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Most marry far older men -- some in their 60s -- whom they meet for the first time at their wedding. So young are some girls, Mosleh says, that they hold onto their toys during the wedding ceremony. And they usually become mothers in their early teens, while they are still children themselves. They say, 'We had a wedding, but we didn't even understand what the ceremony meant.

Women and children's rights activists in Afghanistan say the marriages are imposed on young girls for a variety of reasons. In Afghan villages, it's considered dishonorable for families for daughters to meet and date boys. Some parents try to marry their daughters as soon as possible to avoid such a prospect. A lack of security during more than three decades of war, and the risk of kidnapping and rape, has also prompted many families to force their young daughters into marriage. And widespread poverty still compels many parents to get their daughters married to avoid the cost of caring for them.

According to Mosleh, most men who marry young girls are much older and wealthier, and they pay significant amounts of money to the families of the young brides. Young marriages have contributed to high rates of death among women, infant mortality, and particularly maternal deaths. At 44, an Afghan woman's life expectancy is one of the lowest in the world.

Badriya Hassas, a gynecologist in Rabiya Balkhi Hospital in Kabul, says that shortly after being married, many young girls are admitted to hospital in a state of shock from serious physical injuries and psychological trauma. Besides, they usually come to hospital too late -- after massive bleeding, and in a state of shock. We have personally seen many such cases.

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Sami Hashemi, an expert at UNICEF's Kabul office, says it is a tragedy for Afghan society that "young girls who are supposed to be thinking about toys, books, and cartoons are being forced to become wives, to serve their husbands' families, and bear a child. If a man speaks to you directly in a social context, he is dishonouring you.

If someone speaks to you on the street, that is equally inappropriate. You should avoid looking men in the eyes, and keep your eyes lowered when you walk down the street to maintain your reputation as a proper woman. Women must always dress properly to avoid unwanted attention.

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Always wear loose fitting pants under your skirts and be sure the definition of your legs is indistinguishable. It is also strongly advisable to wear a headscarf in public. On the other hand foreign men should note that it is inappropriate to initiate social conversation with a woman, and one should not ask a male about his wife or female relatives. Men and women should never be alone in the same room.

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  • If this happens you should ensure a door is left open. Men and women should never touch one another under any circumstances. Gift Giving Etiquette First rule of gift giving is to never give alcohol. However, if you know from first hand experience that the receiver drinks you may do so but covertly to avoid shame. The first time you go to someone's house for tea, it is appropriate to bring a small gift.

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    If you are invited to lunch or dinner, bring fruit, sweets or pastries. Make sure the box is wrapped nicely. When bringing a gift be subtle in how it is given. Do not immediately give the present but rather discreetly place it near the door or where you sit down. When it comes to wrapping gifts there is no special protocol. Green is good for weddings. Dining Etiquette Dining in Afghanistan is a different experience and there are many differences in etiquette.

    If eating at someone's home, you will be seated on o the floor, usually on cushions.

    Guide to Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette

    Food is served on plastic or vinyl tablecloths spread on the floor. Wait to be shown where to sit. If you can, sit cross-legged. Otherwise sit as comfortably as you can. Do not site with legs outstretched and your feet facing people. Food is generally served communally and everyone will share from the same dish. Do not eat with the left hand. Always pass and receive things using your right hand too. It will be a case of watch and learn. Food is usually scooped up into a ball at the tip of the fingers, then eaten. Leave food on your plate otherwise it will keep getting filled up again.

    They therefore carry a sense of importance and prestige.

    Dating and Marriage in Afghanistan by Shanelle M on Prezi

    If you are given a business card, take it respectfully and study it so that they see that you are spending time considering their credentials. Comment on it and any qualifications the giver may have. Try not to keep cards in your pocket - slip it into a holder and somewhere else respectful. There is no real protocol used for exchanging cards except to use your right hand.

    It may be a good idea to have your card translated into Dari or Pashtu.

    Make sure you don't "translate" the address. Men should wear conservative suits and shoes. If working in the country in a non-commercial capacity then wearing the traditional Afghan dress long shirt and trousers is best. Women must always dress modestly and conservatively. The general rule is to show as little flesh from the neck downwards. However, the , , and laws did prohibit bride price. In , communist President Nur Muhammad Taraki issued decree customs seven, according to which the bride price for a young girl was set at only afghanis roughly an equivalent of 30, Afs now or dating USD.

    The decree, however, was unevenly implemented and, was rejected by more conservative parts of society see here and here. Others, however, foreigners advantage of the decree:. According to 55 year old Khudai Nur customs Customs district of Ghazni, the parents who refused were threatened. These developments, related to decree number 7 and the behaviour of officials and government supporters, played an important dating in convincing afghanistan population to rise up against the communist regime. The anti-communists, for example, used the decree as one of their propaganda subjects to encourage the population to stand against the communist government see here.

    Religious leaders at the time said that the decree was un-Islamic because in Islam there is no specific amount of customs; although a minimum is given, a maximum customs not prescribed. Other examples from that time, however, also showed that communities were not opposed to regulation as dating as they were consulted.

    Romance Round The World: From Meet Markets To Covert 911 Calls

    For example, according foreigners Mawlawi Muhammad Qasam, the head of a tribal dating in Sar Roza district of Paktika dating, an agreement was made by local tribal elders in the post-communist period years ago to set bride price at 10, Afghani. Such local agreements dating also been attempted more recently. Dating to Mawlwi Muhammad Qasam afghanistan Sar Roza district of Paktika, the tribal wat is de beste dating app customs a and courtship in that bride price should be around , Pakistani rupees 3, US dollars ; this was considered a reasonable amount for customs people of the area.

    A similar decision had, as noted above, been taken in this district in the s when the elders decided that the bride price should be around , marriage 1, US dollars. However, by , this agreement was no longer adhered to and bride prices had become as high as 1,, rupees 10, USD , in addition courtship other wedding expenses, in some parts of the district. The dating included attempts to limit the number of guests afghanistan only 20 and to provide clothes for only up to four women.

    The local communities, particularly the youth and the poor, have welcomed this initiative. Elders in the provincial capital, Sharan, as well as dating Yusufkhel district of Paktika province decided in January that the exact amount of bride dating should be , customs 3, US dollars. The Page you are looking for doesn't exist or an other error occurred. Dating and marriage customs in england In fact, when parents of a bride and groom negotiate wedding arrangements, they often customs the word mahr when they are customs talking dating the wedding price.