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Due to grid bottlenecks, the output power of power plants, wind turbines and photovoltaic systems must on occasion be temporarily limited in order to stabilise grid operation. However, curtailing of renewable energies only takes place in an emergency, as a last measure, in case of permanent overload.

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Still, the amount of green electricity, primarily from wind power, which is lost through so-called feed-in management has increased rapidly in recent years. In the record year , it corresponded to about 5 per cent of the total wind power generated. German transmission grids Copyright: These are additional expenses which, according to the federal network agency, Bundesnetzagentur, can only be reduced in the long term by expanding the network[1]. For the optimal adaptation and design of new lines, TenneT strives to simulate and optimise the power flows throughout the entire network over a whole year.


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With the previous technology — the simulation software ran on classic servers — the massive increase in computing power required for this would not have been possible, however, which is also due to the complexity of the German energy system, which has increased enormously in the course of the energy revolution. Together with an IT service provider and developers of the simulation software, they adapted the TenneT applications for parallel processing by a large number of processors and tailored a parallel computer with intelligent resource management, with which the simulations and other applications can be significantly accelerated, to the requirements of the Bayreuth company.

Since the beginning of the year, investors have perceived political issues as clearly weighing on the stock markets.


So far, geopolitical issues and US President Trump have been the main influences. Despite the Turkish crisis, the sentix policy barometer has not deteriorated in this respect. But another topic is moving ever stronger - and negative! The decision of the British people to leave the EU in the summer of was a sensation.

lablue Chat und Partnersuche Österreich (kostenlos)

After that it became quiet. Negotiations on how to implement such an exit are underway and many are still secretly hoping that the Brexit decision could perhaps still be reversed. Thus, the brexit smouldered for many months.

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In the meantime, however, the actual completion date, March , is approaching and it is becoming apparent that there could be no solution that is satisfac-tory for all parties. Open questions, such as the Northern Ireland issue, and Premier May's domestic weakness are in-creasingly proving to be a problem.

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The consequence is that the Brexit clearly appears as a negative topic on the radar of investors. Overall index and sub-index Brexit. A "hard brexit", as a result of a lack of political visions and agreements, is becoming increasingly probable - and its nega-tive effects on the financial markets could soon become clearly visible.

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