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  1. The Fuckboy's Guide to SF
  2. Tuesday, January 5, 2010
  3. San Francisco’s Hottest Cougar Caves
  4. Zuckerberg Neighbor Wages War Over Liberty Hill Parking Spots

The Fuckboy's Guide to SF

Even if they are turned away from you dancing, this means they are for sure attracted to you. San Francisco summer is a perfect time to throw on a neon tank and some flip-flops and toss a Frisbee at the park with the bros.

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Chicks are going to love how in touch with Mother Nature you are! A library card is sexier than a credit card. Just name-drop the author of the book in your hand and you're a sexy genius.

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  • Tuesday, January 5, 2010.
  • I had a chance to sit down with Brad Smith, a respected veteran in our Fuckboy community, to get his thoughts. The Fuckboy's Guide to SF.

    Tuesday, January 5, 2010

    Brad, what do you think about art? I do play guitar and harmonica, check me out on Instagram.

    Brad, how often do you work out? But I try to hit the gym at least twice a day. Brad, what are some of your favorite activities? Well you know I love going to the beach, going for a run. Walking on the treadmill, sipping a nice latte. I never find slim pickings. Brad, how often do you go on Tinder dates? Tinder is old news, I started getting laid, then I started a Sugar Babies account, now I get paid to get laid.

    San Francisco’s Hottest Cougar Caves

    Although my ladies are a little over 30, my pockets are swelling in many regards. Staff Picks View All. There are PlayBoys on the counters and 70s commercials, along with porn, playing on the televisions. There is pinball, punk music and shitty beer. By having stiff drinks, looped 70's cartoons and movies, questionable photos plastered all along the bar and 70's vans with chairs and waterbeds, Kozy Kar does just that.

    It's a unique bar that you can only find in San Francisco. Let its Lite Brite sign lure you in to sip a PBR or one of their extra-strong drinks while sitting on a waterbed covered in shag carpet oh, and the walls are covered in shag carpeting too.

    Zuckerberg Neighbor Wages War Over Liberty Hill Parking Spots

    If you're rolling deep, get your crew inside one of the booths that's really a hollowed-out air-brushed van equipped with old CB radios. Needless to say, there's a lot to look at. It's a wonder, then, that no reputable S.

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    • If Scooby and Shaggy joined forces with Hugh Hefner to paint the town red, this is probably where they'd spend most of the night. The bar is decorated like the interior of a hotboxed s pussy wagon, with minibus-shaped booths, fully accessible waterbeds, and vintage porn pics plastered over the dance floor. Kudos to Kozy Kar for unabashedly embracing the '70s and early '80s by covering its floors and bars with vintage centerfolds, adding mirrored ceilings and, of course, installing a custom GMC in the heart of it all for inspiration.

      Kozy Kar, however, may have found the perfect combination--a pervy, '70s-inspired dive decked out to make you feel like you're drinking inside a bona fide disco-swinger love van. With everything from shag-carpeted walls and waterbed-booths to working CB radios and a real, live 83 GMC van, the commitment to reviving the best parts of Dazed and Confused is astounding. The theme extends to the booze on offer, as well, with a full lineup of canned PBR, Schlitz, Olympia and Hamm's, and the kind of whiskeys that match a huge 'stache, an obsession with Led Zeppelin and, yes, a souped-up '70s van with a unicorn mural and a teardrop window.