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  1. What is the Realistic Cost of moving a Mobile Home onto Raw Land? (homestead forum at permies)
  2. How Much Will Manufactured Homes Installation Cost?
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My neighbor who is down by a super clean river, hit water at 17 ft. They sold him on the idea that it needed to be deeper. They hit salt and sour gas which polluted the upper water. If you plan for the mobile to be temporary, consider seeking out a free older unit. I've been paid to dispose of s mobiles. Don't consider it as an investment. Once the house is built, give it away or raise animals in it. That's not where you'll find them.

It's not even on my top 10 list of where I would search. Buy a mobile classroom that has lost its home and build some walls. Check For news stories about mobile home parks that are closing.

What is the Realistic Cost of moving a Mobile Home onto Raw Land? (homestead forum at permies)

Going to a dealer is the last resort of the ill informed. So are some great ideas,Dale. Especially the classroom ones. We also see free mobile homes on Craigslist but usually they are in bad shape.

How Much Will Manufactured Homes Installation Cost?

Also we have seen several at the county tax sales. And for we got the hole, pump and housing Not even during our long 2 yr drought. To add to Dale's list of places to look: They often know where there are mobile homes that need to go. Like they moved one onto a site a couple of years ago, and know that the owner has finished the permanent home and now wants the mobile gone. Or they just moved one from a trailer park that is closing, and know that there are half a dozen more there with "For Sale" signs on them.

The Average Cost to Deliver and Set Up a Mobile Home

He will gladly pass this info along if he thinks he will get more business from it. Since his income is derived from moving trailers, he probably looks at every one he passes - future business? If there is a for sale sign on it, he probably makes a mental note of it. Any updates on your journey? I cannot say much about what is allowed elsewhere, but here in Missouri a common rural sewage solution is a sewage lagoon system and I have to say that a direct discharge lagoon is one of the most trouble free, owner maintainable, ecologically friendly systems ever devised.

There may be a special combination of factors that make this system not viable in other areas but I will gladly sing the praises of it. When we bought our house and land the situation was so much what we wanted that even though I was unfamilliar with sewage lagoons that I was willing to deal with it if it should prove problematical. The real problem for any sewage situation around here is that the clay just does not percolate around here. Rules there are more but this is just some I am prepared to address.

It must be at least 50 feet from the dwelling It is only allowed on land holdings of 5 acres or more It must be feet from any land boundary It must be open to the sun It must be open to the wind hence no trees withing 50 feet It must be fenced a potentially stupid requirement and mine is grandfathered In this kind of soil, the open to the wind and sun requirements are mostly about how it gets rid of the water, i.

The fence requirement is so that children pets and strying live stock will not wander in and get stuck and stinky or drowned. The stupidity is evident in that my pond is 5o yards away and it does not need to be fenced, and I have gotten myself stuck in it and had to get help getting out I now know how to do that without help My claim that it is so eco-friendly is based on the reputation of amphibians being extremely subject to environment contamination and the fact that my lagoon has the highest concentration of frogs on our property, Our 1.

Of course just as with a septic tank the home owner has to not be ignorant and do something like pouring something harsh and contaminating down any of the drains. These agents seem to want a quick sell and some of the uninformed customers react with "Ewwww Poo" I don't want to buy this.

First Things First: Don’t Try to Install Manufactured Homes Yourself!

So the agents lobby for outlawing them just to make sales quicke and easier. Oh, and they also insist on calling them Cess Pits as propaganda to make them sound awful. Fortunately where I live there is no code enforcement and mine is grandfathered anyway. As for the owner maintainable feature. My lagoon usually goes dry at least once in most summers. If I am away on vacation for a week or two in the summer when I come back I can walk across the lagoon leaving foot prints but not getting much of anything on my shoe soles. If the lagoon starts to fill in takes years with a long handled shovel I can dig out the "night soil" and simply throw it on the berm that was created when the pit was dug.

If there is a lot of water in the lagoon, it is sufficient to dig out all around the edges where a long handled spade will reach as the stuff in the middle will simply sluff to the outside edge. One problem if you buy a place that already has a lagoon. Some idiots think that it is a place to get rid of anything that is unwanted. The first time it went dry and I shoveled out some of the buildup I found several large rocks that had been tossed in to get rid of them, and a used oil filter or two. Just remnants of the ignorant of people who do not understand what a sewage lagoon is for kind of like people who use gasoline to clean greasy parts and then flush it down the toilet.

So my opinion is that sewage lagoons are the best thing going for soil that will not percolate.

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Yes if you have a well then the siting of the well and the lagoon could be an issue, however like much of missouri, this county has a county water system that provides us with water from deep wells with all the modern chlorine and fluorine that any urbanite might want.

And yes, new homes are being built with sewage lagoon systems. Whatever you say buddy! And I believe this tiny ad too:. Homesteading in Northern California or Oregon. Is extending Childhood a "good " idea? What do you wish your home had, and what do you love in your home? Converting an orchard into a forest garden - Aikido style. Fertilizer on our Tiny Home. And I believe this tiny ad too: Perennial, Biennial, and Annual https: Guerra is a former realtor, real-estate salesperson, associate broker and real-estate education instructor.

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  • He holds a master's degree in management and a bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies. Skip to main content. Mobile Home Moving Costs A mobile home's moving cost depends on transport distance as well as the home's width. Mobile Home Set-up Costs In addition to transport charges, mobile home movers typically charge another fee to set up a mobile home at its new location. Additional Mobile Home Moving Costs If your mobile home is older, there may be other costs involved before it can be moved. References 4 Heritage Home Center: What is the Cost of Moving a Manufactured Home?

    How to Move a Mobile Home.

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    About the Author Tony Guerra served more than 20 years in the U. Home Guides SF Gate. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Guide to Wine Country Green State: Cannabis Culture Careers Advertising.