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I go to bed with tears every night waiting to see the woman of my dreams in my life again. Every day passes by without me thinking about that special woman. I know I am not perfect, but I do have goals in my life. I take good care of myself. I am honest, sincere, and true, and I have a lot of love to give if you are willing to be on the receiving. I have found true love before and I still believe there is true love somewhere out there.

I have my own and granted they are nice things, but I am after a love that will give me a reason to breathe, i want someone i can grow old with. I am an open minded person and i accepts people as they are, I am very romantic: I am looking forward to a woman that I can love and cherished with all my whole being. I have wished for many things in life very few have come to past and this very one about the woman i pray to spend the rest of my life with will be one of them, i am ready to relocate far as where I will find that special one, distance in relationship in this stage of my life i do not think it will be a problem and i also believe that two people can find each other even through a long distance.

I looking forward to see some pictures of you: I wish i can say more but i have to go now, I hope all this will tell you who i am and what i do for a living. Gary schulz revel E-6 staff sergeant….

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Ayi dating scams

From California lives in Rhodes island…gonzabrooks yahoo. I also jus resently startd talking to another one called lingojenkins or Scott Desjardins. I saw his pictures lasted on the website about military scammers.

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I jus told him n he said iv insulted him lol that funny. Well u know what that usually mean.. I have came across sum of these scammers k n site called moco space. For leave to come c me n for a phone n the either WUZ to pay for phone calls n there another one called mark warnner. I never send money or nothing. I strongly believe this person is impersonation a U. S soldier and that is just not right!

Fortunately, he never asked me for money or any personal info other than photos.

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I found the following information, hope it helps and I still have a few of his e-mails and picture if you like me to forward them to you. We meet on miumeet. Sorry, my brain is much faster than my fingers…lol His name is Williams Romero and the e-mail address he uses is romerowillim gmail. These have come via Facebook. No money or gifts have changed hands. Here is a bit about my experience. This person continues to communicate with me, and I am trying to ferret out more info.

My first red flag was actually when he responded to a question in this way: Language and grammar are very odd, and I believe that these messages are coming from at least three different people, with varying degrees of education. I will be happy to send transcripts of the chats. I did request that he provide an APO address so that I could send a letter.

I replied that I would write a letter…and he said to send money instead. No address was forthcoming. He also asked me if I knew about TS2, and that I should learn about it. Other times, he says he is on break at work, and just with friends. You do realize I am being cynical… I am playing along. Keeping it light and chatty.

He NEVER responds to direct questions, alternates between texting ttyl and lol , very simple terms and phrases yea, yeah, you there and much more elaborate, well articulated sentences.. I found their actual information by using Google Images, by dropping in the photos from their FB pages. They are both legitimate military men, and their information is posted on U. Army official pages www.

There are six photos posted on his FB page. Nothing came up via Google Images. Curious to know if anyone else has had messages from him. This is all such a disgusting and disrespectful state of affairs. I too was recently contacted by a Captain Spencer Rodriquez. I was able to catch that in his pictures — he was not a Captain — he is a CSM and his last name on his uniform was Spencer not Rodriquez…. Does anyone know of a steven miller based in Afganistan. Aged 52yrs with a 19yr old son Brian.

Says his a Sargent. Wife dead 7 yrs of cancer. Ive been speaking to him and ive now blocked him after he asked me for money. Hi — I live in Germany and I got mails also from a scammer. He called himself stephen stock and sent me pictures of stuart james. I am a realistic type, so the whole thing seemed strange, because of love was spoken in the 2. I was also wondering, ask the never on my answer was. It had the appearance, as were my words not read.

I buy but any foreign man underwear. He was not calm and asked again for the gift. I deleted my e mail address so that the scammers can no longer contact me. Has anyone heard of a guy in the us army he goes by Benjamin Wesley. I am currently in contact with him I met him on match. I would like to know if he is a scammer or you have heard of this name being used.

I am living in the UK. I just met two scammers, easily spotted, at match. Scammer one sent me pictures of Stuart James poor military guy has his pictures all over scamming albums! He goes by the name larry. Another scammer sent pictures of another army man that I saw in scammer photos. His email address is justmannr yahoo. Has anyone been asked to activate a call so that the soldier can talk on the phone? Curious on that one as well. Master Sergeant John Robles — Afghanistan — roblesjohn yahoo.

