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It eliminated the need for them to actually put in any effort — and I really mean zero effort.

  1. Friend Speed Dating – Library Program for 20/30s – Ontarian Librarian.
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She cocked her sideways and looked me. And over the next few months I met all the usual suspects any girl who is trying to find a partner would be familiar with, included but not limited to:.

Making friends as a result of a shared interest like journalism had worked well for me in the past, so I was thrilled when I met a funny, smart and stylish woman called Claire at a course for freelancers last year. We had both recently returned from a decade overseas and were living in the same neighbourhood.

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We started meeting for lunch pretty regularly and even exchanged Christmas gifts. Everything seemed promising when I met a woman a bit older than me at a media conference. She seemed really bubbly and switched-on, but immediately became so intense with late-night texting and frequent Facebook messages that it freaked me out and I had to extract myself from the friendship before it had even really begun.

We slapped on our name tags, went to our designated table, and all of a sudden, we were off! You get six minutes to talk with the person across from you, and then when the bell rang to signal time is up, the guy shifts over one table while the woman stays seated, and then the six minutes starts all over again. Twelve mini dates back-to-back can get hella exhausting. Meanwhile, you have a sheet of paper in front of you with numbered boxes.

How to Host a Friend Speed Dating Event | Los Patiperros

At the end of the night, the organizer collects all the papers, and you get an email with the following: Now, to be fair, there were both pros and cons. So far I have just under members in the meetup group, which could be helpful for my next foray into marketing. I had a blast, and so did everyone else! The attendees all said they loved it, and—better yet—they all made new friends!

Looking back, I think my biggest lesson is that most people are not hardcore planners like I am. I love planning months in advance!

10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Guys Without Seeing Them

Most people signed up in the last three days. I went from five participants to 16—with one person signing up the day of! But, when little mishaps occurred, everyone just went with the flow. I even asked an attendee to take over timing the event so I could go pay the bill—and they were more than happy to do it. So my advice is to breathe more and worry less.

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