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So how, exactly, does this work? Instead, all you see is a catchy headline on top of a blurred out picture. You have to start a chat with them sight basically unseen and hope it pays off.

You start by creating a profile for yourself, as you would with any dating app. So you could have two different posts, one for dating and one for meeting pals. You can then browse posts from others, depending on your interests, location, age, etc. While the blurred pics do lend a bit of a witness protection vibe to the proceedings, you can glean a lot from the kind of headline people opt for. You can decide who to chat up, and if your conversation progresses, the person's photo comes slowly into focus with each interaction.

The moment of truth. On the one hand, this sounds like a refreshing change from the looks-focused atmosphere of apps like Tinder.

Comedian, Writer, Not So Bitter Divorcee

I've met women who did not have a photo. In fact, when my now-wife first contacted me, she did not have a photo, and scrambled to get one taken to send to me. She was well-known in her community and did not want to be recognized. I decided she was interesting enough to meet even before I got the photo.

On the corner of Grey Street. I think anyone who doesn't post a picture is hiding something.

Dating Online – The man with no photos |

And online dating is the norm now, so I don't get not wanting anyone to know you're doing it. The last time I did Match, I was contacted by someone without a picture who explained upfront he works for the city and that is why he doesn't have a picture up. I responded to him and he sent a few. Fizzled after a few e-mails though. Now I find a lot of pictureless profiles aren't usually filled out completely either so I assume they're fake.

Originally Posted by NWGirl My point is you cannot completely exclude pictureless profiles, you need to make sure there are no stones left unturned. Take my cousin as example, he feels embarrased dating online.

How to get the perfect dating profile picture

So he does not show photos. He is very handsome and he has no problems sending girls his photos when asked. I am thinking guys like HIM definitely exist on the dating site. Also, I found a police officer on dating site. I talked to a guy online yesterday and he said the reason he did not post a photo is because he did not want his divorced ex to find out that he uses match.

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Dating Online – The man with no photos

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