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  2. Add interactive buttons in InDesign
  3. Attaching interactive message buttons
  4. About interactive video ads

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  3. Make buttons interactive!

All you need is a Slack app. Just want to make buttons linking to URLs? Use link buttons instead.


For an overview of how interactive messages work, message buttons included, see interactive messages. Everything that follows builds on the interactive message framework. And, yes, buttons can be delightfully combined with message menus.

The Interactive Barbie "Hello Dreamhouse" at Play - Barbie

You'll be building messages that contain attachments and attachment actions. You may want to review how basic message formatting and message attachments typically work. Interactive messages are made up of very simple building blocks that can be combined, modified, and removed based on your server's responses to create interactive experiences. Here's a message with buttons containing simple values for the most important fields you'll use when composing interactive messages.

Your messages may get more complex than this, and we'll dive into a more complex example later. This message has some light text, three specific buttons, including one that looks like a destructive action. Try it in the message builder!

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  • If this message appeared within a channel or direct message, and a user clicked on Chess , your registered action URL would receive a payload of JSON identifying the specific set of message buttons:. A teaser is shown at the designated time for a few seconds, and viewers who click it can then access the card directly.

    Add interactive buttons in InDesign

    At any other point in the video, viewers will see an icon appear when they hover over the player on desktops or whenever the player controls show on mobile devices. Viewers can also click the icon to browse all of the cards present on the video.

    Learn how to set up cards for your videos in YouTube. A CTA can appear as an overlay on video or as additional click-target along-side your video ad.

    Attaching interactive message buttons

    Learn more about setting up TrueView for action campaigns in Google Ads. They are created in Google Ads and run on in-stream TrueView ads only. The product images and details are generated by information from a linked Google Merchant Center account. A teaser with the name of a product will show for a few seconds, and viewers who click it can see the shopping card.

    At any other point in the video, viewers can click an icon to browse the shopping cards. Up to 6 shopping cards can appear on your video ad, depending on the number of products eligible from your feed. Shopping cards use your Merchant Center product data and can be personalized using either remarketing information or other audience signals. Additionally, you can tailor the products that can show on shopping cards by using the product filter. If you're familiar with dynamic remarketing for Display ads , shopping cards use the same information to dynamically generate cards based on items visitors previously viewed on your site.

    There are two types of end screens: Auto end screens are automatically-generated screens that appear for a few seconds at the end of your video ad to show details about your product or service. YouTube end screens are setup by the video creator in YouTube and show on organic and ad views of your video. In YouTube, you can make custom end screens to add to the end of your videos with Creator Studio from your Google account. Your video has to be at least 25 seconds long to have an end screen.

    You can use them to build viewership and:.

    About interactive video ads

    Learn more about adding end screens to videos in YouTube. Auto end screens help drive ad performance with your audience by providing information that encourages viewers to take an action, such as installing your mobile app or buying your products. In Google Ads, auto end screens are automatically generated using information from your campaign.

    For example, in a mobile app installs campaign, the end screen will show certain details about your app, such as the name and price, along with a link to install the app. Learn more about auto end screens for video ads. About interactive video ads If you're running TrueView video ads to reach your ideal audience and increase awareness, you can use interactive features to drive more engagement with your audience.