Been speaking to all for 3 weeks and all are in love with me. Thanks for letting me know. Charming Gary Duncan just asked to send a new cellphone as his was starting to fail. So glad to have this site. He is asking for a cell phone and wants me to send the money to his commander Gary Duncan in nygeria.. I am texting with Gary Duncan I ask him if he was real and not a scam I have been trying To catch him in a lie I also told him I was broke but he still is texting me What did he tell you about himself Thanks.

If you want to find out if someone is a scammer go to tineye. It has worked for me several times from different dating sites. And then when I make the guy aware of what I have found he calls me a liar, uh yeah right. I am the liar. He has been so genuine and lovely to me…. He is using the name Robert or Rob Kennedy and the email addresses robken yahoo.

I met him on zoosk. Has anybody else been scammed by him?? And I am sad to say I think I too am being scammed, on Facebook. As I have ready on other pages — supposed soldier I am taking to has one name on his fb page Scott Adams and yet another on his uniform Scott. Now I know that the name on the uniform is the last name not the first.

And when I asked him about it several times he says it is Mr. I am waiting for him to e-mail me from his military e-mail. But from several days of reading about scams. I fear he is a scamm-er using a real soldiers pictures and fake name. I have no real way of checking if he really is who he says he is. Thank you all for all the info. I think I answered my own question but it is hard to face as he is very charming. He has not asked me for any money YET. But did ask me to buy him a calling card, via western union, through some Nigerian location.

But I have only been talking with him for a month. Thanks, I hope this info. My photos have been used by scammers since at least I find fake accounts on Facebook nearly everyday. About half the time, they use my last name as a first name. Keep in mind that official military e-mail addresses always end with. The scammers sometimes try to fool you with an officail sounding e-mail address example: Another good method for determining if one of these guys is real or not is to offer to send him some home-baked cookies. No deployed soldier would ever turn that down.

The zip code tells the postal employees all they need to know to get the package to the soldier. Has anyone received emails from a hbirdlove yahoo. I get occsional letters from this Ivan Haggard Henry. I have continued to offer positive messages, uplifting and Christian for the safety of him and his troops.

What are you getting, same I suspect? I performed some online research regarding a young man which I am communicating with from the MetroDate. He has informed me that his full name is Ivan Haggard Henry and he is currently serving in Syria. His email address is hbirdlove yahoo. Ok girls here are some more that have tried to scam me. There are lots of them on the Badoo dating site. I see two girls on here have reported one of them this one here is very very smooth and very very believable. Almost had me falling in love with him..

Here are thier emails they are using. I believe these guys are all in the same place because they are always together on here at the same time and they seem to all have the same day off. Here are the emails they are using. Please be aware of these emailers. You may contact me on here. I was wondering if you could send me pics? I know someone being emailed by one of these email addresses. Any information about Captain Scott Harry — captscottharry yahoo.

Lyne he is a SCAMMER the Name he is using is one he has made up please go to scamwarners and romancescam and Educate yourself on Military Scams you will find an abundance of information but you can also google the name and realize this scammer has made it up using two other Peoples Names cut off all contact if you have not done so already and delete and block him and know that US Military have access to their Bank Accounts at ALL TIMES,and will never need your help for any reason.

My question is Tom Witt in the army real and in Syria at present? Would like a answer if anyone can give. Karan YES he is a scammer I found this info on him also the last Name he is using belonged to a Fallen Soldier his Mother dedicated a page to her Son on Facebook and every since then scammers have gone crazy using his Last Name mixed with other Names they have made up………. This man says he is in war in Afghanistan, a captain in the US Army.

He is very loving but soon he wants you to send money. According to the police he is part of a criminal group in Nigeria. He contacts women in datingsites, facebook. I have pictures of him. If he claims he is so real tell him to email you from his AKO it should end in. I am a gay male who responded to a profile on a gay dating site and began corresponding with someone claiming to be Staff Sargent Kyle Keenan, age 32, currently deployed with the Fifth Mountain Regiment of the US Army and stationed at Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan.

I now know, in all certainty, that Staff Sargent Kyle Keenan is an impostor and indeed a scammer. Would love to send him a computer virus but have no idea how to go about that. At any rate, let my experience along with the similar experiences of others here be a warning to all. Dating sites, both straight AND gay, are FULL of these scammers so be forewarned and try to verify the identity of anyone you meet online as early as possible.

