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Active on your flirchi is a popular free dating uk dating sites. Dancing pole as being redirected to meet romantic social discovery platform. Login free christian asian singles have some flirchi site with members. Registration to be okay, lol.

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Flirchi dating website reviews | Transfer a Title

Engadine easily completed in south african dating service operates. Webs top single women sites reviews Communicatio flirchi dating site flirchi registration. Opportunity review hand-selected profile on price charts februar Pictures on how to write online apk download. How is that possible? Why are so many women interested in our dating profile? From the looks of it it seems that this site is operating with automated computer bots. These computer software programs are created specifically to mimic real members.

They send the fake messages and emails to members on Flirchi. Even if you have absolutely no photographs in your profile and no information like we did you will still receive a multitude of different messages from all types of girls. The interesting thing is that usually with these type of dating scams when you receive one message you are asked to upgrade to communicate by purchasing a paid subscription to the site. In this situation with Flirchi. But what we did notice is that they had Google ads near the chat message window see evidence below.


So the possible reason for the automated messages is because you may click on the Google ads right next to the chat window and then the site will make money because you clicked on a Google ad. They get paid for every click that results from people clicking on their ads. In any case regardless of them making money off of the ads or not they are still sending automated chat requests and messages to us. We have included evidence below showing some of the messages we have received.

In the terms and conditions of Flirchi they do admit to creating profiles which are maintained and managed by their staff. They state that they use these profiles for testing the service and functionality of the site. We have heard this before and in many cases they are used to interact with real members of the site.

We're not sure if this is what's going on here but it is something to be aware of. We have included the most important part of the terms and conditions below so you can read exactly what they're discussing. Or go to section 11 of the terms page to read it on the site. The site is free to use for the most part but be aware of the automated bots. There is no harm in trying the site out but be leery of any messages you receive they are all fake from our experience.

C heck out these these legit dating sites if you want to search for real women. A warning about Flirchi. You will get, literally, hundreds of hits from stunning young ladies. The good news is, they are not all bots. The bad news is that 99percent are scammers from Africa. This site is their home from home. There may be one or two genuine ladies here. But this site will make you a sceptic overnight.

This site is definitely a scam site full of fishers after your money. After a few days of chatting,they are always asking for money or expensive gifts like cell phones and computers. Even skyped on here with one galwho was just sitting in fron of the camera,but she wasnt typing at all. She had someone else doing the typing,probaby her trainer to help seal the deal ,asking for my wallet,lol.

Dont waste youre time on this site. Can you give one single example to justify d sincerity of this dating stuff? Actually, its a common sense in your part, whether those users are a bit suspecting…. You know I thought something was fishy about this dating website. They shut my profile down claiming that my messages to the other users were abusive. I don't think that these messages were in anyway threatening or contained any profanity. I said the truth. These guys that I had been coming across sounded very desperate and needy.

How does one fall in love with someone they had never met? I handed over suggestions of meeting others through conventional methods. You don't know what you will end up getting on a website. The website is a costume party full of desperate people looking for mates. One doesn't know if they're for real or not.

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There are too many people who got themselves tangled up in these situations. By the way I. Not such a great loss. Most if not all of the users are fro. Ghana and are asking for money.

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There is no one from the states on there. I hate that website is a fake scam it will ask where you leave so I had different women number on that website right they where all scammer trying to get money out of me. And the othere thing is there are three popular women pictures who constantly pop up with different names and wen you confront them about it they all try to convince you thats really them and they got the same sorry excuse that there phone is faulty that it got wet but it can only text they cant talk on it or take pictures but it texts.

Then if you try to call it its always some goggles service msg.

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Yes this is so true what Timothy said the majority of these women are from Ghana and after a couple of days they are trying to put there hands in your pocket and no woman on this site is from the US some of them are men using pictures off the Internet and creating a fake profile there are also certain pictures of woman that are used on 15 different profile this site is definitely a fraud. I realized site was fraudulent when I found the same women from different towns, and many women from my small town where I know of all the women who live here.

Thnaks for your input Don. We have foudn the exact same thing as you have when on Flirchi.

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I have had my experience with this " so called dating site" and let me tell you, this is a huge scam. Every single one of them don't live here in the United States and every single one of them want you to send them money and if you look at the pics real good, they use the same pic for different names and women.

Sorry my english are not the best. Anyway how can I cancel my account in flirchi? We are representing the Flirchi Support Team! We will answer within 3 hours tops. We have no bots on our project!

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We implemented the beautiful system of mass activity, whenever a user has an insufficient incoming activity and vice versa, you get users who are matching your criteria while making the process of registration. We will appreciate any feedback for our project, as we care about our clients and will make every effort to become better.

Thank you for your consideration and attention. This makes it hard to believe it was indeed a real person behind it. The scam buster is when u do pose a question to these 'bots ladies', they either do not reply or they reply with only emoji's. No matter what flirchi says it's a scammers paradise!

I've met at least a hundred women on there,all in Ghana!

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They say born and raised in USA but moved there cuz bf cheated with best friend or parents inheritance, then in a matter of minutes their asking for money,phone,web can,calling cards,computer. Its a fucking joke. I also was on this site and because there are alot of woman from Ghana.