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Not only can sexual passions be unnecessarily aroused, but women especially are at risk of getting their feelings hurt. But this is a minor detail, and one that can be easily modified for a Christian Cuddle Party. Finally, Jesus repeatedly commands Christians to love one another. Sadly, our society has lost touch with touch, one of the oldest and most effective ways to extend love and affection to our fellow human beings. We know from science that some babies die from lack of touch and human bonding. He can reached at goandre xnet. This entry was posted on Friday, July 9th, at 8: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

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Contact me via social media for any questions, advice, prayer or just to say hello: You must be logged in to post a comment. Posted by youngsalvation on December 21, at Posted by Claire4christ on August 21, at This is a interesting subject and an important one at that. Saying if you put your head on his shoulder is going to lead to… Other things, is like saying I draw on my stuff. See how outta proportion it sounds?

How Far Is Too Far Sexually?

Now it is a bit of a different story if your in his bed cuddling and watching tv late at night. That just needs one little change to turn into something sinful. I think honestly that it depends on where you are at with your relationship with God and what your strengths and weeknesses are.

How Far Is Too Far To Go When Dating? - Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke

Maybe your able to sit on the couch and watch tv in his apartment. Maybe not for you, but your bf to stay pure. Most of my friends are guys, and I always stay at their houses overnight. Posted by luv2hit on February 20, at Posted by courage on August 13, at I never thought about this as something that could lead to sin. This has given me food for thought now. If the guy was your bf, you would have to show an awful lot of restraint to not go on to other things.

Posted by SavedbyGrace14 on July 17, at A side hug every now and then but no cuddling or anything farther. Temptation can get the better of you, as Nicole pretty much said.

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Would it be wrong. I think in everything we must remain pure.

Singles Advice - Christian Dating, Singles

Purity is not just a physical thing- it is physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and I believe we should be showing that with everything that we do. When temptation comes, we should be in prayer. That is the beauty of marriage- being able to share yourself with one another.

But you should always be aware of temptations and what your motive for wanting to cuddle is. And ask God to help you through it! Posted by allthatglitter on June 25, at We live in a world where Christians are less and less concerned about being as far from the world as possible. No offense, just my take on the matter. Posted by Freak4Jesus14 on June 25, at I think it depends on the circumstances….

We are now together and I pray we grow strong in this relationship, as I traveled far… Prayers needed…. Posted by Winged Eloquence on March 29, at I look at it this way: I can still form deep and meaningful relationships with young men without getting too close to them physically.

I have a deeply rooted fondness for the young men at my church. They respect my boundaries, and I do the same for them. I love my Christian brothers.

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Because I love them, I will guard their purity by distancing myself physically from them. Posted by BaileeKu on April 5, at Posted by JeSuisSmitty on March 22, at To answer the title question—absolutely not. Cuddling with, and even kissing a boy that you have no plans to marry is not a sin. It is perfectly okay to enter a relationship like this, as long as you and your partner are both comfortable in it. You want to make sure that to your personal boundaries should are pushed beyond what you have decided is right for you, but love is not a sinful thing. Posted by Alyssa R.

I mean, my Mom or my best girl friends and I exchange hugs, sit close together over a good book or movie, etc. That would just be confusing and unfair.

Because temptation, to you and him. So yes, you do have to be aware of where it could lead and be careful about that.

Confessions of a Christian Cuddler

Posted by edenbrooke27 on March 15, at I think you should be able to cuddle with anyone you please. Posted by KitkatsAndParli on March 14, at Posted by AudgPaudg on March 17, at Posted by hannahbananahl on June 25, at However, I feel a little sorry for you, as human contact can be a really wonderful thing. From where I stand, it seems like you are overly guarded about this kind of thing.

I do respect your views, though. Posted by SanctitysFlame on March 12, at Intimacy of any kind has a snowball effect. I know from experience, observation and those older than myself taking the time to share wisdom with me. Listen to their advice. Mistakes can be things you pay for in some way or another for the rest of your life. Learn from their mistakes.

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Posted by Allison on March 12, at I think it depends on your boundries. For instance, for a guy super into the sports section of the paper, if it distracts him from God, he needs to not read the sports section of the news paper. So if you and the boy can have clean, pure thoughts, then go for it. So, be sure about where the line is drawn.

Me and my best friend, who is a guy, hang out every weekend, because I live in a different town. He puts his arms around me, I lay my head on him. But we are both very cautious about where we are alone. We are never in a room alone with the door closed, we have mutually agreed that neither of us are willing to sacrifice our relationship with God for each other, PDA is a no no. I know he respects me and that wants to protect my honor. He knows that i like him and he still wants to hang out with me and walk me to my car and hug me and stuff.

We do tend to scoot closer to one another when we sit by each other. Sister you guys are falling in love… Or using each other to fill in some affectional need. You got to decide what kind of relationship you want and also get him to talk clearly about it.

Laying down together and cuddling

Posted by kitkat on March 11, at I recently got a boyfriend and we both have our own boundaries and standards. I remember its was loud enough I could hear it, was like this leave my friend Jessica alone. Posted by ktuck22 on March 10, at Posted by bebeloveyou on March 7, at The girls slept together in a bed upstairs and the boys slept downstairs.

There were also siblings and parents in the house. We were careful about how late we stayed up and we are all just friends. Was that wrong or sinful to do? That if I followed a checklist, I was safe, I was approved. Letting the self righteousness numb me to life and separate me from God. And grace is the freedom to confront the truth that you need God, and needing God is knowing him, and knowing him is the crux of being a christian, of being a lover of God.

The people with the strongest faith and best testimonies are those who were addicted to something, had a child out of marriage, and went through the worst stuff. Posted by Trinity on March 4, at It all depends on intentions!