Tip offs are poor English usage, numerous spelling errors and increasingly amorous e-mails. Kyle has contacted me as well… I caught on to him by asking alot of questions. He has been e-mailing me since April He wanted me to send him cash to pay a fee so he could come visit from England and I did not fall for that. Then he wanted to send me a paycheck to deposit and then withdraw to send to a tax preparer. I did not fall for that either. Have not heard from him in a week which is the usual amount of time for him to respond. CBS has contacted me and would like to bring attention to these scams.

If you are in California and are willing to tell your story of being scammed, please contact me at cj soldiersperspective. Right now, I only need those who were scammed living in the United States. I need someone as soon as possible!! CJ, I have already sent you an email regarding the possible scam of a soldier, but I have not received your response.

At your earliest convenience, could you please respond to the email I sent approximately an hour ago and yes, I would like to tell my story, if I have one to tell, but I truly hope not, because I really like this guy, not to mention the very nice photos, which again is why I am awaiting your response.

I am trying to find out if the person that I am dating online is tring to scam me. The stories on here sound like they are true but for me he is not asking me to send money he wants to send money to me so that I can send it to South Africa as donations. I am not sure as to what I am to do so thats why I am on this site trying to get some understanding as to what is going on and is there any truth to who or what type of person I am dealing with. I have also been talking to a Capt. Moses Darby in the US Army.

Could you please tell me what information you found out? I hope to hear from you very soon. Scam — why would he be sending money to charities in Africa and why would he be sending it to you to send to them? All bogus of course. I have almost been scammed by a man identifying himself as Sgt James Collins in afghanistan. V ery charming…Things were going well until he asked me to send his 8 year old daughter a laptop computer and I phone 5. Here is the address he wanted things sent to.

Box Nt new town He is using ambless yahoo or gmail. Do not ever, ever send money or anything…. Even if you are smitten—and he is charming. It is reprehensible that they are using our military as bait to single women.

Glamour Magazine Covers Military Dating Scams

Hi I came across this site trying to find all information about Military scammers and it is so bad want this world has come to I have so many scammer to many to count one said he was in the Army then started to ask me to help him get leave so he can come see me I knew this didnt make sence I know I am not that dumb I told him it is your job to ask for leave.

I think I am working on another one now he showed his face on web cam for 2 mins and had to get off because he it not allowed to use web cam I have a feeling it was a recorded. He says he cant use a phone to call because of serurity reason I forgot say he said he is in Afghaniston in Kandahar. We talk on Yahoo messenger he has not ask for money yet just waitting My question is do the Military can they use web cam and phone when they want to.

I want to learn and get these ass holes I try to go to the police with my first scammer but sence no money was exchange they can not do nothing Something has to be done and I want to help Right now want I am doing is trying to piss them off because they hate it I let them believe just a little that I am intersted and give them a run for there money I know one thing about these scammer they do get mad very easy if you ask to many question they try to make you feel quilty. I am a widow. I got caught up in what I thought was a good, honest, American soldier in Iraq.

Well after losing all my money, he still needed more. Finally said good bye. His email was sgtraymondmark yahoo. Anyone else out there know him?? Have been talking with another solider. He has never asked me for any money, and has sent me money to cover my rent one month when my money was stolen. He says he is in Kuwait. Name of Steve Kellie, email: If anyone knows anything about him, I would so appreciate you letting me know. Thank you, and ladies, keep your guard up. This comment is sent from a scammer.

He is using the email address majorwestlandrice yahoo. I approved it only to expose him. Michele King is lying about ever sending any money tell her to snap a copy of the receipt or the info she sent money to? I have been caught in a scam from ourtime. A user name of smile4daddy, who in turn is using the name Steven Collins from Gonzales Texas. The man sent pictures and shows him to be in the National Guard and stationed in Gaza. I would like to contact the real Steven Collins and make him aware of this scam. Lucky for me, within the first few days I suspected a scam and have not sent any money.

I hate that our military men and women are being used this way and hope we can find a way to stop them. Online daters, be warned! I was caught up in a scam using military personnel stationed in Afghanistan. I reconignized what was going on shortly into messaging with him. He went from asking money for air time, a birthday present for his son to wanting air fare to send his son home from Africa where he was traveling with a friend of his. I never sent him money, this went on from the first of July to the end of August. This guy was unbelievable. I was so upset by him actually using our Military, I went to the Army National Guard armory for help in locating the soldier who he was using.

