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These communities are not moderated by the SquaredCircle moderator team. An extended look at the Royal Rumble commercial youtube. Orton really stole the fucking show with the extended promo. This is the best he's ever been. I mean, he's taking the mick out of his own tattoos, and it's fucking hilarious.

Yeah wtf why am I liking Orton now? After hearing about the daughters hair band on his finger and seeing it a ton before , last raw mach, and this. You're out of your mind if you don't think Randy Orton has pointed to each and every skull tattoo he has on every first date he's been on. Twenty-nine years of comfortable heterosexuality. Destroyed by one fucking half-smile from Roman Reigns. I accidentally got caught in the Shield's slipstream when they were going to make their entrance at MITB I was nearish the section they were coming in through, and had run to grab a drink before their match.

Almost ran right into him. He is huge and pretty good looking and I am so very short. There's like two guys with them. WWE doesn't really normally swamp people. I accidentally walked Paul Heyman out of his Axxess signing honestly did not register the dude next to me being Heyman. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Unless he actually was talking about hardcore pornography and it wasn't a double entendre then maybe.

Titus O'Neill's bits had me going "10yd penalty for being fine" then just randomly bursting out with the dog bark before sitting back down smiling politely Seeing Titus like this, then remembering all the quick interactions VKM has had with him makes me think Vince likes Titus for all the right reasons. Can't wait to see his push! So, speed dating would be, like, 7th.

Of course 6th is stealing girlfriends. This is just the cutest thing ever and I love it. And I'm glad I'm not alone on this sub in wanting to smooch Reigns right in his adorable face. Wow, this is fantastic. Going to show this to a couple friends who've been on the fence about getting back into the WWE, this ought to do the trick. Oh man, they should definitely utilise Orton for comedy more often. I think they missed out on having Mark Henry in this. Asking something like, "so do you like all kinds of Chocolate? Tumblr's got your back each and every time. Well, maybe not school, but a bunch of really horny girl redditors.

I don't see why CM Punk gets a lot of women, he was one of the weakest ones in that commercial. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. SquaredCircle comments other discussions 1. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. SquaredCircle subscribe unsubscribe , readers 7, users here now This is Awesome: Wyatt managed to escape Bryan's Yes!

Lock submission hold by biting Bryan's hand.

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To avoid Bryan's running knee , Wyatt rolled out of the ring to the floor. Bryan then attempted a suicide dive but Wyatt caught him and executed a Sister Abigail into the barricade. After another Sister Abigail in the ring, Wyatt scored the pinfall victory. Lesnar attacked Big Show before the match started, and then hit him with a chair. Lesnar then continued to attack Big Show with a chair after the match. After both wrestlers failed to win despite executing their RKO , Attitude Adjustment and STF moves, both wrestlers resorted to using their opponent's signature moves but still could not win the match.

At the end of the match, Cena again trapped Orton in the STF submission hold, but the lights temporarily went out due to the arrival of The Wyatt Family on the ring apron. Orton took advantage of the distraction to drop Cena with the RKO and win the match. CM Punk and Seth Rollins were entrants 1 and 2; they spent the longest and second longest time in the match 49 and 48 minutes respectively.

Royal Rumble () - Wikipedia

Kane entered at 5 and targeted Punk, but Punk managed to eliminate him. NXT 's Alexander Rusev entered at 6. Kofi Kingston , who entered at 8, had two feats of athleticism to escape elimination; first after he was deposited on the guardrail by Rusev who caught him when Kingston was thrown out of the ring he jumped back to the ring apron from the guardrail, and later while he was hanging on to the bottom rope with his feet, he fended off Jack Swagger by snatching Swagger's boot and hitting him with it. Goldust eliminated his brother Cody Rhodes 24 minutes into the match, and was in turn eliminated by Reigns, who had also eliminated Kingston and unannounced entrant Kevin Nash , amongst others.

Midway through the match with only Punk and the Shield left in the ring, Sheamus returned to WWE television at 17 and momentarily stopped the Shield's dominance. Los Matadores ' mascot El Torito entered at 20, and managed to eliminate Fandango, before being eliminated in turn by Reigns. Pay-per-view commentator John "Bradshaw" Layfield was announced as entrant 24, making it the first time the JBL character had participated in a Royal Rumble.

