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Proper handling and storage is perhaps the most important factor in determining freshness. If a freshly laid egg is left at room temperature for a full day, it will not be as fresh as a week old egg that has been refrigerated between 33 degrees F. University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension. According to the U. Many eggs reach stores only a few days after the hen lays them. Information from the Georgia Egg Commission:. Starting with January 1 as number 1 and ending with December 31 as , these numbers represent the consecutive days of the year. This numbering system is sometimes used on egg cartons to denote the day the eggs are packed.

Fresh shell eggs can be stored in their cartons in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 weeks beyond this date with insignificant quality loss. The egg will continue to be fresh for at least another weeks if it has been refrigerated from the time packed until used at 45 degrees F. As the egg ages, it does lose some of its qualities, so if you were baking a cake or whipping meringue, your cake might not rise as high as expected, and you might not get the volume of meringue you would expect, so for baking purposes it is better to use a fresher egg.

Refrigerated raw shell eggs will keep without significant quality loss for about 4 to 5 weeks beyond the sell date or about 3 weeks after you bring them home.

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A general rule to follow is that any egg that looks or smells odd should NOT be used. Just crack each egg in a small bowl, smell it — your nose will tell you! Fill a deep bowl with water and carefully lower the egg into the water. A very fresh egg will immediately sink to the bottom and lie flat on its side. This is because the air cell within the egg is very small.

Free Printable for What Does the Code on My Egg Carton Mean?

The egg should also fee quite heavy. As the egg starts to lose it freshness and more air enters the egg, it will begin to float and stand upright.

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The smaller end will lie on the bottom of the bowl, while the broader end will point towards the surface. The egg will still be good enough to consume. However, if the egg fully floats in the water and does not touch the bottom of the bowl at all, it should be discarded, as it will most likely be bad. Test the eggs freshness by breaking the egg onto a flat plate, not into a bowl. The yolk of a very fresh egg will have a round and compact appearance and it will sit positioned quite high up in the middle of the egg.

The white that surrounds it will be thick and stays close to the yolk. A less fresh egg will contain a flatter yolk and a thinner white that spreads quite far over the plate. The USDA recommends storing eggs in a refrigerator at about 40 degrees F, mainly to reduce the chances that any bacteria on the shell will multiply and cause a risk of illness. Buy refrigerated eggs and store them in the refrigerator as soon as your get home.

Sell Date Of Eggs – How Fresh Are Your Eggs?

However, even under refrigeration, eggs slowly lose carbon dioxide, which enlarges the size of the air cell and causes the yolk to flatten and the white to spread. Fresh egg yolks unbroken and covered with water — 2 to 4 days. Whole eggs in the shell cannot be frozen as the eggs will burst. Store in an airtight freezer container. The recommended length of freezer storage for frozen eggs is 9 to 12 months. Whole eggs — You can freeze an entire egg by beating it as if you were making scrambled eggs and then storing it in an airtight freezer container. Egg yolks — Separate eggs.

Stir yolks with a fork to break them. Add two teaspoons sugar or one teaspoon salt for each cup of egg yolks. Egg whites — Strain whites through a sieve. Do not add sugar or salt.

What Does the Code on My Egg Carton Mean? - My Fearless Kitchen

Baked Shirred Eggs In France, this basic methods of baked eggs is called oeufs en cocotte. People love this dish. Baked eggs are both comforting and sophisticated. The eggs come out looking beautiful in their individual ramekins and are easy to serve.