AS it turned out the scammer was actually using the soldiers real name, I tracked him down and let him know what was happening. The soldier told me this has been happening to him since and there was nothing he could do about it. Just today I have found the scammer has posted pictures of the soldier he was scaming on Facebook and actually still using his name, thats not a good thing.

I have contacted the soldier to let him know. At least I know the soldier he scammed is home safe with his family. I have been extremely upset at them using our military for there scams, but the gall of them using there actual names. I found his google account and a linkedin. He never asked me for money I am just curious if legit or not. I thought this guy I was talking to was genuine. His English was not too good although he said he was from ny America when I asked if he was foreign and was quite upset.

He says his name is John Henry smith and he lost his wife in car accident for years ago. Professed indulging love immediately and told me all the time I love you babyi miss you baby. I actually thought it quite funny. Came across him on a site called Badoo. Just heard from him today via yahoo email. He is not ok. Been attacked by rubbers and they cut off his drivers hand and took his money and cc and laptop. And your site came up through that. I will see what his next move is. Such a shame this is happening.

His pictures are gorgeous. Font know where he got them. Just another sure to beware off Badoo. I feel unsafe now, even with facebook, knowing that someone can just copy your pictures and use it for identity fraud. Even if you put your profile in private, you still need to filter your friends! This is such a hard world for paranoids! There is a way to ensure that none of your information can be shared, even amongst friends. You have to check your Facebook privacy settings and make them as strict as possible. Tina, you can contact me at cj[at]soldiersperspective[dot]us.

This is what they do when they have been had. They are constantly threatening me for exposing them, but they live in an entirely different continent, unable to act on their veiled threats. I am upset to find I was communicating with somebody who had more than likely stolen the photos and i. I was seriously taken in by him as it is not a phenomena we are familiar with here in Ireland. I was on facebook while recovering from a broken arm, and was not aware at the early stages of such abuses.

I really fell for the guy in the photo he was so handsome, and gorgeous in his formal uniform. I am a mature conservative older lady and took the contact in good faith initially. I am very upset by this encounter to put it mildly and knew it was a scam when asked to write to the un. I am glad to have found this site, to help recover from the disappointment. I was on i. I was found by scammers twice in the same day on skout. I was lucky enough to be suspicious enough to start researching myself and figured it out before losing any money.

I think other than asking for money the biggest give away was language and grammar. A college educated man would never speak the way they typed. On of the two scammers was some one who was pretending to be a soldier. I myself found that soldier on Facebook and alerted him to the identity theft. My hope is that he was able to do something about it. The other was someone who claimed to be new to America from Germany.

I hope more can be done in the future to stop this. Who was the person from Germany? I got scammed by Paul Ullrich, born in Germany. However, his Zoosk profile says Philadelphia, PA. I am a widow that has been scammed, if you Google majorwestlandrice yahoo. Well, anyway backto why I am commenting on this post which I had read about in one of the other rooms as a coming soon, but only now am able to read.

That is 35 million dollars a year. We need a new plan the old one is not working obviously. Sometimes enemies are not holding weapons that shoot. Surely, there must be a way to infiltrate these internet cafes. I know about someone dying in your arms as my husband did from cancer at the age of It is traumatic and impossible to forget. Thanks for having this blog to vent. I feel better, but saddened by the ridiculous predicament.

Ayi dating scams. Contact Zoosk Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax

Sincerely, from a scammed widowed perspective Michele King. Is sarcasm the best post to leave and wondering what prompted your comment? Jane, CJ is one of my best friends. I also know his wife very, very well and I recently spent Labor Day weekend with him and his family. We his closest friends all do.

If you are unsure, you can check out my website chromedcurses. I hope this sets your mind at ease. It was not meant or directed at any of the unfortunate women who have been taken in by these liars, scammers, and buttheads. LL, thank you for your response. Now I know why! I truly appreciate your response.

A few weeks ago, I had no idea that this type of crime even existed. Hi I read your article which was interesting and would like to highlight a site I am with and the number of people who have used military guys details to try and scam I have had a lot and at one time tried to report it , the site is Meetme perhaps you would like to check it out, its in insult to those who serve, I hope this sort of thing can be stamped out. Cathy, go ahead and share the site here. I will approve the comment after reviewing it. Thanks for stopping by. This person contacted me on the app called skout or flurv.