He was eliminated by Reigns while handing his jacket to fellow commentator Michael Cole, whereupon he resumed his commentator role for the rest of the match. The final entrant at 30 was Rey Mysterio , who was eliminated by Rollins. When Ambrose tried to eliminate Reigns, Reigns retaliated by eliminating Ambrose, Rollins and Antonio Cesaro simultaneously, leaving himself, Punk, Sheamus and Batista as the final four.

Though already eliminated, Kane returned to ringside and pulled Punk over the top rope to eliminate him, then executed a chokeslam through a broadcast table on Punk.

WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Speed Dating Commercial (Video)

Reigns eliminated Sheamus to set a new record for most eliminations in a Rumble match with 12, but Reigns was then thrown over the top rope by Batista, who won the match. The event sold out the Consol Energy Center with 15, people in attendance. The negative reaction of the fans attending the event in Pittsburgh was so great that it was reported as one of the major news items coming out of the show, [33] [39] [40] [41] and described as the live audience engineering a "takeover" of the final two hours of the show.

McMahon won in ".

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Fans took to social media to display their displeasure towards the event. I've never been so disgusted with a PPV". Dale Plummer and Nick Tylwalk of Canoe. The Wyatt-Bryan bout was rated the highest at a "fantastic" 9. They described the event as "uneven", and that "the disapproval of the fans at the Consol Energy Center at how the Royal Rumble match went down will be the lasting memory for anyone who watched the show". He wrote that the "Rumble peaked about three-fourths through, then fell off the table at the end", and described the Rumble winner Batista as "out-of-shape".

Caldwell chose not to rate the Lesnar-Show match, commenting that it was necessarily short due to Show being injured going into the match.

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Benjamin Tucker, who attended the event and is also from the Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter , rated the entire event 6. For the Rumble match, Tucker said that "the first two-thirds especially were exciting, with several wrestlers being spotlighted well", "until lower-level players kept coming out in the final half of the match". Tucker felt that "Roman Reigns was the star of the match, even outclassing Batista. Where Batista stumbled around the ring like For the opening match, Tucker felt that the "deliberate pace didn't hurt the match in the slightest.

Instead, it allowed Bray to keep using his character while in a competitive, big match situation". For the rest of the matches, Tucker wrote that "Lesnar looked like a relentless beast", while "Orton and Cena put on their most lifeless performance ever together. There was very little story to the match" and "no creativity at all".

The following year's Royal Rumble was similarly marked by a very negative audience reaction towards the Rumble match and its winner, which some media outlets described as being even worse than the event. On an episode of Colt Cabana 's Art of Wrestling podcast released in November , Punk said that he was suspended for two months after walking out on the company in January and that after the suspension ended, nobody from WWE contacted him.

Punk also told that when he reached out to them for unpaid royalties, he was given a run-around by company executives until he was handed his termination papers and was fired by WWE on his wedding day with April Mendez better known as AJ Lee in June The settlement included Punk giving WWE permission to sell his remaining merchandise. When Daniel Bryan came out and confronted them about not being inserted into the Rumble match, and then demanded to be inserted into the Elimination Chamber match and refused to leave the ring until they did, he was attacked by the Shield , but was then saved by John Cena and Sheamus.

As a result, Bryan, Cena and Sheamus later teamed together to take on the Shield in a 6-man tag match in which all three members of the winning team qualified to participate in the Elimination Chamber match in which Randy Orton would defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the eponymous pay-per-view. During that match, The Wyatt Family interfered, causing the Shield to be disqualified and thus Bryan, Cena and Sheamus qualified for the Chamber match.

Because of the boisterous negative reaction, Batista responded to the audience on the February 28 episode of SmackDown , saying he didn't come back to be liked, only to be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion, thus turning into a villain in the process. Following Elimination Chamber, Wyatt feuded with Cena, with Wyatt wanting to prove that Cena's heroic act was a facade characteristic of "this era of lies" while also trying to turn Cena into a "monster".

Instead, the Authority offered Lesnar a contract to face anyone else at WrestleMania. They were interrupted by a returning Undertaker , who confronted Lesnar. While Lesnar signed the contract for a match at WrestleMania with The Undertaker as his opponent, The Undertaker accepted Lesnar's challenge by stabbing Lesnar with a pen and chokeslamming him through a table.

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