Lmp vs ultrasound dating

Was your LMP or ultrasound more accurate, comment below

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The duration of pregnancy from the scan to the day of spontaneous delivery was predicted by crown-rump length, biparietal diameter BPD , and femur length FL using linear regression models, and the results were compared with estimates based on LMP.

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At all gestational ages, ultrasound was superior to certain LMP in predicting the day of delivery by at least 1. When deliveries before 37 weeks were excluded, crown-rump length measurement of mm corresponding to After that time, BPD at least 21 mm showed a similar error 7. Femur length was slightly less accurate than crown-rump length or BPD. Regression models using a combination of any two or three ultrasonic variables did not improve accuracy of prediction.

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I had my scan down when I was I was just a little over 10 weeks. I went to my Dr and the Dr who examined my scan changed my due date to Sept 11th - almost a whole week earlier. I said I wanted to stay with the old date as I'm having a repeat section and want to go as close to 40 weeks as possible. My Dr said she trusts the new edd as scans are more accurate and she looked at the scans as well.

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Just wondering what other people's thoughts and experiences are. This means I'm now 13w3 days instead of in the 12 week so that makes me happy if it's true lol.

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I guess yours was very confident. Your baby will most likely be fine and just as healthy. I'm sure if you wanted see what presents itself closer to your due date you can even push a scheduled c out a few days esp if this is your first. Dating scans are more accurate since you can ovulate early or later.

Ultrasound VS Lmp dating

Based off of LMP with my daughter I would have been due February 12th dating scan changed it to February 5th a week before. I ended up delivering at 41 weeks and it was definitely correct she was 8lbs and 20inches long and she also passed merconium I trust technology more than a day that I try to remember. Most doctors will let you go overdue for a week or two anyway.

With this one I will go early or on my due date because of the fact that my daughter passed merconium and we are going to try and avoid that this time. Based off my LMP I should be 14w1d, but when I had my dating scan, the measured the baby an entire week back. My DR did change my due date so I went from the 6th to 13th. He also threw in there that the baby could have a growth spurt though and it's really not a big deal. With my first 3 pregnancies my baby's measured right on track with my lmp at 12 and 20 week ultrasound.

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I'm now on my 4 pregnancy and I had a ultrasound on Friday when I thought I was 12 weeks and 2 days. My baby measured at 13 weeks and 3 days so my dr changed my due date. Each of my first 3 pregnancies came days early and each of my baby's were between 7.

Dating your Pregnancy | The MotHERS Programâ„¢

I'm thinking my date scan was current this time. I believe I ovulated much earlier than normal this time and I have 25 day cycles. Based on my cm I think I ovulated on day 9 of my cycle which I believe would be the reason I'm measuring ahead.

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