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Since authenticity of information is crucial for websites looking at educational standards as their differentiator, Premium Matrimony goes in for a stringent verification process.

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Premium Matrimony says it has been getting profiles of students from marquee global institutes and will soon include all top foreign universities to the regular registration process. Based on interactions and interests over 15 preceding days, the system uses machine learning, big data and psychology techniques to recommend the top five best matches to the user.

We at least have the option to interact with several prospects who are well educated, before taking a final decision," he says. Here's a new lonely hearts club.

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The contrasting male-female ratio in most of the engineering colleges should give you the answer. This image needs to be changed!

Mymitra : A Dating Site For Elite Singles From Top Universities

While, love may not have any barriers, in dateIITians one must cross three steps to get to their mates. After adding someone as your buddy, you can request for flirting with him or her.

If your flirt request gets accepted, you can then express crush on that person. And if love strikes, you can go on to propose that person and go on a date.

Now dating sites for the highly educated - Get Ahead

Also, the team plans to release a point rating system soon that will allow users to collect points based on the amount of interaction they have with their buddies on the site. Later, they can redeem their points into cash and opt for either sending free gifts to their loved ones or convert their membership to premium ones.

The team is working on its revenue model based on members subscribing to the premium services like becoming a featured member, or by sending gifts to their loved ones.