuts off part of the way, so you have to travel some on foot. Go through the door on the left once inside the tunnel.

Continue down this hall, down the main tunnel, and down the right tunnel until you finally reach a large truck blocking your way on the main tunnel, with no other entrances nearby. Climb on top of the truck and drop down to find a door to the right. Continue down this hall until about halfway, then turn right. Inside this room, you will find a sewer entrance.

Drop down and swim through this tunnel. Climb up the ladder in the water, then continue down the hall until you finally arrive at the Old Town exit. Exit the tunnels and head east to Candem's lab. Once you arrive, enter the lab through a small opening at the ground floor. Kill 2 of Rais's men in here. Once this is done, Camden will radio you and tell you to use the elevator to enter.

You will also unlock this. Use the elevator to get to the ground floor. This will also end the story quest Broadcast. Up next is The Clinic. We are on the homestretch. Go straight then to the room on the left. Climb up into the air duct and follow it until it drops off into the control room. Kill the zombie in here, then pick up the key card on the table by the door. While doing this, also open the locked door using the touch terminal that the key card was on.

Leave the control room. Go through this now open door and continue down the hall. Go through the only open door, then go to the right side door. Camden will tell you that in order to go through this part, you need to activate the decontamination sequence, but you need to restart the generators in the office area.

Leave the decontamination room and head back out into the hall way you entered the lab area from. Camden will open the office area. Kill all the zombies here. Use the key card to open the office area. Make your way through the offices, then climb up into the air vent above. Make your way through the air duct.

Follow the path until you arrive at the storage room. Now its time for a fun game of "the floor is fire". In this room, make your way across to the other side without touching the toxic ground. The other half of the room is fine to touch. Use the forklift to lower the boxes so you can access the next tunnel above you.

Climb up and go across these pipes. Turn left at the first entrance and drop down.

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  8. Use this forklift to raise the boxes so you can go into the next room. Jump through the broken window into the generator room. Exit the generator room and run to the end of the hall. Use the key card to open the grate and slide under. Head back into the decontamination room that you were in earlier to start the process. Press the button and watch as all the zombies in the other room have their heads explode on them. Go into the decontaminated room and continue into the next room. Open the next door to head into the main lab and watch a cut scene with Camden where he begins running tests on the samples and tells you not to trust the GRE.

    Dying Light - Broadcast: "Hook up the amplifier before the bombing"

    Leave the laboratory the same way you entered. Once outside, head east to the point where you need to contact the GRE. But instead of getting the GRE, you get Rais. He tells you to come and confront him. This ends The Clinic, and its time for the final mission of the game: At this point if there are any loose ends you need to tie up, such as side quests, challenges, or collectibles, now would be the time. You can come back once you're done with the story, but it would be easier to knock it all out now. Head south to the waypoint where you entered the Old Town from.

    Dying Light Walkthrough

    Once you get here, were heading back inside the Sewers. I will now be going to the 3rd and final page of the story walkthrough since we are going back to the Slums. TrueAchievements Log in or Register Free. Dying Light Walkthrough 4. Story Walkthrough Part 2: Old Town Welcome to the second part of the Dying Light world: Reach the Old Town Secret.

    Now It's Safe 40 Capture all Safe Zones. Hush, Hush Now 34 Making Faces 34 Show the outside world that you're still alive Secret. Tied loose end 34 Deal with Tahir Secret. The Whole Story Finish all side quests. Activate the Amplifier Secret. Now You Can Come In 35 The Slums and Sewers 5. Story Walkthrough Part 3: Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Help us fix it by posting in its Walkthrough Thread. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.

    This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. Old Town 5 Story Walkthrough Part 3: Is It Really Necessary? Flight of the Crane. My left or your left? We're All In This Together. Snake in the grass. Now You Can Come In. I've Got Your Back. A Long Way Down. Blinded by the Lights. A Game of Catch. I'm a Runner and a fighter. The Legend of Harran.

    It's All In the Writing. The Boy Who Could Run. Pearls in the Mud. Together Till the End. Things That Go Ka-Boom. Afraid to get wet? Antenna area Previous Mission: The Museum Next Mission: Objectives Edit We need to make sure the signal's strong enough to get past the jamming. I got a message out to the world - and just in time. The Ministry's bombers peeled off and left. But then the GRE contacted me. They want me to get Zere's research together and give it to them, so they can convince the world they've been working on a cure, instead of a way to profit off people's misery.

    I've got other plans. You fool me twice, it's shame on me. I'm gonna give Dr.