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Later, after spending years studying different cultures abroad - I see the wisdom in her words. To an extent, I have been able to cast aside my western values and perspectives Each time I return back to the U. Don't get me wrong - I don't blame them. It must be so difficult to grow up a "third culture kid" and have a foot in two worlds like that. So, in a very real way, I now understand and appreciate the need to preserve this heritage.

After all, our differences are a large part of what makes the "human experience" so special. As a socially liberal west-coast American, I have been raised to think we should bring down all the walls of race and gender. However, now I think sometimes some walls should remain up. I don't think we should be so hard on those trying to preserve their culture. Sure, if you are drawn to different races and cultures or you just plain fall in love and are willing to work through your differences , go for it - " strengthen the gene pool", as they say. However, conversely, if you feel the need to keep the tradition and continuity of your race or culture going, sure, keep the genes close to home - and more power to you!

I don't care if you're Filipino, Indian, German, or a white American.


I believe the world needs people from both sides. In my observation, without substantial effort to curtail it, it seems that intermarriage can result in very rapid deterioration of cultural values of course especially on the "immigrant" side. It can take as little as one generation to eradicate all but traces of cultural heritage. One or two more generations, and you might have to kiss those original immigrant values goodbye.

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I guess I just don't look forward to a day far into the future where all these fascinating races and cultures have vanished from the earth as some futurists predict. The question for these "preservationists" is: How do we protect and preserve our culture and heritage without placing ourselves above others In my opinion, that is our unique challenge. I personally still have no problem dating outside of my race.

I recall my father scolding my sisters and me, saying: Does that make sense?

Parents & Interracial dating

I did just admit that I normally date guys outside my race. Melanie Killen says white and black parents have a great deal of anxiety about the idea of their children possibly engaging in interracial dating.

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Killer was hired to help conduct an experiment called Anderson Cooper study on children and race. The below two children were a part of the study and this is what they had to share:.

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Jimmy , a Black 7th grader, had serial dated white girls and his parents seemed to disapprove. Many students were surveyed and it was reported that a majority of them have been informed by their parents, and even their friends, to not pursue an interracial relationship. However, when two authorities that were conducting this experiment interviewed some of the parents of these children, they received less harsher answers. The father was speaking to his daughter, whom started to date an African American at her school.

Interracial Dating: What Do Parents Think? - Psych2Go

Growing up, what did your parents inform you about interracial dating? What are your takes and experiences on dating outside your ethnicity? Your email address will not be published.

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