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  4. Dating website matches you based on your DNA

These proteins live on your cells and help the body identify foreign substances like bacteria and viruses. Scientists believe it's chemicals like these that act as interpersonal sex signals. Research has shown that mice preferentially choose to mate with mice that have a different MHC to them. This is an ingrained, evolutionary sense that can help them avoid inbreeding.

Dating website matches you based on your DNA

Whether sniffing other people's chemicals actually affects human psychology and behaviour is another question. Some studies have demonstrated that genetic dissimilarity between participants correlates with measures of partnership, sexuality and the desire to procreate, as well as a women's inclination to stay faithful or sleep around. More studies have looked at the effect of odour itself rather than the genes that might determine it.

Investigations have canvassed everything from the role of scent in female orgasms to sexual orientation. It is, however, dubious as to whether we can actually attribute a specific scent to chemicals like MHC and to determine what if anything they add to body odour. Generally, there's a conclusion that the scent of other humans affects our behaviour.

These are questions we can't answer right now. But I did have some questions that I thought my matches could answer. I hit up a couple of likely candidates with a thumbs up and waited to see if anyone took the half-hearted bait. Almost instantly, I got a response. After telling him I was trying out DNA Romance for the purposes of writing an article, I asked him how he was finding the whole thing. His response was more intelligent than anything that will ever exist on Tinder. I was pretty sceptical of the idea of genetic-based dating when I joined, seemed a little … eugenicsy?

However, I was persuaded by the journal links on their page that it was at least not pseudoscience in the strictest sense; they are using genotyping as a predictor for a kind of in-person attraction …". There was some discussion of the merits of personality typing, the DNA Romance business model and the positive dynamics of a female-skewed dating service.

Open Humans was established to help individuals empower themselves by using their own data to learn about who they are as well as facilitating new kinds of research projects and enabling data reuse in the community. I had thought about asking him to send a worn t-shirt in the mail so I could get a whiff and see if the genetic analysis held any truth.

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I have a suspicion he would have agreed, but I erred on the side of not-creepy. So it's a non-result for this single lab rat, and it remains unclear as to whether DNA Romance is actually useful for finding love. One thing it is good for is raising questions. Rather than a life partner, I came out of the other side of this with more questions as to how the rules of attraction actually work. Would my nose overrule my eyes? Other than creating intrigue, DNA Romance functions as a platform that enables conversation with people you might not otherwise interact with as well as providing ready-made talking points.

DNA Romance is also perhaps useful as an indicator of how we might live in the future. Once we understand our DNA more thoroughly, it's not unreasonable to assume that it will impact not only our love lives but also our jobs , medical treatments , exercise regimes and diets.

The Science Of Attraction

In the meantime, it's back to blindly feeling my way through the Perth dating pool. No, opposites do not attract. Everyone seems to agree that opposites attract.

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The Houston-based company competed in a recent Bay Area pitch competition, where they stood out with a charismatic presentation that included references to their own failed attempts at online dating. Audience members also chimed in. The company claims their app is based on 40 years of research showing that there are 11 genetic markers proven by scientists to be "responsible for attraction.

Rasmus Nielsen, professor of computational biology and human genetics at UC-Berkeley, said "the 11 genetic markers, or MHC type, that they are referencing are the same that have to do with protection against viruses and pathogens.

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And there is some idea that maybe when we mate, we avoid individuals with the same MHC type. And that's what they are basing it on. But the science is sketchy. It's still very, very, very,very controversial as to whether humans can even do this. And there's really very little science into whether it would help us predict mates," Nielsen added. On their website, Pheramor states, "We are constantly smelling each other's pheromone profiles and deciding subconsciously how attractive that individual is to us. The scientists found that women were more attracted to the scent of a man whose genetics were more diverse than their own.

But Nielsen argues the study has never really been replicated successfully. It's to a certain degree like selling snake oil, because you can't really do it.

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Go ahead, send them a message; the scientific research shows that you're more likely to find chemistry and personality compatibility with these people! You will be able to see and communicate with your DNA Romance matches for free, no credit card required! Go ahead and break the ice with a message , or if you're too shy, send them a like.

If they don't meet your criteria then delete them or, add them to your maybe list to revisit another day. Our personality compatibility rating is based on the 16 "personality types" possible with personality typology developed by Carl Jung's and Isabel Briggs Myers'. DNA Romance hinges upon the success of direct-to-consumer genomic companies; subscribers have to get their genotype from such a company to complete the matching process.

Nature Biotechnology 35, —, Nov 9th, DNA Romance is a dating app different from others: Know Techie, December 11th, European Journal of Human Genetics 26, —, April 30th, Teen Vogue, Nov 17th, DNA Romance translates genomics information hidden in your DNA into actionable advice to help your personal dating life. Matchmaking service that uses the results of already-available DNA tests.

Dating website matches you based on your DNA

Part of the challenge on DNA testing is that there is no outcome of it. So people get their DNA tested and get some bad information - oh, you have this propensity to Alzheimer's or Diabetes. So turning DNA information into something that is actually actionable is interesting to me.