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I walked away, often it still hurts. I would probably want to marry somebody who has an outlook in which every individual is valued, and where goodness, fairness and honesty are prized as things to be encouraged, and where ambition and self-interest are never put above anything that is wrong. So in that sense, the person would be a Christian a follower of Christ , regardless of their view on any of the doctrines of the various churches. There's far more Christian women than men.

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Therefore if you want to be with someone you have to consider going out with a non-Christian. If the Church is preaching it has to be to Christians, the Church needs to get bringing men in! Check out who married who in the Bible! My first marriage was not consummated and my second husband had an affair and left. I have just dated a non-Christian who attended an Alpha course; he treated me better than anyone I've been with.

The church needs to teach men how to be real men and real biblical teaching about what it means to be a follower of Christ. To teach them how to love women and to stay away from the evils of this world. They'll have been married 30 years next March. It's such an intrinsic part of who I am.

Would Christians marry a non-Christian?

However I have heard of people who have married non-Christians and their partners have become Christians and one friend of mine has a husband who is more supportive about her faith than many of my Christian friends' Christian husbands are. Statistically, the ratio of single Christian men to single Christian women is in the favour of the men, certainly in London, which does not give us girls much choice. I am strong enough in my own faith to deal with being married to someone who isn't a Christian when I meet them, but I also believe in the power of prayer and there are probably many guys out there who could be saved, if only someone would take the time to pray for them.

I would have the faith that that person would come to Christ but peace if they didn't. In total, 2, people answered the question: Could there be any circumstances in which you would marry a non-Christian? Of these, provided additional comments, which we read. We analysed in detail comments, in which most people primarily explained the answers they had given.

8 Questions to Ask Before Dating a Non-Christian

The types of comment were in proportion to the percentages in the graph above. Some 6 people didn't answer the question but still made comments.

When I was single, I remember wishing there was an entire book of the bible dedicated to the topic, or at least even a chapter. While many start off with intentions of finding a godly partner, with each passing year the waiting feels longer and the hoping gets harder. Within that struggle, inevitably the question comes up: Can a Christian date a non-Christian?

Why "Marrying Unbelievers" Can Work | HuffPost

Paul answers them by challenging their thinking, and taking it to the next level. As believers, we can learn a lot from this concept as we look at making choices in our life, particularly with regards to dating. Will the choices we make in dating benefit our lives and push us closer to Jesus, or will they cause us to remain the same? There is no greater binding experience than the commingling of two people into one, in this thing we call marriage Genesis 2: If your standard not so high I would introduce you to my friend s already la.

A long time ago, I went out with someone who, besides not being a Christian, was more or less perfect for me. Perfect in the sense that he was almost exactly like me, we liked the same things, had the same tastes, he knew what kind of stuff I would like, we even supported the same football team… perfect. All except for the fact that he wasn't a Christian. It didn't matter to me at first, but I think all along at the back of my mind, I knew it would be an issue someday.

And sure enough, after awhile, I decided I couldn't go on with it anymore, because it was "wrong". And so I broke up with the perfect guy all because he wasn't a Christian. Everyone including myself, sometimes thought I was nuts and couldn't for the life of them understand it.

I'm not sure he did either, and for that I am the most sorry. But decisions like this do baffle, and so they should and must be clearly explained.

Could there be any circumstances in which you would marry a non-Christian?

While I do want non-Christians to understand this, I am much more concerned about us Christians. I think the biggest example of this, and I'm not going to sugarcoat it here, is Christians who extend "dating a Christian" to "dating someone whom I will bring to church", "dating someone who is open to Christianity", or "dating someone who calls himself a Christian but hasn't really been to church in a few years".

I could go on, but you see my point. To do something like that is to miss the point of wanting to date a Christian in the first place. It's taking God's wisdom and stretching it so we find a loophole.

What are the options when they aren’t many potential partners?

So yes, back to the reasons why Christians shouldn't date non-Christians. There are probably more, but here are four simple ones. Any committed Christian will know that Christianity is not just a nice little side project that surfaces on Sundays and on Christmas - it involves and demands a total change in worldview, nature, lifestyle, decisions and priorities. It's not an "agree to disagree" kind of difference - like whether Manchester United or Liverpool is better is there really an argument anyway?

I could go on. Some of these you may or may not have to deal with before marriage, but they will certainly apply after. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?