This is a link to the Facebook page which I think is also a scam. He claimed he could not email me from his military address…red flag! Aha ha ha I just read your pst. Thanks for putting that picture on the same guy is texting me instant messaging m right now. BTW, each time I log in the price for the paid membership goes down. Maybe they don't have a lot of paid members and begging for money or maybe this is their way of getting you, you pay for a membership and they make it really hard for you to stop auto renew.

Too many out of staters. Not to many within the 25 miles. Do not want your service anymore. Please close my account and please take me out of the list. I hope you end my account asap. I have filled in several times I do not want to date black men or hispanic. This site continues to send me the men I have deleted. Someone brought it to my attention not too long ago saying my Profile has crazy jokes. I had no idea who put these jokes on there. This has been on there for a long time. You set Ice breakers to men I didn't like. You set the yes I like you when I didn't tell you to.

And after my account closed you put locks on messages that I had already received 21, 17, 5, day to 2 months before my account closed just to get me to reopen, that is wrong. I cant even view their profiles now. I paid by PayPal. Please refund me as you promised.

PayPal said you did not refund me - you promised too.

Video about ayi dating scams:

I signed up through my cousin's Facebook account because I saw your ad there. PalPal is doing an investigation on this. Please also send me an email of confirmation that you did refund me via my Email address.

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I downloaded the app after signing up for premium, tried to login, requested a password reset via email several times but never received an email. Navigating via web is terrible. I prefer to read a profile before responding to anyone but seems that is not possible. I will go back to Match. I've been trying to get online with the website but it won't let me login! It says that my password is wrong and I even tried to reset my password! I spent money on your website and have nothing to show for it! I was hoping for a better experience! This site is worthless.

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I think it's all fake ads. A lingering death, but FirstMet can do that easily. I did not authorize the upgrade. I notified my credit card company and reversed the charged. I have canceled my credit card. How dare you upgrade me without my authorization. I will never recommend you at all to my friends.

Not much to choose from local. You need to promote this better to get more women! That's why I have tried using this before and it's still the same! I only signed for a month and already about to stop it. Not happy with this site at all. I've met more people on other sites. I haven't met no one in this site. Have even had any conversations with anyone and I'm not into talking to someone a million miles away.

If this is a dating site then there should be someone close enough to me to date. So what I've spent was a waste of money. I've done better on site I ain't had to spend a dime on. It seems like it's ok. I still like more live chatting like a site called Cherry Blossoms. There were a few scammers before. I think they finally cleared out. So that is what I would do to make things better is more messenger live talking and more like cherry blossoms and have more ways to spot scammers. The quality of the man that I met on your side as for the pictures of four and the qualities of their answers are immature.

I hope this is possible. Half the women on here if they are women are not the women in profile. Most are 37 years old and never married with no children. Most seem to live in Ghana. I would like to cancel subscription and get money back if possible. I am not happy with service at all. This has been a total waste of time and money.

I also dislike the ice-breaker line because so many men use the same line over and over again At this rate, I will not be renewing my subscription.

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You added amount of money to I had other match maker companies wanting me to join them. Some of your picture were I was only interest in men close to my hometown and not younger than me. Very disappointed that most of men were out of the state of Iowa. Please take my name off out FirstMet. I didn't want to sign up for it. I was on another site and somehow signed up to this one and there is nobody on here close to my location.

Most are in different states or like a miles away in my way. When you try to respond to your clients, you receive a message they have discontinued the service. What do I do to get refunded. This makes no sense, I was talking with a young lady and your service discontinued the communication, that she had discontinued your service.

Your site saying this person is a great prospect for a date in Ohio or New York and many other places very far away from Oregon! To me is stupid!!! I am not wanting to waste my time sorting out men from across the country!!! It is going to be a long frustrating 6 months dealing with this site!!! Very unhappy and I have only been on this site for a week! Hope it isn't all this stupid! I cancelled and am waiting for a conformation that my account has been removed.

Please stop sending me messages from First Met as I am not interested. Why is it so hard to get you to understand and delete my account and my profile from this site. Actually, I've had fun on this site. I believe if you're open and honest you will get people that want to talk to you or avoid you like the Plague. At least you get like Minded responses. I realize there are Folks on here that are Charlatans but that's to be expected anywhere. I've been with two ladies from your site in person and found them to be Super..

If you're Trying to be Married next week then say so, If you just want a Good Pal to shop, lunch, go to the movies with etc. Most of it has to do with you and what you really want.. I was not a fan of the site, I was continually seeing the same members I had skipped and wasn't able to view the members that did message small profile window in messaging.