Indian guys interracial dating

Indian guy, interracial dating, opinions?

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Indian guy, interracial dating, opinions? Mods, you may delete the duplicate thread I created from before.

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I intended to post the thread in the relationship section but phucked up. No misc, I am not here to ask why white girls won't look at me or talk to me. Actually, it is the opposite. Back in High School, I was a geek who only cared about getting good grades, never had any interest in women. But then Uni happened, and I started lifting, so decided to finally have a go in the dating scene.

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Here is what I have found: Indian girls will not date me. I don't know why. I've asked for numbers from like 15 Indian girls since starting Uni, only ever got one, and she flaked on me. Not one has ever flaked on me or missed a date. And it ain't just white girls; I've been out with black girls and 2 Latinas, all have been very nice and seemed to like me a lot.

My white friends are always telling me about how nice Indian girls are, how easy it is to get a number from them, but how horrible, manipulative, back-stabbing them white girls are.


I am friends with a white guy who says he will never date white women again. This makes absolutely no sense to me. I have always found Indian girls to, on average, have the worst attitudes. Never had any play games, always very straight-forward, respected my privacy etc Indian girls have been fcked up beyond repair due to the stupid white-night beta culture coming out of India, they watch Bollywood movies and Indian TV serials and expect the guy to be a white-knight like in those shows, dude is usually ripped and does whatever the girl tells him to do.

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And a lot of them have fantasies of running away with guys of other races almost always white guys , so white brahs have to put in less effort to get them because they have romanticized the idea of being with a gora white guy , whereas Indian guys have to compete with the image of the Bollywood and Indian television white-knight phaggots. White chicks, black girls, Latinas, all have been awesome, no attitude problems or anything.

Don't worry about stereotypes haha. This thread should be in the relationship forum.

Indian guys: interracial dating?

Its not that many Indians where I live, but there are over , Indians in the Chicago metro. The several hundred Indians in my city are traditional Hindu or Muslims. Indian guys in interracial happens, typically with white girls.

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  • Many of the ones that date black girls have origins in the Caribbean Guyana and Trinidad especially. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned.

    Indian guy, interracial dating, opinions? - Forums

    Detailed information about all U. Similar Threads East Asian guys or Indian guys, generally speaking who have a tougher time with the ladies? Indian India guys and interracial relationships in the US, do they happen? View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. You may not vote on this poll. Page 1 of I am a black lady and I date only white men.

    Why do people think there is so much taboo about interacial relationships, its ironic that people cry about how much racism there is today but then fuel the controversy by worrying about these types of issues. I have no racial preference, I could see myself dating or marrying a guy of any race or ethnicity. Avoid posting silly threads such as the one you just did.

    This topic has been beaten to death. I would suggest doing some reading before posting. Do fishing in your own pond rather than others pond. Related Questions Indians India and interracial dating, seen such a thing before? Indian guys and interracial dating, in your area how is it like? Indians India and interracial dating, seen such a thing before????

    Can you guys answer me a question about Indian men and interracial dating? Why always White women? Indians India and interracial dating, seen such a thing before?