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Tap the box next to the document you want to print, or tap the box at the very top of the list to select all files. The green button at the bottom of the screen will display the total price for your print jobs. Tap this button to continue. The green logout button will appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

The Wepa print station will automatically log you out after 10 seconds of idle time, after your last print job has completed. If you need support or have any trouble with your Wepa account, please reach out to Bear Help.

Housing Services

Bear Help is available by phone Monday through Friday from 8 a. After-hours inquiries, please contact Bear Help by emailing bearhelp ucr. Wepa printing service launches at UC Riverside. There are 14 Wepa print kiosks located at several different locations on the UCR campus: Anyone can print with Wepa, not just UCR students, faculty and staff.

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Patrons now have more ways to pay, not just with Bear Bucks. You can send print jobs to Wepa from home -- or anywhere with an internet connection. You can print from any type of device, not just computers. Please coordinate your needs by calling Housing Administration office at The Dining Plan selected is for the entire academic year. Changes are permitted during the first two weeks of the academic year only.

A Dining Plan Change Request Form needs to be completed and all instructions for documentation followed. Please allow two weeks for your request to be processed. Bannockburn Village has asbestos content in ceiling and wall materials. Fortunately, the health hazard is low unless this material is disturbed. Residents must not puncture or disturb interior walls or ceilings for example, to hang lights, plants or pictures , or vacuum ceiling material particles.

Click here for more detailed information about asbestos at Bannockburn Village. We have mitigated the health risks by replacing windows and other materials, properly maintaining paint surfaces, and encapsulating many wood surfaces. The EPA website offers more information about living with lead paint. If you have any questions about asbestos or lead paint, contact your Resident Services Office at Beginning March 1, the Residence Hall Contract is available online for fall quarter.

All single, first-year freshmen students who meet all Housing deadlines are guaranteed a space in the Residence Halls. Specific room assignment and move-in information is distributed on September 1. Check your Residence Hall Dashboard for current information. For guaranteed housing, both of these items must be received by May The first regular Residence Hall payment is due by September 1.

Consult the payment schedule for specific payment amounts and deadlines.

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Residence Hall costs differ based on the type of room, community and choice of Dining Plan. You must make your Dining Plan selection as part of your online contract. When choosing a Dining Plan, consider your current eating habits. For instance, if you do not eat breakfast now, you are not likely to eat breakfast with any regularity in the Residence Halls. You may change your Dining Plan selection during the first two weeks of the Academic Year, if necessary, by submitting a change at your Resident Services Office.

All Residence Hall residents must have a Dining Plan as part of their living package. The Dining Plan you select is for the entire academic year. You may change it during the first two weeks of the academic year only. You have the ability to log back into your contract and edit any choices you have already made until approximately June After June 15, or as directed when you log in, you may email Housing Services about the items you would like to change. Parking spaces are limited and requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

It is critical that students do not bring a car to campus until they have secured a parking permit. Students living on campus are not eligible for a general campus-parking permit. Glen Mor is reserved for second-year and above students.. Supported by national statistics, we strongly believe the Residence Halls are the best environment for freshmen students to start their university experience. UCR Campus Apartments are reserved for second-year continuing, transfer and graduate students. Noncompliance is grounds for eviction.

No pets are allowed at Oban Family Housing, with the exception of service animals, pets in cages birds and small rodents and fish in an aquarium gallon maximum. If other pets — dogs, cats, etc. The UCR Early Childhood Services is located nearby, offering highly regarded full- and half-day programs to students, staff, faculty and the neighboring community. Children are accepted from two months old through kindergarten. UCR students are eligible for subsidized rates.

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Please Choose a Category: Enter any keyword to search ALL Categories: Convenience No cooking, cleaning, shopping or real need for transportation Proximity to resources, both in the campus housing communities and campus Support More than 1, educational, cultural, social and recreational activities annually On-site tutoring and counseling hour emergency assistance for both maintenance and personal challenges Safety Restricted access to all Residence Hall living areas Security cameras On-site Community Service Officer patrols UCR Police patrols Academics Students who live on campus perform better academically and are happier in general with their college experience than those who live off campus or commute.

Finances Residents are eligible for more housing aid as part of their Financial Aid Package than those who live off-campus or commute. General How can I take a housing tour? General When will I receive information from Housing Services? General Is housing guaranteed for freshmen?

Connect from Off-Campus

General What are the Housing deadlines for fall quarter? General Is on-campus housing guaranteed? General Are there other housing options that exist for freshmen? General Can I pick my own roommate? Roommate requests cannot be honored unless both students request each other in writing. General Am I allowed to have pets?

  1. Wepa printing service launches at UC Riverside?
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  4. General Is cable television available? General How safe is the on-campus community? General What percentage of students live on campus? General Am I required to get any vaccinations in order to live on campus? General What about accommodations for special needs?

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    General Can I change my Dining Plan throughout the year? General Are there any special hazards I should know about? For most residents, the answer is no.

    Wepa printing service launches at UC Riverside | UCR Library

    However, there are exceptions. Residence Halls What about accommodations for special needs?

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    Residence Halls What percentage of freshmen live in the Residence Halls?