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It all begins with Islamic courting and ends with a wedding party and lifetime happy ending. Looking for a future husband around 55 to My name is Mirna I am 50 years old live in New York. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Muslim Dating Apps.

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Single Muslim women on dating: 'I don't want to be a submissive wife'

Recent Posts How Islam religion effects on relationship? As the intention of Muslim dating is to marry, dating in this sense is permissible by Islam and Sharia Law, providing intimate and emotional connections are saved for matrimony. As culture and religion continue to intertwine, modern Muslims are deciding that dating can form part of the matrimonial process without compromising faith and beliefs. Halal dating conforms to permitted Islamic courtship rules, ensuring that religion sets the boundaries for the initial meeting with the intent to marry. Halal dating follows the following principles:.

There is mutual respect and a spiritual basis.


Muslim Dating Sites

Meeting must occur in a public place, not alone. The woman's Wali guardian must give permission for the two to meet.

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Emotional and physical connection is sacred to marriage only. These halal dating rules give single Muslims the opportunity to seek their own life partner with family blessings and ensure compatibility and happiness in marriage. Dating in this sense allows Muslims to explore the suitability of a partner before making a religious commitment, in terms of spirituality and mutual compatibility. When two single Muslims meet, permission from the woman's Wali should be attained first.

To follow halal dating rules, the pair should never meet alone as the Quran says that the Shaytaan satan tries to tempt alone singles into committing haram and sin outside of marriage. For this reason, meetings should always take place in public places, around family members or with the woman's chaperone who is typically on older male relative.

Resisting temptation is made much easier for a couple when meeting in public and allows single Muslims to concentrate on developing a deeper spiritual understanding instead. This means that online Muslim dating is simply an effective solution for finding a matrimonial partner and is not haram in any way if the core Islamic principles are followed. As Muslim singles are becoming more comfortable with the concept of halal dating, the world of online dating has adapted to incorporate a place for religion. Dating sites for single Muslims are becoming a popular choice for the modern Muslim, with instant access to thousands of profiles of likeminded people for free.

Single Muslim Review January A Halal Way of Finding Love - xiruhivuhy.tk

There are many reasons why a man or woman may choose to find a suitable partner through a dating site, but those reasons remain between themselves and Allah. For whatever reason a person is seeking a matrimonial match, a dating site specially crafted for Muslims is a simple way to discover compatible singles. For single Muslims, the circle of potential matches can be quite slim, limited to family friends, the mosque and work. If a membership request comes in from an unstable country, Nigeria or Yemen, say, it is automatically blocked for vetting.

Single Muslim Review January 12222

We automate as much as we can, but if there is anything at all doubtful a human will always look at it upstairs. When Younis originally set up his website, the problems came from fundamentalists.

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People would have seen their sister on there. Six months later, Younis says, the same auntie invited him back, this time he was offered tea and biscuits: Halal means being wholesome and right in your faith. In those cases, traditionally the mums or the grannies use the site to do the matchmaking, Khan explains. What the company mostly promotes, though, is the opportunity to broaden that search as far as possible.

The case studies on the site highlight couples who have crossed national and racial barriers to marry.

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There is an empowering impulse in this — and in the insistence that photographs must be full face. One morning in after a bit of trial and error he arrived in the office to announce.

His colleagues looked up from their keyboards, in mock alarm. Shall we close the website now? Far from being the end of the business his marriage, Younis argues, has inspired what has followed.