How do you hook up an effects loop

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  1. Effects Loop setup on the Kemper
  2. The 4 Cable Method (4CM) – What It Is and How To Use It Correctly
  3. Effects pedal order, the FX loop explained, and the four cable method - Hughes & Kettner BLOG
  4. The Method

This control gives you the ability to mix in a little bit of the external effect if you'd like. There's also a ducking feature.

Effects Loop setup on the Kemper

I use this a lot. I think I got it to work but I am having some noise problems. Do you think the X slot is the best place for this pedal? I have the cables setup as such from the Kemper send output to the input of the Boss pedal.

Jeff's Tips - 8. Hooking Up Effects Pedals

The Boss output is connected to the Kemper return input. The noise cannot be controlled with the noise gate. Do you have any ideas I could try? Overdrive and distortion pedals work best in front of the amp and at instrument level signals.

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Try it in one of the A-D loops. I have recently bought 2 vibrato pedals which have two outputs from the pedal to give a stereo effect. Those sockets are TRS inputs. I guess in a pinch one could just run TS plugs straight into the Kemper, but I'm loathe to do that. I would be interested in hearing about how others connect their pedals to the Kemper, particularly if they have a stereo option working.

I'm running a pair of H9s in the loop stereo returns with standard TS instrument cables. No issues, no noise, no hum, no worries. Could you please tell me how you have got your H9's routed please?

The 4 Cable Method (4CM) – What It Is and How To Use It Correctly

I've currently got one H9 in the loop, and have just bought a 2nd, but am scratching my head a bit when it comes to hooking up the 2nd unit. I'm just running them in series-mono send from the KPA into the first one, stereo out into the second one, and back into the stereo returns on the KPA. This way I don't have to build presets in the H9s for each preset in the Kemper. For example, spring reverb in H9 2 is on preset 1 in that unit. It can be present as high-pitched, nasal and mid-ranged, low and humming or via a heap of other ways.

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Some of that stuff is great. Noise in the guitar world is usually the result of electromagnetic interference EMI which is all around us in the modern world. This EMI interacts with many guitar cables, pickups, amplifiers and other electronic equipment and when fed into a guitar amplifier particularly amps with high preamp gain , can produce a lot of unwanted noise.

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  • What Is An Effects Loop: How to connect pedals to an effects loop;
  • Sometimes noise can even stem from maintenance issues such as cables, dirty pots and jacks on pedals and other gear, damaged amplifiers, poorly wound and installed pickups or other guitar electronics to name but a few common causes. As every player and their setup is different, noise can come from many different sources. The best way to avoid noise is to use quality equipment, look after it and have it serviced. Simply put, you know when noise is present and you definitely want it gone. Many guitar players who play at high volume with high gain find themselves in an ongoing battle with noise, hum or unwelcome feedback.

    The solution is to incorporate some sort of tool to defeat the interference.

    Effects pedal order, the FX loop explained, and the four cable method - Hughes & Kettner BLOG

    Its innovative design is as effective today as it was at the time of its release. Whether you are looking to minimise unwanted noise in your rig, or perhaps even use it as a tone-tool for sculpting aggressive rhythm guitar textures, depends on how you connect it to your rig, and understanding just how it works.

    These jacks allow the NS-2 to be configured in 2 different ways, depending on your rig and your desired outcome. This is the simplest way to use the NS The SIMPLE method, as the name implies, is simple to implement you just connect it in-line, as you would any other effects pedal and very effective at killing noise.

    The Method

    The limitation with the Simple method is that at high noise levels common with high gain pedals and amps , the Noise Suppressor has difficulty in determining what is noise and what is your actual guitar signal. This can manifest a problem when playing long sustained notes with high preamp gain.

    This effect can actually be desirable for some players. The NS-2 was the first pedal to achieve this style of noise suppression and remains an industry standard still today. Once you have the pedal connected in either method, the NS-2 becomes an invaluable tool.